The Paraninfos

By Chelsea Janel

Romance / Humor

Queen of Hearts

The Paraninfos

Queen of Hearts

“Love is the answer, but while you’re waiting for the answer, sex raises some pretty interesting questions.”

~ Woody Allen


It’s not a simple thing like most people make it out to be. In fact, in almost everything it ends up being significantly more complicated unless you’re an absolute stranger and even then half of the time it turns out disastrous or the consequences are pointedly worse than one could have ever imagined.

And this is exactly what’s going through a certain brunette and blond’s head as they lie beside one another…together.



Hermione lies beside her sworn enemy, who’s appeared far more human to her in the past months, completely naked underneath silken sheets and feeling his heat radiate onto her skin. The bed has cooled from their drunken night, which is quite hazy to the brunette though she still has moments of clarity.

Like for instance, the way he made her scream in absolute bliss, or where his lips touched her skin sending it on fire.

That certainly won’t be disappearing any time soon from her mind.

“This was…”


The pair turn away from each other, neither really knowing what to say other than that they obviously crossed the unspeakable boundary and who knows what the consequences are going to be.

“I’ll uh…just be going then…”

Hermione feels him get up and leave the bed, grab his clothes and leave her room all too quickly. She sits up then, sparing a glance at the now empty spot before moving herself to get ready for the day.

She doesn’t know what to make of what just happened so she dives into her homework, letting the words take her away, body and mind.

As Draco gently shuts his bedroom door behind him he runs a hand through his hair while putting on his boxers.

He just had sex with Hermione Granger, sworn enemy and ridiculously complicated enigma. Not just sex though…they made love. The blond scrunches his face at the thought. Malfoy’s don’t make love…they fuck the woman beyond all comprehension till they can’t walk straight and then they walk around with a proud smirk on their face.

Then again, when has anything concerning Granger possibly gone normal?

Rarely ever, that’s for sure.

It’s then that he hears a door shut, rather loudly, so he peeks briefly out his to see the devil of his thoughts dressed and walking out of the dorm like nothing just happened.

So she wants to ignore it.

Fine by him. He certainly doesn’t need the weight of their actions ruining his day. He’s got more important things to do than think and reminisce about the ecstasy they both experienced and they both did though she might think otherwise.

So he casts a sobriety spell on himself so he can function, finishes getting dressed and heads out of the common room to the dining hall to get some wonderful hangover food.

He sees Victoria as soon as he walks in and grins, sliding into the seat beside her. Her hair’s a little dishevelled and she’s stabbing her food rather violently.

“Fun night?”

She shoots him an unamused look, clearly not interested in speaking to him. He shrugs. Her problems aren’t his concern but he can tell she feels the pain of the punch just as much has he had been.

He casts a sobriety spell over her to waken her up a bit.


“No problem. What’s got your knickers in a twist? Other than the obvious after partying hangover.”

“I fucking hate alcohol. I’m never going to drink. Ever again. Never.”

“That bad?” speaks the blond, chuckling as he butters his toast.

“I did something stupid.”

“And what would that be?”

“Let’s just say…no. Not even going to say it. If I don’t speak it, it didn’t happen. Pass the juice please.”

Draco does as she asks while sending her an inquisitive look. He’s curious now, and wonders just what Victoria got up to last night.

However as any true Slytherin she’s tight lipped about the whole thing which means he’ll have to do a bit of digging to figure out what she did.

And hopefully distract himself from the brunette witch who just enters the Dining Hall, laughing with Potter about something, acting all nonchalant.

He’ll show her.

Ginny moans as she feels something all too pleasant making its way down her body, light finger tips stroking her inner thigh, nails digging into her hip as lips lightly go over her abdomen. She opens her eyes only to find Yukino looking up at her, a mischievous look in her eye and a seductive grin. She kisses the redhead’s stomach once more before moving herself to lying down beside Ginny, fingers still stroking her inner thigh.

“Well? How’d you find it?”

Ginny let’s out a breathy sigh, her mouth forming an ‘O’ as Yukino continues her ministrations.

“I think I might be convinced.”


Yukino stops and looks to Ginny who has a twinkle in her eye.

“Yeah. Might.”

“Well that just won’t do.”

The Asian then dips lower and lower until the Gryffindor can’t speak any more proper words and can only scream in absolute bliss.

Adonis looks over to the blonde who swings their hands together and walks the hall with him, her attention somewhere else.

