The Paraninfos

By Chelsea Janel

Romance / Humor


The Paraninfos

Part II


Love thy neighbor — and if he happens to be tall, debonair and devastating, it will be that much easier.

Mae West

Hermione walks the halls fiddling with her knapsack once again, breathing out a tired sigh. For the past few weeks she's found herself in constant scenarios with random boys on what she supposes would be deemed a blind date. However these dates are anything but entertaining. For instance the last one she was in Hogsmeade with Yukino who pulled her into The Three broomsticks where the boy (who was…and the Gryffindor hates to say it but…incredibly ugly) proceeded to talk only about himself for the whole time.

It was with a strange luck however that Malfoy out of all people seemed to be there just in the nick of time to rescue her from the terrible fate of spending more time with the moron. Now that she truly thinks about it, the blonde seems to be there to rescue her from all of her terrible dates. That has to be a coincidence. Though there's something niggling in the back of her brain telling her it's not but she brushes it aside because there is no way Draco Malfoy of all people would come to her rescue because he…well…likes

No impossible.

She blames the trio for her latest date fiasco.

Why oh why did she agree to their matchmaking? Because from the looks of it, they're doing a terrible job. They had insisted that they could do it, and for once in Hermione's life she wants to be the center of attention and have someone chase her.

Is that too much to ask?

She sighs once more, brushing the hair from her face and wrapping it up into a messy bun.

"So…how was your date last night?""

The brunette whips around and gasps as Adonis has slid up beside her, whispering delightfully in her ear. Merlin he makes her weak in the knees.

"Terrible as all of the others have been."

The Greek shrugs, smiling a winning smile towards her. "He'll come."

It's then that the duo is approached by Luna who smiles serenely and gently waves.

"Hello Hermione. Geia sas Adonis."

Hermione smiles and nods but she's surprised to see that the Ravenclaw beside her isn't saying anything. In fact, when she turns her head to look at him he's looking to the floor, blushing like a mad man.

Of course the most gorgeous man she meets falls for the oddity of the bunch. It just has to be like a romantic movie doesn't it?

"Hello Luna."

"How are the both of you doing?"

"I'm good, in fact here's my class right now. I'll see you two later."

The Gryffindor sweeps by the blushing Greek and heads into Charms to relax for a bit and stray her mind away from her awful dates.

Draco relaxes in the common room of the dormitory since he's on spare, enjoying every second. That is, until Blaise storms in with a basket of luscious fruit and delicious dips.

"And the winner of the biggest wanker goes to Blaise Zabini for his desperation in getting the girl. Honestly, could you be more pathetic?"

"I'll have you know my vipera is one of the loveliest beings who deserves tante amore from her amante."

"Technically you're her giocattolo."

"You wish. Just because she isn't shagging you like you'd hope doesn't mean you need to have a stick up your ass. We all know Victoria plays with-"

"I play with what now?"

The Italian freezes and turns around in shock while Draco snickers. Victoria only looks on amused, with one eyebrow raised and a smirk dancing on her lips.

"Nothing amore mio, Drake's just being a wanker."

"When is he not? What do you have there Blaise?"

The Slytherin grins under the use of his first name which causes Draco to roll his eyes because Blaise really is pitiful.

"A gift for you."

For a moment Victoria seems shocked but soon hides it with a demure smile.

"Thank you. That's incredibly thoughtful of you."

She graciously accepts the token of affection, disappearing into her room briefly before appearing again in something more casual, placing herself beside Blaise on the couch across from Draco. The Italian rests an arm around her shoulders, his fingers brushing them every once in a little. She doesn't push him away but doesn't react to it either.

"So Draco, I've been hearing that you've been rescuing Hermione from some terrible dates. How come? I thought you'd love to see her flounder in awkwardness."

Victoria reaches over and plucks a grape from Blaise's gift to her.

"Wow these are delicious Blaise. You have my sincerest gratitude."

The Italian looks smugly over to the blonde who rolls his eyes. Prick.

"Relax Victoria. I just happened to be in the same place at the same time."


"Don't begin to read into this. It means nothing."

"I didn't imply anything Draco. You're the one who jumped to conclusions. Blaise told me about the lioness comment."

