Loki finds love


Will a villian like Loki ever find love? I tried I hope it's gud

Romance / Action
Marshall Lee
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Loki finds love

Hi my name is Marisol and I’m really old since I live in Asgard but I look like I’m 17 or 18. I’ve known Thor and Loki since we were kids. I still can’t believe that Odin kept it a secret that Loki was actually a frost giant. I just can’t believe that Loki attacked New York and what he did to these people. Of course me and Thor helped some other heros stop Loki and save New York. Right now I’m going back to New York because Thor, Odin, and Frigga wanted me to watch Loki and take care of him. Once I got there I met the Avengers again and apparently Thor was there too. No wonder I didn’t see him earlier. He gave me a hug and said “It’s good to see you again lady Marisol.” I said “It’s good to see you too Thor.” I then heard Tony say “I’ll show you around and to where you and Loki will be sleeping. You two will of course have separate rooms but on a floor to yourselves. If you need anything then just call for Jarvis and he’ll be there. Anyways let’s get on with the tour and then Thor will take you to see Loki.” I said “Ok.” So the tour began and then later I get to see Loki. I just want to know why he did this.

~Time skip to seeing Loki~

Thor was telling me how Loki looked like he was happy that you were going to be taking care of him instead of a stranger. I remember when I saw Loki for the first time when he started this mess. It wasn’t like him to do this. Anyways I hear Thor say “Well these are the doors that lead to Loki’s prison and you have to put these cuffs on him just until you guys get to the floor. Good luck Lady Marisol. Take good care of him. I’ll check in on you both in a week.” I said “Ok. Thanks for trusting me Thor. Tell Odin and Frigga that I will take care of him.” We hugged and that’s when he left. I went inside and I saw Loki had his back facing me and reading a book. I opened the door and that’s when I heard him say “Thor just go away. I don’t want to talk.” He then turned around and saw it was me. I heard him say “So you’re actually taking care of me lady Marisol. I thought Thor was just joking.” I looked at him and said “Well let’s go. I’m taking you to a floor for ourselves. I’m gonna be watching you and taking care of you. Also you have to put these on until we get to the floor.” I cuffed his hands and we went to the elevator. I told Jarvis to take us to our floor. It was really awkward.

Loki’s POV~

I was just watching lady Marisol. It was really awkward in the elevator but once we got to our floor she told me to pick my room and I did. There was a nice green and black one. Thor must have said something. I closed my door and I just laid down. I don’t know what I was thinking to have ended up this bad. I’m still mad at “father” for lying to me my whole life making me think I could ever be king. But there was lady Marisol with me cheering me up. She’s probably mad at me. She probably thinks I’m a monster too but I want to redeem myself. I heard a knock and I heard Marisol say “Hey umm Loki. I’m gonna make some food if you want any just come out to the kitchen.” I hope things get better.

~Time skip by 1 month~

Things have gotten a lot better. We talk more and sometimes compete together. I’ve somewhat gotten along with the others. Today I’m just laying in bed waiting for Marisol to wake up. Instead I hear loud steps, so I get up and I open the door to see an upset Marisol looking at Thor. He was panting so much until he said “Help Asgard is in trouble.” He then fainted and Marisol and I we went to go help him to the main floor for the Avengers. Once we got out everyone was out because Marisol told Jarvis to wake up everyone. A few minutes Thor woke up and we asked him what happened to Asgard. He said “Some Frost giants appeared and started attacking. We need your help. There are more coming. Brother, Lady Marisol, we need you both. You two are a very strong when fighting together. We have to get ready.” I looked at Thor and said “First off stop calling me brother. Second, Can I even leave Midgard?” I looked at the other Avengers and then at Thor. I then heard Tony say “We trust you enough not to betray them. You right now need to go save Asgard.” Tony then looked at Marisol and said “Take care of him and if he does anything bad remember what to do.” I saw her nod her head and she said bye to everyone. We quickly changed into our Asgardian outfits and we went to the roof with Thor. He then called Heimdall and we were taken to Asgard. Once we got there we greeted Heimdall and we left to the castle. Once we got their everyone didn’t really look happy to see me. Everyone was happy to see Lady Marisol again. I can see why she’s amazing and a brave warrior. We didn’t get to see mother or father yet. We changed into our battle armour and we left to the field. Once we got there we split into groups but before we could actually split we were surrounded by frost giants. I could tell I was changing because of them. I no longer looked like human I looked like a frost giants. Thor gave a signal and we attack and they attacked.

