The Paraninfos


Three exchange students known as the Paraninfos make it their duty to get a golden lioness with a certain silver snake.

Romance / Humor
Chelsea Janel
Age Rating:

An Excellent Matchmaker

The Paraninfos

Part I

An Excellent Matchmaker

A story about falling in love and the people who shove you along the way.

Hermione Granger walks the halls of Hogwarts with great determination. She brushes by students, bumping shoulders sending some spiraling to the floor. She ignores the shocking gasps though or laughter because she's on a mission.

A mission to deal with a particularly nasty ferret.

When she was given the Head Girl positon for her returning year the brunette had been ecstatic. However with every good thing comes a downside.

And that downside with her position happens to be the Head Boy.

Draco fucking Malfoy.

Honestly, could the boy be any more immature? Why in Merlin's name had McGonagall picked him to be Head Boy? He leaves everything to her and only takes away house points from all the other houses (mostly Gryffindor) except Slytherin. He's a thorn in her side and annoys her to no end. He's always making fun of her (though he hasn't called her a mudblood…yet)

And today…today is just the icing on the cake.

She's sees him in the distance, chatting up some girl (to which she scowls and then gets a brilliant idea) and decides to have some fun at his expense. It's obvious things are going well with the two of them, and Hermione grins evilly.

"Oh Draco!" she squeals by sliding up to him, looking at him. He appears a little baffled, looking from the girl to her, wondering just what she plans on doing.

"How dare you flirt with another girl! Don't you remember? It's our second year anniversary! I can't believe you would do something like this!"

Hermione's crying and screeching like a banshee, Malfoy looking on bewildered and the brunette watches with an inside satisfaction as the other girl runs off. The blonde reaches for her but it's too late. As soon as she's gone Hermione grins, the waterworks shutting off. Of course, Malfoy isn't impressed and spins, pointing his finger close to her chest and growling like a lion ironically enough.


"Payback is a bitch Malfoy. Better luck next time with your conquests. Oh and for future reference, don't interfere in my personal life. You are certainly not a part of it."

With that Hermione flips her messy hair and runs smack dab into a solid (and incredibly well built) chest.


And goes clattering to the floor with all of her books and quills spilling out of her bag.

She's about to lecture the person who knocked her over when she looks up and realizes it's none other than Adonis, one of the exchange students from Acernis Academy in Canada. Three pupils came from the school and three students from Hogwarts were sent there; Ginny (unfortunately), Pansy Parkinson and Cho Chang.

Of course, when the three new students came the girls fawned over Adonis (who was sorted into Ravenclaw mind you), due to his chiselled looks. Seriously, the boy looks like a god, to which Hermione can't help but fluster every time he comes near. His voice is like honey, his skin as smooth as a newborn babe, his name literally means handsome in Greek, and his eyes sparkle like the black, midnight sky.


"Hermione… I'm terribly sorry for sending you to the floor. Let me help you with your things."

Not to mention the fact that Adonis is an absolute gentleman. Hermione's never been one for being a fangirl but Godric help her if this boy doesn't make her want to throw him against a wall and ravish him.

He puts some very dirty thoughts into her head.

Adonis helps her put her things into her bag and then slings it over his shoulder, while smiling at her with his pearly whites.

"Shall I escort you to class?"

"That'd be lovely."

He offers her an arm to which she takes, grinning a mile wide. She doesn't notice the blonde anymore; any negative thoughts towards him vanished at the presence of the Greek. The blonde who stares daggers into Adonis's back and growling like a lion is non-existent.

For the moment anyway.

Draco Malfoy watches as Granger, the bane of his existence, walks away smug as anything. He grits his teeth because bloody hell did she screw up his game. He was doing so well too, so close to sealing the deal with the girl (can't remember her name though. Riley? Marley? Ah who cares).

It's then that a seductive voice comes up behind him, making his grin become wolfish.

"My oh my if it isn't Victoria Thompkins. Come to shower me with your beauty and delight?"

The pale skinned girl steps out from out of the shadows, her blue eyes sparking with a comeback. Her lips lined in a delicious brown, her makeup done just right.

