Do I love you? (A Naruto ff)


Hanako Tamura hates Sai. He's such an jerk! He can't even talk to a girl without insulting her. So why? Why does her heart beat faster when he's near? JERK JERK JERK. He's such a jerk! So why do I find myself drawn to him?

Romance / Action
Roxine Sound
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“What the hell did you just call me?! You ignorant jerk!”

I pulled my arm back and delivered a hard punch to his face. He traveled a good 20 feet before hitting a building. “U-uh, s-sorry about that.” Sai wiped the blood from his mouth, dusted off his pants, and stood up. “Note to self-” He whipped out a notebook and pen and continued to mutter to himself, deep in thought, “,-Women can’t handle the truth. Say the opposite of what you are thinking.” He put his notebook away and smiled at me. “Hello there, u-uh um, beautiful...” I was livid. So livid I kicked him in between the legs and sauntered off. “Next time you call me that-” I turned my head to look at him kneeling. “-you’ll get more where that came from.” When I rounded a corner I leaned against the wall. Why did my heart race when he called me beautiful. Urgh, I can’t fall for such an ignoramus. I walked away, my hand running through my hair, a weight pushing down on me. A jerk, that’s what he is.

“Hanako-unnie!” I turned towards the familiar voice and was face to face with Hinata Hyuga, a friend of mine. “Hina-chan! Hey, how are you?” She beamed. “I’m wonderful! You?” I laughed at her enthusiasm and teased, “I’m doin’ fine. So what now? Did Naruto ask you out?” Her face reddened at the mention of him. “N-no, it’s not that! It’s just, well, Naruto is going to train with me today.” She lowered her head, embarrassed. I grinned and wrapped my arm around her shoulder. “Really? Maybe I should come to make sure you guys aren’t up to something.” I threw a wink in her direction and she blushed profusely. “Ah, actually maybe you could come?I don’t know if I can handle being alone with...Naruto, by myself.” She said his name so dreamily. She deserves someone who sees that she likes them, and someone who likes her back. “Okay, I’ll be there. But just to supervise!” I smirked roguishly and Hinata covered her face with her hands. “Thanks, unnie!” I picked her up and twirled her with ease. “No problem, Hina!” She was like the little sister I never had. “Eek! Unnie, you’re so strong.” She looked down. “Stronger than me.” I smiled sympathetically as I put her down. “Hey, you’re strong in your own way. Just love yourself.” I playfully punched her shoulder. She smiled up at me and I felt pride swell in me. She’s so beautiful and kind. What doesn’t Naruto see in her? “Hey, I have to go on a short mission. When’s your little date with Naruto?” She blushed and shook her head frantically. “I-it’s not a date! B-but it’ll be later, after dinner.” I grinned. “Good, I should be back by then.”

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