"Oh? Shagging the corridors are we? Didn't realize you two were so close."

Blaise looks like he's about to punch the blonde while the brunette has a faint blush appear on her cheeks. Draco's eyes narrow, wondering if maybe, just maybe, the witch returns his best mate's feelings.

Unlikely…but there's the possibility.

"Don't change the subject. You've been following Hermione on her dates…haven't you?"










Draco's head collapses into his hands while the duo across from him chuckle.

"So you like Hermione, big whoop."

"It's more complicated than that."

Victoria scoffs. "Love is always complicated. It's a fucking mess."

"I'm not in love with her. I just…am attracted to her."

The brunette exchanges a look with the Italian.

"Well then what's the problem? You think she's hot, she finds you attractive…that's a win-win situation right there."

Draco shoots Victoria a look of annoyance.

"I'm done with this shit."

He storms off to his room, shutting the door behind him gently because only Gryffindors slam doors when they're angry. And he, most certainly, is not a Gryffindor.

"Well that went well." mutters Blaise sarcastically. Victoria looks to him, her fingers dancing in his hair.

"You know, I didn't think he'd answer so easily. He's up to something."

"Drake? Nah. He gets like this when confronted with something he isn't willing to admit yet."

Victoria tilts her head, her eyes still laying on the door to Draco's room. She's positive he's up to something, she saw a glint in his eye and there's a gut feeling that shit's about to hit the fan.



"Could you do me a favour?"

"Anything mia vipera."

"Keep an eye on him for me. If you suspect anything, let me know as soon as possible."

"Of course."


She kisses him on the cheek softly before dashing out of the common room with a mission in mind.

She's got to find the Greek.

"There you are!"

Adonis turns around to see a furious Victoria storming up to him. He looks to the girl on his arm, who is simply looking out the window dreamily and he wishes that his best friend wasn't looking like she was about to rip his head off.

At least, not in front of Luna.

"Yes Victoria?"

The brunette pauses, looking over at Luna who's now facing her, a smile on her face and her petite hands holding on to the Greek's bicep.

"Hello Victoria. How are you?"

"Fine. Do you mind if I steal Adonis from you for a moment? I promise I'll bring him right back."

"Go right ahead. I'll see you later o ángelós mou."

She disappears then, walking down the hall and Adonis let's out a blissful sigh.

"Wow. I never pegged you to go for…well…her."

"Not all of us have the interest in stringing along boys."

"There is a madness to my method. Anyway, so…setting Hermione up on a bunch of bad dates is your way of getting her and Draco together? Adonis…you're losing your touch."

The Greek scoffs. "Hardly. These two need a slow build up. She has to realize he isn't an arrogant prick-"

"But he is…"

"And that she isn't a stuck up know it all."

"But she is..."

"They don't need to know that."

"But they do…"

Adonis sighs, pushing his long hair back into a manbun.

"You're insufferable."

"All part of the charm."

The Greek snorts.

"Anyway, you're supposed to be cupid so fix it because Hermione's getting suspicious and a curious Hermione is a deadly combination."

"I suppose you're right. I'm afraid I just don't know…"

An idea pops into his head, a brilliant one as he sees the third of their trio approach.

"A ball."

"A what?" asks an incredulous Victoria with wide eyes and an unamused look.

"Oooooo Adonis that's a great idea!"

"Thank you Yukino. Victoria you know all of the balls we had back at the academy was the perfect set up for couples. We can even make it a masked one."

"This…is a terrible idea."

"Ug Vic, stop being such a downer! Adonis I think it's brilliant! It'll be the push to get them finally together!"

"What about her sidekick?"

"Who? Harry?"

"Yeah. The beggar boy."

Adonis and Yukino exchange a look as Victoria crosses her arms, giving them a pointed look.

"You know he'll ask her to be his date and she'll say yes. And even if he doesn't ask her Draco doesn't have enough credit with her to ask let alone have her say yes. Your plan has holes."

"Ug. You're such a pessimist."

"I'm a realist. It's not my fault you two don't pay attention to the facts. You're a matchmaker, your job is to find two people well suited and put them together. He's Cupid. He's to set up the romantic atmosphere and create the tension. My job is far more complicated. I know things the two of you don't. So please, trust me when I say you need to work the other up to each of them to even dream of the possibility of them going together."

