You can call it Home

Chapter 8

“Momma, I wanna go home!” Sofia whined as she tugged at the hem of Arizona’s jeans. I couldn’t really blame her, as we had been out and about all day.

“Soon, baby, I promise. We’re just gonna look in this one and then we can go.” Arizona promised as we followed our real estate agent into the garden of the next house. From what I could see, the garden kind of wrapped around the house which was pretty awesome.

I helped Sofia pull the little blue plastic things over her shoes once we entered. There were hallways going left, right and straight on. The hallway we were in was straight on and pretty long. From here I could see the start of the kitchen through an archway, which looked quite open and light. Doors on both walls lead to rooms, most likely the living room and such.

“But this is booooooring!” She huffed in a very teenager-like attitude, crossing her arms and looking around.

“Why don’t we go and explore then?” Poppy suggested, holding out her hand. “Because if we like this one, it could be our home forever.”

“Okay!” She agreed, her facial expression quickly changing from huffy to intrigued. She took Poppy’s hand and followed her, both of them disappearing around the corner.

“So what are we thinking so far?” I asked Arizona as I caught up with them. We were currently standing in a very spacious living room, which had pretty big windows which let in a lot of light, automatically giving the place a friendlier look. There was another door in the very corner across from the door which as far as I could see was an office of sorts.

“I really like it! It’s very light and quite open, like we were thinking.” Arizona exclaimed. “And there’s no stairs! I can use stairs but it’s a lot harder so I would rather there wasn’t.” She added when I frowned, because she had told me she was okay with stairs.

“That’s great then!” I agreed, walking over beside her. “I really like it so far too.”

“Momma! Madre! Come check out the kitchen!” I heard a certain four year old’s voice ring through the house, undoubtedly from the kitchen.

About forty five minutes later, we had toured the whole house and we pretty much decided that this was definitely our home. It was everything we had ever dreamed of. Four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a big back yard which had a treehouse in it, two office rooms and a big living room. It was quite a decent sized house and it was absolutely perfect for us. To be honest I could see everything here.

“It’s a really great house!” Poppy exclaimed. We were all in happy moods having found this house, and Poppy was practically jumping with excitement.

“I think this is the house!” Arizona announced happily smiling at the realtor. “When can we sign papers?”

“Jeez, Zona, calm down.” I laughed at her eagerness.

“No, no it’s fine.” The realtor laughed. “If you come back next week then we can have the papers signed next week, and the keys two weeks after that.” He informed us.

“That’s great!”

“Yay!!” Sofia sung as we rode back home in the car, apparently via the Chinese Take Away according to Arizona. Sofia had turned off her bad mood for sure when I’d promised her she could have the room next to ours.

“Yay!” We all chorused after her. Arizona was practically bouncing in her seat, and I could tell she had been so excited for this. Sure our apartment was great and it had a lot of good memories, but with the good came the bad, and I too was glad to get away from those.

“It’s going to be weird not living right across from the hospital.” I admitted. “We’ve always been able to get there really fast in emergencies, and rushing over here on a break was never out of the question.”

“It will be.” Arizona agreed, placing her hand over mine on the steering wheel. “But it’s worth it.”


Three weeks later, and we were official owners of this amazing house. The three weeks had been full of excitement and counting down the days until we could start moving our stuff in, but it was all worth it.

“Well, you guys definitely got a good place.” Shepherd complimented as he walked up to us in the kitchen, holding a box. We’d asked all of the guys to help us move all the big stuff, like the couch, the TV, the beds and stuff in, to make sure we had everything done as soon as possible. Most of them stayed and helped with the other boxes though. “Where do you want this?”

I quickly peered into the box to see a stack of books, not belonging to me or Arizona, so I was going to assume they were Poppy’s. “It is a really great place, it’s perfect for us.” I agreed, looking around the room. Boxes littered the floor and cans of Coke and empty plates from lunch were scattered around the island. It was a mess, but we that once we got everything unpacked and put away that it would look like a home. “Those are Poppy’s. Her room is in the hall to the right of the front door, second door on the left.” I told him and he nodded, heading off in that direction. “They’re life savers. All of them. This would have taken ages without their help.” I said to Arizona.

“So true.” She nodded. “What time did we tell Poppy and Sofia to be back for?”

Poppy and Sofia were currently over at the little play park in amongst our little group of houses. Poppy said she would take Sof over since she was really hyper, insisting that it would help burn off some of her energy.

“Four-ish.” I replied, picking up another box which was destined for our room. “They’ll probably be back before then though. Even for Sofia, there’s only so much swinging you can do in one day.”

Just then, Sofia and Poppy came bursting into the room, Poppy giving Sofia a piggyback. “Talk of the devils…” I muttered before making my way over to them. It was then that I noticed that Sof was crying, and had a nasty cut on her knee.

“I am so sorry!” Poppy cried, setting Sofia down so I could examine her knee. “We were racing home, and she fell, and…” She rambled, and I wrapped my arms around her in a hug to say it was okay.

“Hey, it’s fine. These things happen.” I assured her, before turning back to Sof. “Can you hand me the little first aid kit on the counter?” I asked Poppy, and within seconds she had got there and back and I had it in my hands.

“It hurts, Madre…” Sofia cried, taking Arizona’s hand in one hand and Poppy’s in the other.

“It won’t hurt so much in a bit, I promise, sweetie. But I’m gonna hafta put some stingy spray on it to make sure it doesn’t get all yucky.” I sighed, and she immediately pulled her knees up to her chest, shaking her head quickly.

“No! No stingy stuff!” She refused.

“It’s not too bad, I promise.” Arizona tried to comfort her, but she was having none of it.


Poppy then leant over and whispered something into her ear, and her face relaxed a little.

“Really?” She asked to whatever Poppy had just said.

“Promise.” Poppy agreed. Sofia contemplated her words for a few seconds before agreeing, sticking out her legs again.

“You have to do it quickly, though!” She instructed, and I nodded my head, trying to keep back a giggle at how serious she was being over all of this. Though I suppose, to a kid, that this was a major and serious thing.

“I will be.” I promised, shaking the little bottle.

Fifteen minutes later, Sofia was all cleaned and bandaged up. She’d fussed a little after I’d sprayed the stuff but overall she was pretty okay, and now one of her teddies was getting bandaged up too. It turned out that Poppy’s promise was that she would buy her a sweet the next time we went out, which had made Arizona and I smile. Poppy really was a great big sister.

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