Sometimes Draco wonders why it isn't her he's pursuing. They've had fun but broom cupboards can only do so much.

Her dark brown hair is sleeked back in a ponytail and she pulls him to her chest, her fingers delicately tracing up his abs, the nails slightly digging. He hopes the boy who marries her can keep up because this Slytherin is on a whole different level.

"If only. I see Hermione got the best of you again."

He cringes as her name is spoken. He's not used to a Slytherin so freely using the muggleborn's name. The Gryffindor isn't exactly popular amongst the snakes. But then again, Granger was the one who showed Victoria around the school and apparently the girls became *shudders* friends.

Draco smirks, grabbing onto the brunette's wrists and spinning them until she's against the wall and he towers over her.

"Hardly. She's won a match but I plan on winning the war."

"Mhm. That's what they all say."

There's a twinkle in her eye as she grins, pushing him off of her and walking away, a sashay in every step. The blonde wonders what the twinkle meant…what the promise in the corner of her smirk can possibly refer to but he shakes it off.

He's got other things to worry about. Like how to one up Granger for instance.

Hermione gets to class quickly and waves good bye to Adonis who disappears off to his other lecture. She sighs and whips around to the chuckle she hears behind her.

"Wooing over the Greek god are we?"

The brunette shakes her head, shooting her friend a look of annoyance.

"Hardly Yukino."

Yukino grins, her purple eyes filled with her usual mischief. Her black hair is sleek and straight, reaching her waist. Her Gryffindor badge glimmers under the torch light. Her Asian ethnicity is clear in her looks and Hermione wonders for a moment why all of the exchange students look like models. Seems quite ridiculous actually.

"Right. Well, here's a tip. Be the girl who doesn't fawn over him and you'll have him sooner than you think."

"I don't want him."

"Yeah. Keep telling yourself that."

Draco runs his hands through his long locks as he walks the halls to his next class. After his little run in with Victoria, he feels drained. It takes far too much energy to keep up with that witch. Of course, none of the other boys in the school think so since she's practically praised by them. This of course makes the Slytherin laugh because she'll use them and dump them faster than they can say I do.

Speaking of which…

Blaise Zabini appears then, grinning ear to ear as Draco approaches.

"Hey mate. Have you seen the gorgeous Canadian as of late?"

"Can't say I have. You asking her out anytime soon?"

"I hope to. Women like her need to be treated by men…Not hussies like the other kids in this school."

"You're such a wanker Blaise."

"Takes one to know one."

Draco rolls his eyes. Sometimes he wonders why he's friends with the Italian when he can be such a shit.

"Right well. As much as you're desire to fuck Victoria amuses me, we have class."

"Wow. Never pegged you for the stickler type. Whatever happened to the pigro attitude of yours? Does it have something to do with a certain golden leonessa?"

Draco whacks Blaise as they enter the classroom.

"Bloody hell mate! Warn a guy next time."

"You're a fucking moron. As if I could possibly like Granger."

"Who said I was talking about Granger? There are plenty of interesting females in Gryffindor. Odd how she's the one your mind jumps to first."



"Fuck off."

Hermione brushes her hair as she sits down in class beside Yukino. The girl winks and waves her hands at some of her other friends she's made from being on the Quidditch team. Soon they're joined by Harry whose glasses are falling off his face (per usual) and his unruly hair.

"Hello Harry." says the brunette motioning to him the chair they saved for him.

"Hey Hermione, Yukino. Ready for another riveting lecture in Muggle studies?"

After the war, the ministry implanted muggle studies as a mandatory course for all fifth, sixth and seventh year students to hopefully mend bridges that have been broken.

"Always Harry." answers Yukino, nodding while her eyes crinkle in amusement. "What's not to love about electrical appliances and sockets?"

"Guys…it's not that bad."

"Says the muggleborn. You already know all this stuff therefore it's as easy as heck."

"Impossible Potter. The bookworm's got a need for being a know-it-all. Hand's got to be up first, answers straight and to the point. Practical…and practically boring." drawls Malfoy as he shoots a snarky look towards Hermione.