He’s hopelessly in love with her and its wonderful. Yukino would congratulate him while Victoria would roll her eyes and tell him it won’t work because he does this with all his girlfriends but he can’t help it.

He just likes being in love.

No. He loves being in love.

But this…she is different.

Luna isn’t like the other girl’s he’s loved. She’s observant, quirky, and just all around wonderful. She’s not innocent but rather an old soul and Adonis knows she’s the kind of woman you want to grow old with. She’s not young like the others, not popular, not a star but rather she’s her own galaxy, completely separate from everyone else.

And he just happens to be one of the planets in her solar system. She looks to him then, noticing that he’s staring at her, a serene smile on his face.


He raises her hand and kisses her knuckles, stroking them after and looking so in love it sickens the rest of the people around them. But Luna simply gives him her sweet smile and a soft blush rises into her cheeks. She leans up, pecking him on his own cheek and the pair continues to walk down the hall to class.

Victoria sits in the library, flipping through her textbook about potions. She’s so busy writing notes that she doesn’t sense a certain Gryffindor approaching her.


Glacial eyes turn to face forest ones and all of the sudden it’s an ocean crashing onto land, the glare sending to Potter exactly how she feels.


“We need to talk.”

“No we don’t.”


“Nothing happened. I very well don’t recall anything.


The pair freezes because it’s the first time he’s said her name (excluding the previous night for obvious reasons) and it sends a shock into their cores. She sits there dumbfounded as he stands, neither one knowing what to say.

He runs then as she doesn’t move from her spot. She doesn’t go after him, there’s no point. She hates him; he certainly doesn’t like her so it only makes sense not to run after him, to pursue him.

But for some reason she really wants to.

Hermione sits in her lecture but her mind is elsewhere. In fact, she’s staring out the window, day-dreaming about deep kisses and burning sensations. She feels a nudge then and looks to her left where Yukino is staring at her wide eyed.

“Miss Granger.”

Hermione drops the hair she was twirling and shoots her eyes to Professor McGonagall in the front, who’s sending a displeasing look towards her.

“Uh…yes Professor?”

“I asked you a question.”

“Um. Can you please repeat it?”

McGonagall purses her lips and shoots the golden girl a stern look. “You do best to pay attention Miss Granger. Fantasies will not help you learn about animanguses. Ah yes. Mr. Zabini, the answer?”

Hermione bites her lip and ignores the Slytherin as Yukino gives her a concerned look.

“You okay? You totally zoned out there.”

“Yeah I just…got carried away.”

“With what?”

Hermione sighs shaking her head. “Nothing. I guess I’m just bored.”

“Hermione Granger bored? Will wonders never cease.”

The brunette merely gives a fake smile and chuckle before bringing her attention back to the front of the classroom. Maybe she isn’t as over the escapade as she thought.

Draco peers around the corner of the shelf in the library and watches Potter walk away and Victoria sit there in shock. So that’s why the witch was in such a foul mood this morning. She shagged Potter!

The blond smirks at this as he makes his way over to Victoria, sliding into the seat across from her.

“Potter huh?”

Her eyes shoot to his and she leans back in her chair with a smirk to rival his own.

“Hermione huh?” she mocks back to him.

Well shit.

Harry moves as quickly as he can out of the library. He has no idea why he called Thompkins by her birth name; they certainly haven’t ever reached that stage of their…companionship. But the fact that she hadn’t wanted to talk…that it meant nothing…

It bothered him. Quite a bit in fact. The chosen one didn’t know why since the two of them only ever seemed to butt heads and…well…snog apparently. Why was he even obsessing over this? It wasn’t like they made love like he had in his previous relationships, or whispered sweet nothings to one another. It was simply sex.

And sex isn’t complicated.

Or at least shouldn’t be. So why is he getting the feeling that maybe it really wasn’t just sex? Could it be that he?... No. Ridiculous.

It’s then that Harry runs into Adonis and Luna, the pair looking more in love than ever. He sighs wishing that maybe he could find someone who would look at him the way Luna looks at Adonis and vice versa. The chosen one frowns then, thinking about how mushy he’s becoming and he’s a Gryffindor. They don’t get mushy.

That’s for Hufflepuffs.

“Harry. It’s so nice to see you. Though I do wonder why there are so many amoretti around your head.”


“Oh yes. They’re like cherubs but much smaller and they only appear when someone has conflicted feelings about love.”

Adonis looks at Harry then, an arm wrapped tightly around his love’s waist.

“Well? Who is the woman who has sent your heart afire? Who has made it stop and start and flutter?”


