Merry Christmas, Finn

Mercedes' Microphone

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Mercedes Jones was fed up. She had devoted herself to the New Directions and they had all just simply pushed her out. Ok, so maybe that wasn't a fair assessment but the person who first realized her potential pushed her out.

She stormed out of the auditorium that day and decided to never look back. Why should she? None of her efforts for that club ever bore fruit and she knew she was better than Rachel Berry. But that fact only seemed to matter to her.

Booty Camp was supposed to be for people who needed to work on their dance skills; but everyone else showed up for support; well everyone except Rachel. Apparently that throne Will Schuester had been polishing, she was finally sitting in with her KidsRUs outfit.

Mercedes marched to her locker and grabbed her backpack and keys. She was going home and she was going to devise a plan. Without the New Directions she needed someone to showcase her talent. On her way toward the exit it hit her. She'd join Ms. Corcoran's glee club.

The next day, after Mercedes had joined the other club and recruited Santana and Brittany. She was walking down the hall and was blocked my Finn Hudson.

"Hi," he said shyly.

"What do you want, Finn?" she asked rolling her eyes.

"Ok, let me ask a question first." she nodded at him. "Will you guys come back to the New Directions?"

"No," she answers simply.

"Oh. Ok," Finn said sadly.

"Bye," Mercedes said as she tried to push past him.

"Wait," he said grabbing her arm. "Can I talk to you?"

"What about?" she asked.

"Follow me," he said as he led her to a nearby classroom. Once they were both inside he shut the door. "I'm sorry."

"For what?"

"For trying to defend Rachel or Mr. Schue or whoever."

"I get why you did."

"Well, I still want to tell you something," Finn said hopping up on a table.

"Ok. I'm listening," Mercedes said.

"From the very first time I heard you sing, I thought you had one of the best voices I'd ever heard," he said truthfully.

"Thank you," she said with a soft smile.

"You're welcome. But because of that I didn't realize that you were unhappy."


"Rachel is so talented and she's never unhappy so I just figured it was the same for you," he explained.

"Oh. Well the thing is that Rachel gets to showcase her talent. I don't," she said. "I had to get out of there. No one likes to be constantly shoved into the background and unappreciated by everyone."

"I don't under-appreciate you," Finn said shaking his head. "I really appreciate you."

"You do?" Mercedes asked skeptical.

"Yeah. I appreciate everything about you," he said with a boyish smile. "You're such an amazing person and friend. Not to mention all those kick ass vocals you bring to glee club."


"Yeah. Mercedes, I don't think it's fair that Rachel gets everything. I know it doesn't seem that way but I promise it's true. She just doesn't like competition. She wants to be the star."

"Maybe so Finn, but she's not the only one," she said. "We're all in glee club because we want to be the star but instead we just ending up being background vocals on whatever solo or duet she happens to be screeching out at the time."

"I get that."

"It just irritates me that she and Mr. Schue forgot what glee club is about," Mercedes said sadly.

"I never have. I think of you, me, Kurt, Tina, Artie and Rachel as the New Directions," Finn said shyly. "We started this group and as far as I'm concerned we should all get a chance to shine."

"While I agree, I don't think that Rachel sees it that way."

"I'm sorry that you feel like no one appreciates you. I want you to know that I do and that this is for you," he said as he reached into the pocket of his lettermen's jacket and pulled out tiny microphone that was hanging from a thing silver string.

"What's that?" she said taking it her hand.

"It's the thing that represents you. At least to me," he said smiling. "You have such an amazing voice and you should be featured."

"Thank you, Finn," she said with tears in her eyes.

"You don't have to thank me. Just know that no matter where I am, I appreciate you," he said getting off the table and hugging her. "So if being in Rachel's mom's glee club is the thing that's going to make you happy and make you feel appreciated, I say go for it."

"Yeah?" she asked wiping the tears that were running down her face.

"Yeah. Come on. I'll walk you down there," he said grabbing her hand as he opened the door and led her toward her shining moment.

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