Harry grips his wand in his pocket, eager to hex the blonde for his comments. Hermione merely places a hand on his shoulder, silencing him and turning to face Malfoy, her game face on.

"Pardon us Malfoy but I do believe this conversation is for wizards and witches only. Since you are after all a ferret the only thing you can do is bounce around. Unlike us who are able to entertain ourselves by laughing at you for your childish antics. Really, must you be so puerile?"

With that Hermione flips her hair directly into the blonde's face while turning to face the front of the class, acting as if he never was there at all. Harry and Yukino share an amused look while Blaise muffle his laughter and Malfoy sputters like a fish.

"Oh and Malfoy do stop sputtering. It's unbecoming for someone of your standards. After all you are a spoiled brat."

Hermione then high fives Yukino under the table, grinning from ear to ear. Take that Malfoy.

Soon class is over and Draco leaves the lecture feeling incredibly bored. He looks around, trying to find a fluff haired witch to spar because Merlin damn him for needing to be entertained and she's the only one who can do it the best and he deserves the best.

However, it's another commotion that catches his attention which causes him to look over to the Italian beside him who shrugs. The pair make their way over to the noise only to see Victoria and Potter fighting it out. Or what seems to be a verbal lashing from Victoria and Potter's merely stuck in her attack.

Everyone in Hogwarts knows the Slytherin exchange student loathes Potter more than anything. No one really knows why, she keeps the reasons to herself and her friends from Acernis are certainly not forthcoming with the details, but then again no one really cares because the brunette knows exactly how to wield her words and it's entertaining as hell.



"Still looking as dishevelled as ever. Out of curiosity have you ever considered shaving? I've heard the bald look is quite in these days."

Draco smirks because while she's used these insults before, attacking his hair seems to always get Potter riled up. However, the boy lacks retorts unlike Granger whose fiery wit keeps the blonde coming back like a thirsty man to an oasis.

Draco shakes the thoughts away. Thinking about those things will do him no good. He's got grades to keep up, not to mention stepping up on his Head Boy's duties which the old hag aka McGonagall told him that if he didn't he'd be stripped of the title and that most certainly cannot happen.

"Is your ass jealous Thompkins of all the shit that just came out of your mouth?"

Or maybe Potter has some good ones up his sleeve. Victoria certainly seems taken aback, until she smirks and takes a step forward, closing the distance between the pair. Draco shoots look to Blaise who is grinning maliciously, clearly proud of the brunette.

"Amore mio, she's good no?"

The blonde shakes his head and focuses on the verbal sparring before them.

"That's cute Potter. Your first insult with some kick. I'm proud. Though, if you're going to be two-faced about this, at least make one of them pretty."

Draco winces at the insult because he knew that if someone ever insulted his looks he'd pummel them to a pulp. Then again, Victoria's never had a filter. He looks over to a flushed Potter then, trying to sputter something and the blonde grins.

What a wanker.

"Somewhere out there is a tree Thompkins, tirelessly producing oxygen so you can breathe. I think you owe it an apology."

Draco looks over to the Slytherin who's pissed off now and he knows Potter's landed himself in some deepshit. He can see from Victoria's friend's gaze, Yukino wasn't it? That what the idiot just said to the brunette will affect her more than she'll ever admit or show.

Her next words come out with such venom that everyone takes a step back.

"Two wrongs don't make a right Potter. Take your parents for example."

With that she sends a hex to him from her 13 inch wand and spins on her heel, clicking away with fury. Blaise shoots Potter a death glare and then runs after her. Meanwhile Draco watches as the rumours begin spreading from the audience and Granger drops to the Golden Boy's side, helping him up and taking him away to their common room. Meanwhile, Adonis comes up to Yukino and whispers something in her ear to which she nods vehemently and the pair take off after the Slytherins.

And all Draco can think is what the hell just happened?

Hermione walks Harry to their dormitories. She takes him the long way so they don't run into Victoria because she has a feeling that the one hex that came his way isn't the only one the Slytherin plans on giving him.