~Time skip to after the battle~

We had one the long battle. We split up to search for any surviving frost giants. I saw lady Marisol looking around and she waved at me. I was about to wave but then I saw a frost giant behind her. I tried yelling to her to look behind her but she didn’t hear me. I then see her about to turn around until the frost giant's sword pierced through her armour. She coughed up blood and she fell. I ran as fast as I could to her. The frost giant was about to finish her but I got in the way and finished him. I picked her up and took her to everyone. I went all the way to the healers and all I could do know was hope she was going to get better. Once I was able to see her, I saw that mother and father were there too. Thor must have gotten them too. Mother came up to me and hugged me. I then felt father hug me and for once I felt like he truly cared for me like a son. I couldn’t help but start to cry. We went in together and she must still be knocked out. After a while they left and I stayed with her. I ended up falling asleep. I felt like someone was poking me and I saw that it was Thor telling me to go to bed. I kept declining, so he had to pick me up and carry me to my chambers. I ended up falling asleep hoping she’d wake up soon.

~Time skip by 4 days~

Today I decided to train with Thor again. Eat breakfast and talk to mother. I learned some new tricks. I played some pranks on Thor. Now I’m on my way to see lady Marisol. Once I got there I saw neck to the bed and she looked so peaceful. She was right even bad people can change and find love. She’s changed me so much. I guess from training and learning new spells I overworked myself. I ended up falling asleep. I then felt someone poke me and call my name. I lifted my head up to see it was lady Marisol. I couldn’t help myself and I hugged her. Telling her how much I missed her. I helped her to her room and people greeting us. Once she changed we left to the grand hall to eat. Everyone was eating and once they saw lady Marisol they cheered for her. Everyone decided to throw a party for her recovery. So later that day we had a party for her. After that we had to go back to Midgard. We said bye to everyone and Thor came with us. We said bye to Heimdall and we were taken back. We were surprised to see the Avengers there holding up signs to celebrate her recovery. There ended up being another party for her. During this party I saw lady Marisol go to the balcony and I heard Thor say “Well go get her brother.” He then patted my shoulder. I also hear Tony say “Go get her Reindeer games.” I went out to the balcony and I surprised her. She said “Oh Loki you caught me by surprise. I’m glad to see everyone is enjoying themselves. It’s good to know people care.” I look at her and she says “Loki I knew you could change into a better person. That wasn’t like you to do that. But now you’ve proven and redeemed yourself.” I keep looking at her and she hugs me. I’m caught off guard and I hug her back. I decide to just wing it as Midgardins would say. I look at her and say “Thank you. For everything that you did to help me. You never gave up on me. You didn’t hate me for what happened. You still trusted me. You were always there for me as kids and ever since we were kids I’ve always loved you. I still do of course. You’re so strong and brave.” I then saw her crying and I couldn’t help but panic. I ask her if I said anything wrong and she said “No, no. Is that you’re so kind for saying that Loki. I’m crying tears of happiness. I-I love you too.” She hugs me and I hug her back. I then heard Tony say “Getchu some!” Then I saw Steve just cover his mouth and walk away apologizing. I looked at Marisol and we both smiled. Knowing we’d be by each other's side for as long as we live.

And they all lived happily ever after! YAY!*Throws confetti. Throws a happy party*

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