The pair exchanges another look.

"That's a fair point. I just…we haven't done this in so long I forgot how much time it usually takes."

"It's alright Yukino. Just…tread carefully alright? We can't have them getting suspicious of our intentions."

"And the ball Victoria?"

"You're cupid. If you want to do it then go for it."

Adonis grins and pulls the Slytherin into a fierce hug to which she awkwardly pats his back.

"Excellent. Now…to plan a party!"

When talking with the headmistress about the idea of a ball she only reacts with enthusiasm. She insists on creating a team to create the event and make it, dare she say, magical.

To which Hermione wants throw the whole idea out the window because the last ball she had ended in tears and she really, just really, doesn't like balls.

Yukino though is incredibly enthusiastic, clapping her hands with great excitement. Adonis seems pretty stoked too which Hermione cringes further because the gorgeous boy is going to ask out Luna so that leaves Hermione with even a smaller amount of selection.

She has standards and majority of the boys at Hogwarts don't live up to them.

She sighs as she leaves the office; her head hung low in despair. She knows she's being over dramatic but Merlin help her if this ball goes sour like that last one, which, with her luck, will.

It's then that Adonis approaches her, grinning with that ovary exploding smile.


"Hello Adonis."

"Since I've been given the pleasure of assigning everyone to their duties for preparation for the ball, I thought I could give you yours now. Is that alright?"

"I suppose so."

"Excellent! I'm going to give you a partner and your job is to come up with snacks and beverages as well as the music. Sound good?"

"Very well. Who is my partner?"


Hermione's eyes go wide. "What?"

"Draco. You know…tall, debonair and devastatingly handsome?"


"Of course you do! You two are Heads together. Well, I best be off, I need to ask Luna to be my date. Talk to you later Hermione!"

The Greek dashes off into the distance leaving a sputtering Hermione who's gapping like a fish.

Draco glares at the piece of paper in his hands telling him what's he's doing to plan this ball, and his partner through the hell of it all.

Hermione fucking Granger.

He doesn't know whether to thank the gods, or scream and yell at them for fucking this up. After his little…revelation during patrols and then Victoria's accusations…the blonde has begun to rethink where he stands with the feisty Gryffindor.

He wasn't lying when he said it'd be complicated if…and that's a very strong if…he did like Granger.

One, he'd have to put up with all of her terrible habits like the fact she bites her nails when she's stressed, or the mangy hair of hers that can't seem to do anything other than be a bushy mess. Not to mention he'd have to become friends with Potterhead and the Weaselbee, something he has no interest in doing…ever.

Of and you know, that whole blood purity bullshit. That's a thing too.

Granted, he doesn't believe in it, in fact, Draco doesn't think he ever did. But there are many people he knows who do and for a Malfoy, one of the elite, to "lower" himself to a woman of low status would be…scandalous. And he loves his parents; he does and most certainly doesn't want to put them in that position where they become more rejected from society than they already are.

So like he said, it's complicated.

Of course, then walks in the devil of his thoughts, adjusting her strap with her massive bag and throwing it on the couch across from him while she herself plops down beside it.



He watches her with ease because it's so natural to him, just to look at her. The fading sun illuminates her face with a golden glow, her dark eyelashes brush against her cheeks; her lips a faint pink like a cherry blossom.

"We need to get the list done."

"Very well. What do you want to do for food?"

"You're not going to fight me on this?"

The blonde shrugs. "There are far more important things that require my attention than some frivolous ball."

He watches as Granger nods in agreement. "Honestly, with exams and homework I see no reason why we should have a ball. We're far too busy to be doing such silly things."



"Did we just…agree on something?"

She opens and closes her mouth. "I suppose we did."

"Will wonders never cease. Now about the food…"


"Potter. What do you want?"

"You and I are partnered for the ball thing for decorations and I…well..."

The brunette's eyebrows raised themselves into a questioning look. Oh how the mighty have fallen. She snickers at the thought.

"You what Potter? Haven't got all day you know."

"I figured getting your advice on decorations would be far easier than doing it myself."