The witch needs time to cool down.

"Bloody hell Hermione. What's got her knickers in a twist?"

"Harry! Don't speak like that! You sound like Malfoy."

The Chosen one sighs. "Sorry. She just…she doesn't know anything about me and yet is able to attack my fears straight on. I never thought I could hate anyone but she…she makes me loathe her."

Hermione sits down beside the boy on the steps, brushing his hair away from his ear in a loving gesture was his head falls to his knees.

"You should never hate someone Harry. The war taught us that."

"You're saying I should forgive her?"

"I'm saying you should give her time to apologize. Victoria is a smart girl. She'll realize her mistake and hopefully will own up to it."

"She's a Slytherin Hermione. They aren't the apologetic type."

"No Harry. Voldemort wasn't the apologetic type. Have you learned nothing from the past year we spent running? We locked a house in a dungeon because we believed they were going to side with the dark. But so many were killed because of us. Because of our hate for something they weren't. Hate does terrible things to people Harry, you know this. So whatever feud you have with Victoria…be the bigger person and end it."

She watches as her words sink in, and he sighs, shaking his head in his hands.

"You're right."

"I'm always right Harry."

The two share a chuckle before turning somber once again.

"So if I'm going to mend bridges with her, you need to do the same."

"With who?"


"Harry no!"

"You and I both know that you two need to work together. You fight almost as much as Thompkins and I, and if any mending needs to be done, it's between the two of you."

"I'm afraid that's not possible."

"He's a prat yeah, but do you really want to work with someone for a whole year who you despise when instead you could at least be civil?"

"I suppose not."

"Then there you go."

"Look at you, giving me advice."

"I'm full of great wisdom."

He winks at her to which she laughs, her head shaking along with the chuckles. She'll try to be better towards Malfoy…Try being the key word.

Draco enters the Head's dormitories to find Victoria sitting there, nursing a coffee in her hands and talking to Yukino in hushed tones. They both look up when he enters, and Adonis then appears carrying what seems to be biscuits to which the blonde snatches one off the plate, giving the Greek a hard look before sliding in the seat next to the brunette.

"How do you two do it?"

"Do what?" asks Yukino, giving him a strange look.

"Be friends despite your differences. Bloody hell you two could not be more opposite. I mean, for instance, you're a fucking Gryffindor and she's a Slytherin for one."

It's then that Victoria barks out a harsh laugh, looking at the blonde with death in her eyes and a look of pity. He never thought those two could ever be combined and yet here it is in her cerulean eyes.

"Gryffindor and Slytherin is just a title. Honestly, if I based my judgement of Yukino on the fact that she was a Gryffindor I'd never have this amazing friendship with her. I'd be stuck with people who are just like me, see things that way I do, judge people the way I do and such. I'd not be able to broaden my horizons, discover new things because I wouldn't have her to drag me along. Most importantly, I wouldn't be me if not for her. She's got the moral compass that I lack."

"And for me I would be incredibly reckless and stupid if not for Victoria. She's able to tell me when I'm doing something depraved for me. She thinks things through while I just go for it. She's saved my ass a lot of times." Yukino chuckles then at a memory to which Victoria grins fondly at her.

"I got your back girl."

"Back at ya. Like Victoria said Draco, there's more to a person than a title. I mean, it's so much more fun to learn about someone than base them off of some stereotype."


"It's a muggle word. It's a generalization, usually exaggerated or oversimplified and often offensive, that is used to describe or distinguish a group. Like for instance with Slytherins. We're seen as the evil house because of something one guy did and many followed. But not all of us are bad people. Our house means cunning, resourceful and ambitious which can lead to villainous things yes however it can also lead to great success. Just because I don't jump into a battle firsthand like Yukino does doesn't mean I'm not courageous. It just means that I think before I act. I look at all of the possible scenarios and factors associated with them and then make a decision from there." adds in Victoria.

The blonde simply sits there taking all the information in. He never really thought of it from their perspective. He wants to inform them they're wrong…but he doesn't know how to. It makes sense. Perfect sense.