“There is no one better to talk to than cupid Harry. I know love when I see it and I agree with Luna. You are a tad bit conflicted about someone. You do not need to tell me who but I can offer advice if you are willing to listen.”

“Yeah that’d be great Adonis. Thanks.”

“It is no problem. Luna, o ángelós mou, I am going to go and help Harry dissect his confusion and then I will come back and find you okay?”

“Okay Adonis.”

Luna kisses his cheek and then heads off, giving Harry a reassuring squeeze on his arm as she leaves the pair. The chosen one looks to the Ravenclaw then, who gestures towards an empty classroom where they can sit and talk.

“Shall we?”

Harry nods and the duo head off.

“I can’t believe you slept with Potter.”

“Shut it Draco. You slept with Hermione! And that’s more complicated than my situation because there are actual feelings involved.”

The blond sighs, running a hand through his hair. “She doesn’t see me that way.”

“Oh? And how do you know?”

“She got up and left. Didn’t stay to talk it over, just…left.”

Victoria leans back in her chair once more, arms crossed and looking at the boy before her. “And you didn’t like that.”

“It’s not that I didn’t like it…it’s just…”

“You’d like to know where the two of you stand because truth be told you like her, more than you probably should and ‘pulling her pigtails’ is your way of expressing your feelings for her but she doesn’t notice because you don’t treat her right, you’ve never shown her the depth of your affection and now you’ve done something that you can’t come back from and you have no idea where to go from here on out.”

“Yeah.” responds Draco, all too aware of the underlying message that the brunette is sending to herself as well as to him.

Victoria huffs and shakes her head, running her hand through her hair, echoing the blond’s earlier action.

“Yeah. Something like that.”

Hermione couldn’t understand the reason she felt the way she did, or, for that matter the reason she was obsessing over what had happened with a certain blond Slytherin. After all it wasn’t like she had feelings for him…did she?

She huffs then, making her way into the library only to see Victoria and Malfoy sitting at a table, having what seemed to be a deep conversation. This did not rest well inside the brunette’s heart, and she quickly dashes off into one of the aisles. Hermione pauses, trying to make sense of what she just saw, to rationalize it because that’s what she does. She rationalizes things so they make sense.

Victoria and Malfoy are good friends. Obviously, they’re discussing something that applies to both of them therefore they could not possibly be talking about what happened with her and Malfoy…


She peeks around the corner to get a better glimpse of them. Silence has rung over their table, and Victoria’s leaning back in her chair while Malfoy’s looking at his hands. She’s about to move closer until she feels someone tap her shoulder. She whirls around and it’s Yukino who’s giving her a curious look.

“Hey Yukino…”

“Why are you creepily staring around a corner looking at a certain blond and brunette?”

“I was doing no such thing.”

“Right. Well, if that’s the case you won’t mind if I go over there and just casually mention you were watching them and listening in on their conversation…”

“STOP! Don’t do that.”

Yukino laughs as she stumbles back from Hermione grabbing her shirt and pulling her away from the open space of the library.

“So you’re jealous. I’m sure Draco will love that.”

“I’m not jealous…I’m just…confused.”

The Asian tilts her head. “Confused? How so?”

“I…may or may not have…sleptwithmalfoy.”




“Shush! KEEP your voice down.”

“You slept with him? Like had sex?

“Yes we had intercourse of the sexual kind. And I’s not like it means anything. We were drunk evidently, so to conclude that means that neither one of us was in the right frame of mind and therefore it can’t possibly mean anything.”

“How long did it take for you to come up with that excuse?”

Hermione sputters. “It is NOT an excuse! It’s a valid point!”

“Hermione…c’mon. Let’s talk elsewhere.”

With that Yukino grasps the brunette’s arm and drags her out of the library stealthily to figure out what’s really going on in the Gryffindor’s heart.

“So, Harry. What happened?”

“I don’t remember much of the night, just moments really, defining ones apparently. The punch had been spiked and next thing you know I’m dancing with some girl, who turned out to be Victoria and then we’re running down the hall, making out here and there at certain points and it was…it was different. She wasn’t so stiff like usual. She was…free. I know it sounds crazy and it was probably just the alcohol in our systems but it felt…good…being with her…like that.”

Adonis merely sits by Harry in the common room of Ravenclaw tower, nodding his head as the Gryffindor speaks.

“Your heart is fond of her then.”

“I…no. I don’t think so. I mean…she hates me.”