"How thoughtful of you." she deadpans. She can see his mind wanting to say something, most likely an insult, but he stays silent, impressing the Slytherin for only a minute.

"I talked to McGonagall and she's given us access to a room with all of the Yule ball's décor from the Triwizard tournament."

"Very well…let's get going shall we? I have a prior engagement that I don't want to be late for."

Potter merely brushes past her, heading towards the destination in his mind. Victoria sighs…looks like it's going to be a long night.

Hermione sits on the couch as she watches Malfoy with a curious eye. He seems…different, as if he's come to some sort of revelation. About what she doesn't know…but she'd love to find out.

However this is Malfoy and his mood swings are extreme so really…he could just be at one end of the spectrum and soon heading to the next.

Bloody boys.

"Malfoy…what are you doing?"

"Making tea."

"Okay then."

She still can't believe how fast they went over the whole list. He seemed to just agree with whatever she suggested only rejecting a few things. For the most part, he engaged himself and surprised Hermione and it was delightful.

Soon the blonde's bringing over two mugs of tea to which shocks the brunette yet again because she's never seen this side of Malfoy, an affectionate, caring side and bloody hell she finds it incredibly endearing.

Fuck…that's not good.

"This is lovely Malfoy thank you."

He merely grunts in response, too focused on his own beverage.

"So…any ideas of who you'll take to the ball?"

"Why Granger? Hoping I'll ask you?" he says with a sneer that soon morphs into an amused expression.

Like she said…mood swings.

"Of course not Malfoy. Just curious is all."

"Well, I do have someone in mind however I'm not sure if she'll say yes."

Hermione feels a tug at her heart, she isn't sure what it is but it's unpleasant. Probably because when he said he had someone in mind Victoria popped into her head in a stunning dress, linking arms with Malfoy and dancing the night away. Odd thought to give her unkind feelings towards her friend.

She shakes the thoughts away.

"What about you Granger? A certain gentleman caught your fancy?"

The Gryffindor chuckles and shakes her head to which she can hear a growl coming from Malfoy's throat. Why would he do such a thing?

"I thought I did but he's found love with someone else I'm afraid."

"Please don't tell me you were pining over that infantile Ravenclaw."

"I was not pining."

"Right. Well, from what I've seen, him and Lovegood are attached at the hip, disappointing all viable females everywhere."

"You can be quite crass you know that?"

"And you can be incredibly prudish. It's quite entertaining watching you squirm."

"I'm not prudish. I just think it's distasteful to talk about such vulgar things in public."

"But you have no problem dishing it out do you?"

"That is none of your concern."

"I bet you're incredibly wild in the sack."



At this point, the blonde's laughing out loud while a furious blush stains Hermione cheeks.

"That is so not appropriate."

"Ah don't get you're knickers into a twist."

"Don't bring my panties into this."

There's a strong mirth in his grey eyes though that make Hermione pause. They look like a cloudy sky, with hints of silver in them. They're stunning and she can barely hear him calling her.



The blonde tilts his head, studying the brunette in a blank gaze which makes her squirm.

"Nothing." He says with a smirk to which he gets up and disappears into his room, leaving Hermione wondering just what was going on inside of his head.

Victoria sits on a cushion in the Room of Requirement while Potter sorts through the boxes of decorations. There's a ton of random stuff in them, but nothing seems to stick to a particular theme.

"You could help you know."

"I'm not good at empathy. Would you settle for some sarcasm?"

"I'm good thanks."

Victoria snorts. "Ah yes, the great and noble Chosen one who can do anything and is perfect in every way."

She sneers the last words out and watches at the golden boy turns his head towards her, glasses falling off and looking at her like she just revealed some sort of precious information.


"I'm not perfect."

"The world certainly seems to think so."

"I have enemies you know. Quite a few since the war who would gladly show you my flaws."

"You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for yourself."

He scoffs at her and continues sorting through some boxes. "No shit considering I had to give up my life for the world to live."

"Go figure."

"After the war all they did was celebrate me while I'm sure several of them also planned on killing me."

"And that's the way with society isn't it? They either want to kill you, kiss you or be you."

"And you know so much because…?"