"We're not bad people. We're like our emblem, the snake; sleek, powerful and frequently misunderstood."

Draco stays silent, the biscuit completely forgotten.

"I could not have worded it better myself Victoria."

"Thank you Adonis. You're aren't the only one who knows how to use words." She adds with a wink to which the boy blushes until it disappears quickly.

"I think you're rendered him speechless."

Victoria chuckles. "As it should be. Now, who feels like going for a walk? I'm rather eager to do something active."

Little did the group of four know that Hermione and Harry had been listening the whole time.

Hermione certainly hadn't expected to walk in on the conversation but she must say she's certainly surprised. She's been on the same level as Malfoy when it comes to the girl's friendship. If Victoria hadn't told off the younger year boys for trying to prank the Gryffindor she believes that she'd hate her for the sole fact of the house she was sorted into.

She looks over to Harry who's staring at Thompkins strangely and Hermione wonders just what is going on inside of his head. She shrugs then, not particularly caring because she knows he's going to fix things with the Slytherin anyway.

"C'mon Harry. Let's get started on our work."

He nods and the pair enters into the common room area where the rest of the students are getting up.

"I'd love to go Victoria however I have head duties to attend to." Answers Draco.

"Are you telling me Malfoy that you'll actually do your job?"

Hermione shoots him an incredulous look as he's now standing up, leaning the counter, sipping tea.

"It may shock you Granger but I was picked to be Head Boy for a reason."

"Could've fooled me. It isn't exactly like you're jumping up and down with enthusiasm."

"You do enough of that for the both of us. You're the responsible one while I am the stunningly good looking one."

He gives the brunette a challenging looks as if daring her to object. Hermione however sighs, too tired to fight with him.

"Think what you will Malfoy. Let's just get going on our rounds shall we?"

The blonde shrugs, setting his tea on the corner and brushing past the brunette over to the door.

"After you."

To which he walks straight through leaving a baffled Hermione.

"Pretty sure you're supposed to let me go first." she mutters, huffing as she follows him.

Meanwhile Harry's disappeared to go to sleep since he's got an early practice in the morning. What they don't notice is a strange gleam in Yukino's eye. Well, excluding Victoria and Adonis of course.

"You've got a look."

"I do not."

"She's right Yukino. You've got that twinkle in your eye that says you're planning something. Or should I say more accurately, playing with fire." says Adonis, placing himself primly in the seat beside the girls.

The Gryffindor scoffs. "Please. I'm just thinking."

"About?" asks Victoria, gesturing for her to continue.

"How well do you know Draco Vic?"

The brunette tilts her head and ponders the question for a few moments.

"Fairly well. Why?"

"Out of everyone in the school…who's the best match for him?"

The cerulean eyes narrow to which a smirk then grows. "I have feeling that your goal will be easier than you think."

Adonis and Yukino exchange a look, then turning their gaze to the Slytherin.

"Whatever do you mean?" asks the Ravenclaw.

"You know why I'm the last step in faciens match… You want to set up Draco with a certain fluffy haired witch right?"

"But will it work Victoria…Do we even have a chance?" asks Adonis, taking her into his arms.

"Of course we do. He's as smitten with her as she is with him. There is a fine line between love and hate after all."

"Vaí. Indeed." hums Adonis.

"So…we're doing this then? The Paraninfos are back in action?"

Adonis and Victoria look at each other from their embrace then back to the Gryffindor bouncing on her feet from excitement.

"Of course agápi̱ mou. We have not done something like this in a long time."

"Adonis…are you sure? Playing with people's hearts is dangerous."

"As if you're one to speak Victoria. You steal them and throw them away as if they were the wind brushing through her hair."

"Vic…stop being such a worry wart! It'll be good for them. Trust us."

Victoria sighs. "I think it'll work…what I'm afraid of is the backlash. I think that we're going to need to do some other things as well if we want this to truly succeed."

Yukino and Adonis nod in agreement.

"Two then?"

"Two indeed."

