Merry Christmas, Finn

Sam's QB 1 Plaque

Sam Evans was busted up. He laid in his bedroom with his body bandaged up because apparently he almost got killed by a 23 year old middle linebacker who was on steroids.

He knew that he had lost his spot as QB #1 and to be honest he was kinda bummed about it.

"Sammy?" Sam's little sister Stacy said as she pushed his door open.

"Yeah Stace?" he answered as he laid his Captain America comic on his lap.

"A really tall guy is here to see you," she said as she pulled Finn Hudson in by the hand.

"Hey," Finn said still holding the little girl's hand.

"Thanks Stacy," Sam said with a gentle smile to her.

"You're welcome. Bye Finn," she said with a squeeze to his large hand before leaving the room.

"What do you want?" Sam asked coldly.

"I just wanted to see how you were," Finn said.

"Why? We're not friends."

"So? We're in glee club together."

"You can go."

"Dude, just...calm down alright," Finn said. "I didn't come over here to harass you or rub it in your face that I'm QB #1 again..."

"Really dude?" Sam interrupted.

"Sorry. I just want to give you something," Finn said reaching into his jacket pocket.

"What's this?" Sam said taking the shiny red plaque from him. He turned it over in his hand and scrolled across it was QB #1. Sam looked at him, confusion on his face.

"It's an ornament but I wanted you to have it," Finn said with a smile. "I know that being QB #1 meant a lot to you and I think it sucks that you can't be that anymore."

"No, you don't," Sam said. "You love being #1."

"Of course I do but that doesn't mean that I don't think it sucks that you're not #1 because you got hurt," Finn said.


"I just wanted you to know that I'm glad you moved here."


"Because you're a good quarterback and I haven't had any competition. It's nice to be pushed, you know?"

"Yeah. It's nice to be pushed to be better," Sam said with am easy smile.

"Exactly. So every time you look at that, even if I'm not around, remember that I'm pushing you to be the best you can be, alright?" Finn said with a boyish smile.

"Yeah. Thanks," Sam said with a smile. He and Finn shook hands. They still weren't friends but they both realized that having someone to push you to be your best was just as important as any friendship.

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