"Your tone seems pointed right now…"

She inwardly smirks as Potter rolls his eyes, clearly giving up his yearning to learn more. He works silently for a while as she watches him with inquisitive eyes. She soon finds herself becoming somber and she decides then to break the silence.

"I'm not interested in preserving the status quo if that's what you're insinuating."

His head slightly turns, indicating that he's listening, that she's captured his attention.

"This world is bigoted beyond belief, filled to the brim with this ideal that purebloods are superior. That's the status quo and I refuse to be a part of it."

"So then what are you interested in?"

Victoria's eyes glint with a hidden desire and her next words are chilling to Potter's bones.

"I want to overthrow it."

Hermione walks down the corridor when she spots the girl she's looking for. She's got the list of things needed in her bag and she's reading Ginny's letter from the academy. The redhead speaks of such a lavish and different lifestyle than that of Hogwarts. She explains how she's having trouble fitting in since she doesn't get along with either of the other transfer students. The brunette frowns, wondering how she can help Ginny with her predicament.


Her head shoots up and she smiles at Yukino who jogs her way over to the Gryffindor.

"Hey Yukino."

"Got your stuff done?"

"Mhm. Do you know where Adonis is? I want to give it to him."

The brunette shakes her head no.

"Figures. He's probably off in some alcove snogging Luna to his heart's content. Merlin he hasn't been able to separate himself from her side since he got here."

Hermione coughs discreetly, and runs a hand in her hair indicating that she has no interest in talking about the boy she used to fancy.

"Oh my Godric! I am so sorry! I totally forgot you had a thing for him!"

"Yes well…that's irrelevant."

"Yeah totally. What do you have there in your hands?"

"Oh. It's a letter from my friend Ginny. She was one of the students chosen from here to go to your school. She's having a little bit of trouble fitting in I'm afraid."

"Do you know who she's rooming with?"

"Um…a Madeline Caron, Kenta Himura, and Dilipa Singh."

Yukino laughs. "Yeah, I can imagine she'll have a hard time with them. You know what? I can owl her and give her some advice. Those girls were my roommates before I came here."

"Wow. That'd be great! Thank you! Her full name is Ginevra Weasley but only call her Ginny."

"Gotcha. Alright well, I'll go owl her. See ya around Hermione."

"Bye Yukino."

Hermione smiles in satisfaction as a feeling of giddiness ensues her. With Yukino taking care of Ginny, she knows the redhead will be alright.

Now to worry about her own problems, like a certain blonde plaguing her mind.

His earlier actions were…unexpected. She's not entirely sure what to make of them. Maybe he's trying to build a bridge…offer a peace offering and she'd be foolish not to take it.

It seems Harry's right. Maybe she really should try to mend the bridge she's torn with pride.

What has she got to lose after all?

Harry simply blinks a few times before shaking his head, his attention solely directed on Thompkins.

"You want to what?"

"Seriously Potter, you can't tell me you think that there are no more purists controlling the Ministry of Britain do you? You can't honestly be that dense. The whole reason I jumped on the chance do to this exchange was to do further research in Britain's Ministry of Magic. For centuries, this country has been ahead of its time in beliefs and change until now. Canada and the United States have surpassed this nation in the ideal of pure blood. They've added science to the mix, something that Britain is slowly staring to let trickle into their system. But it isn't enough. Old wealthy aristocrats still have many individuals in a tight grip and will not be letting go anytime soon. Someone needs to kick out the bureaucrats and bring in the fresh blood."

"Someone like you?"

"Dissatisfaction is a symptom of ambition. It's the coal that fuels the fire. When you're discontent with something, you fix it because we all strive for beatitudinem. Happiness. We want to feel good at all times. So we alter what makes us feel like shit in order to produce an endorphined result."

"So what makes you think you can do it? Several people have tried, with what you refer to as ambition and failed. What makes you different?"

"The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge but a lack of will. Ambition doesn't solely rely on dissatisfaction. You need to be willing to do the work to let your ambitious nature become a reality. And that is why people fail because no one is willing to do the work it takes."

Harry sighs, and runs a hand through his hair. "You talk like you know all about this world when you haven't even lived in it."

"I have seen the world and it is great and terrible. But it has seen me, and I watch it tremble in fear."