“There is a thin line between hate and love. And I do not think she truly hates you. I do not think Victoria hates anyone or anything. I believe she mere dislikes you and what you represent. You were born with greatness while she had to earn hers.”

“So she’s jealous? That’s stupid.”

“Victoria has never been one to deal with emotions well. She can perceive others’ own feelings, she reads their hearts and auras, and it is her speciality but she has never been able to truly understand her own.”

“She’s frivolous with others feelings towards her. She has needed someone to challenge her, to push her limits and make her see from someone else’s perspective. She can capture and throw away hearts easily with no guilt and never have hers broken.”


“That’s why she is known as the Queen of Hearts in our trio.”

“The Queen of Hearts?”

“Yes. It was Yukino’s idea when the Paraninfos came to be. Victoria simply went along with it but we both knew deep down she loved the title. For who does not want to be a queen?”

Draco runs his hands through his hair as he leans forward on the table. Victoria looks to him, a gleam in her eye but he doesn’t notice for he’s too caught up in thoughts of Granger which swirl through his mind as a current does.

“You’re auras match you know.”

He looks up then, silver irsies directed on her glacial ones.


“I read auras. And yours and Hermione’s, they match.”


“Hers is yellow and yours is green. They mesh quite well together; in fact, I haven’t seen two auras combine so well in a long time.”

Draco looks around him, trying to see if he can spot his own aura but he fails. He then stares at Victoria to see if he can see hers.

“You won’t see mine because you haven’t spent your whole school career studying it. I have. No aura is the same, in fact most are made of several colours but yours and Hermione’s are strictly of one. It’s fascinating really.”

“What are you going on about Victoria?”

“You and Hermione are meant to be. Kind of poetic really, you’ve got a whole Romeo and Juliet vibe. Star crossed lovers, you know. That kind of thing.”


The brunette rolls her eyes and sighs. “Look, you and Hermione come from completely different worlds. For one you’re a pure blood and she’s not. Slytherin, Gryffindor. That whole thing. But despite the difference you two have still connected. Granted you did in a rather unfortunate situation, but nevertheless, have linked and as a result are experiencing a shift in here.”

Victoria reaches across the table and points at Draco’s chest, right where his heart beats.

“It beats to keep you living, but I’m bet it’s beating for her too.”

Hermione sits on a window seat looking out onto the lake below. Yukino sits across form her patiently, waiting for her to speak. The brunette isn’t sure what she wants to say. It’s easy to label it as a mistake but a part of her feels it to be wrong, and that maybe it simply wasn’t a one night stand. Maybe there’s more to it.

“We were drunk from the ball and one thing led to another…and well, you know.”

“You had sex.”

Hermione cringes at the word. “Yes. That.”

“So? What’s the big deal? It’s just sex.”

The brunette bites her lip. “If it’s just sex, shouldn’t I be able to rid it from my mind? Mark it off as nothing more than a one night stand?”

“You can’t forget it can you?”

“No. And I wish I knew why. It’s not to say I don’t have an idea…I’m just not sure I’m okay with that idea. We’re complete opposites Yukino. It would never work out.”

“I wouldn’t say you’re opposites. You’re history is colorful yah but I think you two have a shit ton more in common. Like, for instance, your need to know everything. You both strive for perfection and are wicked smart. I mean, Adonis had top grades at Acernis but you two put him to shame. He finds it super annoying FYI.”


“For your information.”

“Hm. Interesting.”

“Anyway, back to Draco and you. I think you should give him a chance.”

“What? Why?”

“Because you two are more similar than you realize. The war is over Hermione, and everyone deserves a second chance. You were picked to be heads for a reason, you fight for a reason. You push him to be better and he shows you how to have fun. Granted, neither one of you sees it that way, but if you analyze hard enough, you will.”


“Are you seriously going to deny the chance for something real over petty childhood feuds?”

“I don’t know Adonis. She’s with Blaise isn’t she?”

“She likes him because he treats her like the queen she desires to be. She likes the idea of love, and being adored. But she does not love him; she is merely fond of him I find. You however…You have seen her flaws, her rage and anger and yet have found a reason to draw near to her. Sex is hardly ever simply Harry. In fact, it often stirs emotions in us we did not realize we had. It brings questions to the surface and makes us question everything we know. I am cupid, I know true feelings when I see it, and I do believe that you have strong ones for her.”

“How could I possibly…?”