Draco walks down the hall with Granger by his side. It's a tense silence, seeing as neither person wishes to speak. He doesn't want to deal with her, in fact, he'd much rather find Victoria and drag her off to someplace for a good snog.

And Granger's clearly ignoring him which in all honesty, the blonde isn't a fan of either. He spares her a quick glance out of the corner of his eye. She's looking around, anywhere but him he's figured, and her hair is up in a messy bun. Unusual for her but according to most girls he knows it's practical and Granger is very practical.

It's not just her hair that's different though. Amber hues glow in the torchlight as they walk the hall, and golden flecks become more apparent in her chocolate eyes. Her lips are a faint pink, like soft blush. She wears nothing exceptional on her and yet stands out amongst a crowd. The more Draco thinks about it, the more he realize that if he does look he can find her anywhere in a gathering.

She's his true north amongst the stars, the gold lioness amongst the pride lands know as Hogwarts; the forbidden apple that he knows will have the sweetest taste…

And with that last thought his eyes shift to her lips, ogling them subtly though Granger still notices.

"Malfoy? Are you alright?"

That snaps him out of his trance and he looks straight, as if he never even noticed the delectable edges.

"Let's just finish our rounds shall we?"

The next day comes and Hermione's heading towards breakfast in the great hall when she's stopped by three Canadian students, one built like a Greek god, another built like an Asian empress and one like an ivory queen.

"Hermione…are you tired of being single?"

The brunette stares at Yukino with a strange look.


Victoria rolls her eyes, while Adonis grins sheepishly causing Hermione to try and tame her hair (to no avail. Why must he be here?)

"What our dear Yukino is trying to say is that we would like to help you."

"Help me with what?"

"Your relationship." bluntly states Vic, looking at the Gryffindor with a peculiar look.

"I don't have a relationship."


"Vic, you're not helping. Look Hermione, we want to help you find a special someone in your life."


The trio exchange a look, not sure what to say as a response to that. It's Adonis who speaks next, and Hermione thinks that if he continues, she'll probably say yes though really, she doesn't want to.

"Because we believe that you can find happiness with someone here. Nothing is more important than love in this world. Especially after what has just occurred."

"So will you let us help you? Please?" begs Yukino, her purple eyes sparkling.

"If I say yes…how will it work?"

"Simple. There are three stages; the first one is Yukino also known as an exceptional matchmaker. She'll pair you up with someone. From there, Adonis will take over. He plays cupid and will set up a bunch of romantic settings for the two of you. And then the final stage is me."

"You? And what are you?"

Adonis grins, bringing her into his side.

"The Queen of Hearts."

Hermione merely raises an eyebrow.

"I'm the final test. If they pass, then we've succeeded, if they don't…"

"If they don't?"

The trio exchange a look again.

"It's only ever happened once. And there was hell to pay." speaks the Ravenclaw rather darkly.

Hermione looks at all of them and can see their completely serious about this.

"I don't know…"

"What's the worst that can happen? We were known as The Paraninfos back at Acernis. This is what we do best."

The Gryffindor looks towards Yukino with her earnest expression, Adonis with his sincere one and finally to Victoria, who merely nods, assuring Hermione that this decision won't be a bad one.

After all, it could help her find "the one". Not to mention that the brunette has been feeling a bit lonely since Harry's always off with Ron somewhere, Ginny isn't around and she's stuck with Malfoy for company.


"YES! You will NOT regret this." Exclaims Yukino clapping her hands together.

Little does the brunette know she's in for one hell of a ride.

The trio watches the Gryffindor walk away, giving them odd looks as she disappears into the dining hall, the large doors shutting behind her. Their eyes never leave the spot she disappeared to but rather their steps follow behind her towards the same destination.

"So Yukino…who's the match?" asks Adonis, his eyes straying over to the subject that the Asian is speaking of.

"Draco Malfoy." Yukino says as her own eyes join his.

"Mm. Stage one complete. An excellent match indeed." Says Victoria, with a twinkle in her eye and a promise in the corner of her smirk.

A/N: This is my new fanfic! It's three parts so I hope you all enjoy this! Please read and review! Thanks!

~ Ember G.

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