Draco hears her leave and gets up from his desk, finishing off the last sentence of his essay before proceeding to leave his room, entering into the common area where he sees Adonis entering into the dorm. The blonde hasn't really had any conversations with the Ravenclaw other than snarling and shooting the idiot looks because Granger's bloody infatuated with him.

Which shouldn't bother him at all but it does because Victoria got into his head with her assumptions, indicating that the bushy haired Gryffindor likes him and truth be told he's pretty infatuated with her himself…

Merlin knows how long he's dreamt of holding her in his arms and kissing her decadent lips and doing much, much, more pleasurable things with her.

Fuck the brunette for making him finally admit that yeah, he's got a thing for Granger which he's been denying for a very long time. He has reason for it because it's pretty complicated to enter into a relationship with the barmy witch.

He sighs, running his hands through his hair while making himself some tea. He knows he wants to ask her to the ball, to which the theme is An Ombre Spring...

What the hell is that anyway? He shakes his head focusing rather on how he'll asking out the bushy head Gryffindor. Merlin knows it'll be harder than taming hippogriff, which he knows all about mind you…

It could always just be blunt and tell Granger but she'll probably laugh in his face. She'd never believe him, not after all the shit he's put her through.

The blonde sighs once more. Maybe he'll get the help of Victoria to aid him in figuring this one out. But as he looks across the Ravenclaw sitting at the kitchen table, sipping his tea while reading the newspaper he thinks that maybe it isn't Victoria hope can help him, but the man who's currently holding his witch's affections.


He cringes as he speaks the name to which the Greek looks up, shocked to say the least, that Draco is calling him.

"Yes, what do you need?"

The blonde runs a hand through his locks as he makes his way over to the table, sitting across from the Ravenclaw and looking at him with a curious look. Meanwhile, Adonis just stares at him peculiarly, wondering what he's up to.

"You know Granger."

Adonis raises an eyebrow. "As do you? What about her?"

"I mean, she…likes you…"

The Greek shakes his head in amusement. He can see Draco's lip snarling a bit and he lays the newspaper down, giving the Slytherin his full attention. This should be interesting…

"And what makes you better than the wizards and witches in the ministry? You may want to change things but from the looks of it you'll be just a controlling if not more than them."

Harry adjusts his glasses; the cleaning of the room long forgotten for Thompkins has captured his attention. The dim lighting in the room make her cerulean eyes glow, the faint moonlight drifting through the windows illuminating her pale skin with an ivory touch, and her hair being in a warmer shade of brown than the usual cold darkness it shows.

He shakes his head. There are far more important things to worry about…like how Thompkins is planning on essentially, taking over Britain. It's admirable the fact that she wants to change it, quite attractive actually, but the way she's going about it may not be the best. Though she does make sense as she explains it.

"You make it sound like I'm doing something evil."


"Evil is a point of view. Just because you're moral compass is so far up your ass doesn't mean mine is non-existent. I have one, I just choose to ignore it when it suits me best."

"Such a Slytherin."

She snorts. "Hardly. Slytherin's are ambitious cunning and resourceful, and I am all three and that's what makes me a snake. Just because my moral compass lacks a sturdy foundation is not what makes me Slytherin."

"I guess you're right."

"I'm always right Potter. What time is it by the way?"

He looks at his watch.

"Around 8."

"Merlin! I've got to get going! My previous engagement is going to be here soon."

"What's got you in such a rush? It's not like you've got anyone important to meet. "

"Shockingly Potter I do have people who like me for me."

"As if you know what actually feelings are. You're always pissed off or something similar."

Her blue eyes harden and he takes a step back, overcome by the emotions flickering through them.

"I have love in me which you can scarcely imagine and a rage the likes of which you would not believe. If I cannot satisfy the one, I will indulge in the other."

"So you choose rage over love? That's pitiful. I feel sorry for you."

Thompkins then shoves Harry towards the wall, pinning him against her. He feels alive and full of heat, her body being far too pleasant against him.

"Watch your tone." she hisses. They're so close though, so close that their noses are touching and his eyes glance down to her lips, looking tantalizing and tempting him.

And he dives in.

"So you want to take Hermione to the ball?"