“She pushes you in a way you don’t like to be. Victoria forces you to realize that you are nothing more than just a boy. Even though you feel as though you are something greater since the end of the war and the titles established upon your birth, she chooses not to see that and insists you do too. Of course, her way of going about it is quite askew, but in the end, it’s her gravity that pulls you back down to earth and dims the golden glow around you making you less of a light for others to gaze upon.”

Draco simply looks down at where Victoria’s hand lays against his chest. His eyes stray to hers and he sees how earnest they are. She means what she says. The blond removes the hand from his chest and places it back to its original position.

“So what if it does? It’s not like the witch has any interest in me. Granger’s as barmy as they come.”

“And when have you ever let yourself have something that you wanted? It’s always been your father’s ideologies passing through your head into your soul. His dictations are what controlled you and now you’re finally off the leash and yet still won’t chase after the squirrel?”

Draco snorts. “Bad analogy.”

“You know what I mean. What’s the worst that can happen Draco?”

“Rejection. Utter humiliation. That’s just to name a few mind you. And Granger’s a bitch with her words.”

The brunette sighs. “It’s terrifying but you need to take the risk. Or Nott’s going to beat you to the punch, just like he did last time.”

One of Draco’s eyes open, then the other, shooting a look of utter anger to the witch. “Over my dead body. Besides I got her in the end.”

“You know Slytherins don’t give up easily. You really think Nott’s going to let this be his only shot? He’ll come back you can be assured.”

Draco growls then, arms crossed and he leans across the table reaching its halfway point. “I won’t let that happen.”

Victoria leans across then, till their face to face. “Well then you better get to it. Girls like Hermione don’t wait for a prince charming. She looks for a knight in shining armour.”



“I don’t know! You don’t know what it was like growing up with him bulling me and cracking jokes about my blood. Tormenting me and my friends, choosing the wrong side…”

“The wrong side? Who said he had a choice? Have you asked him if he chose to be on that side?”


“Then how can you judge him for something that he may have no say in? Draco comes from a high line of purebloods that, if my history is right, passed down their beliefs. That already tells me that he grew up in a home with certain principles and goals. Cognition of one’s surroundings begins in a young age and most likely, for him, got fucked up from the start. But you know this. I heard you talking with Harry about it.”

Hermione sighs. “I know.”

“You’re not against the idea of you two together…are you?”

The Gryffindor shakes her head.

“You’re just afraid that he’ll hurt you like he did in the past.”

Tears begin to appear at the brim of Hermione’s eyes and she wipes them away furiously. “Yeah. He can rip me apart Yukino. I’m not sure I can go through that again. Especially in a romantic sense.”

After meeting with the individuals, the Paraninfos met up near the lake wearing their cloaks due to the bitter wind.

“Okay. Reports on Potter. Adonis?”

“He’s definitely distracted by his personal problems than to even consider Hermione’s.”

The Greek gives the Slytherin a pointed look, indicating that she is the reason for his emotional distress. She refuses to rise to the bait though, keeping her face neutral as she turns her gaze the Gryffindor.


“Hermione’s afraid of what he could do. She likes him, of that I’m certain, but she’s confident that he’ll hurt her.”

The trio exchanges a worried glance.

“And what of Draco Victoria? How is he fairing?”

“He got jealous when I mentioned that Nott was still pining for Hermione. Granted, he just wants her for sex, but it’s enough to get the blond riled up. But what I find interesting is their auras. We don’t have to do much to change who they are. They auras already combine beautifully.”

“That’s never happened before.” gasps Yukino.

“No. It hasn’t. They just need one final push. Adonis? Any ideas?”

“Draco needs to prove to Hermione that he is indeed worth the risk. Our dear friend does not like to jump into the unknown. She needs proof of his affections.”

“You know…I did mention to Draco that Hermione isn’t looking for a Prince Charming. She wants a knight in shining armour.”

Adonis’s go wide then. “That is it!”

“What?” asks the girls.

“Theodore is a rat. We all know it. He will try to win Hermione’s affections with words and gifts. He will try to charm her. However, if we can get Draco to intervene, and protect Hermione’s honour…”

“Then she’ll see him as a knight in shining armour.” whispers out Victoria, her eyes going wide at the possible outcome.

“Adonis! You’re a genius! Isn’t he Vic? All we need to do is find the right time and the right place.”

“We will need a crowd as well. Draco must not be afraid of showing his true feelings in front of people.”

“Hm. A public display of affection. Perhaps you haven’t lost your touch Adonis.”

“They do call me cupid for a reason Victoria.”

The trio exchanges a grin and then goes into planning mode.

They have a show to pull off.

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