"Then just ask her."

"hell no! You do realize she'll bite my balls off for that."

"Don't you want that?"

"Later. Right now I want to woo her."

"You've never had trouble before? What gives?"

"Because this is Granger, the girl who doesn't do anything like any normal girl because she's anything but normal. She's fucking exquisite. You'd have to be a blind fool not to notice that she deserves more than just a simple question."

"She deserves a parade?"

"A whole fucking parade."

"Then give her a parade."

"She still wouldn't believe me."

"Then ask."

"Other girls want flowers…"

"Hermione hates flowers."

"Other girls want chocolates."

"They give her pimples."

"Is it honestly that easy?"

"To be blunt is the best suave move for her."

"Okay then…be blunt…got it."

His lips taste like a good firewhisky mixed with the recent sweat of Quidditch. His muscles rippled underneath her touch as her fingers trailed down his chest lightly, fingernails digging in a bit.

She honestly can say that she did not expect to be kissing Harry Potter out of all people, in a dingy classroom against a wall of all places. She's never liked the kid from his over glorified star status in which the papers paint him as a hero worthy of being titled a god.

With that thought her nails dig a little deeper and she bites his lip. She should pull away, really should…

But then he flips them so now she's against the wall and he's devouring her mouth like a pirate and it's downright sinful and fuck it if it just can't get more right than this.

And all it is…is a kiss.

She wonders what else he'll be good at. From the feel of it…he'll be quite good.

A knock the erupts on the door and he pulls back, both of their eyes wide as she realizes it's her previous engagement as does he and there both panting heavily, her legs wrapped around his waist, her hand on his cheek still and his glasses are long gone. Blue clashes onto green like water onto the earth and time stands still as the pair take each other in. The knock is forgotten until it erupts once more, chattering the tense atmosphere the pair has established.

Potter lowers her to the ground where she fixes her hair and skirt, brushing past him towards the door. Their decorating time is long over, surprisingly McGonagall never showed up to check on their progress but that's the last thing from Victoria's mind right now.

She looks back at the Golden Boy, whose lips are swollen from the intense kisses she laid on him, his collar askew, raised up from her hands clenching it. Brown stains his mouth faintly form her lipstick and her eyes flick to his to see his reaction.

He's taking her in, from head to toe and she knows she's pretty unkempt herself at the moment. He reaches for her, mouth open like he's about to say something and her heart beats a little bit faster but then his mouth shuts as does the beat of her heart.

She opens the door then, squashing the feeling of disappoint clawing its way up her soul, to reveal a smart looking Italian grinning at her.

"Mia viper…" is what Blaise whispers as he looks her up and down just like Potter did. "You've look a little out of it. Is something wrong Victoria?"

She shakes her head smiling a sensual smile towards him. Her enclose with his and her pearly whites sparkle in the torchlight.

"Nothing Blaise. Shall we get going?"

Blaise…Blaise is the one she's smitten with because she know he'll treat her like a queen/ He's infatuated with her flaws and all, though to him her faults are nothing but her strengths. He could give her the world and she wants the world.

Blaise is good and Potter is…well…

Draco runs through the halls after his little chat with Adonis towards the library where he knows Granger will be. She's reliable that way and it makes him smile a little.

Soon though he skids around the corner and sees her walking towards her. Her eyes are focused on the books in front of her to which hse's checking to make usre she has everything. Her right hand grasps the bottom of the books offering support while her left finger dance over the top.


Her head perks up as her eyes go wide.

"Malfoy. What do you need?"

"Go to the ball with me."

She sputters like a fish. "What?"

"You and me. The Spring ball. Together. What do you say?"

"Um well…I'm flattered and all…but I…well I…already have a date."

Well shit.

A/N: And that's part 2! This will be a four part series not three like I originally planned! Let's just say Cupid needs two parts not one! Anyway! There's a poll going on at my profile page on who Victoria should be with! ( only) For AO3 please comment on who you'd like Victoria to be with! The choices are either Blaise or Harry. Please vote!

In the meantime I hope you enjoy Part 2 and don't worry, Hermione and Draco are going to get their own steamy moment in Part 3 ;)

Much love!

~ Ember G.

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