Not Your Typical Home

Chapter 2

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The look on the man's face was priceless; gaping like a fish, how original. "Who are you and what are you doing in my house?" He thundered and his mustache bristled. "Petunia, call the police!"

Petunia, who had appeared from the living room with a large child trying to hide behind her, made a lunge for the phone. "Oh, I don't think so." Gabriel waved his hand in their direction and the two fell to the ground, unconscious. Crowley glanced at them then smirked at the obese man trying to back away from them.

"And just where do you think you're going?" Vernon found himself pinned to the wall by an invisible force.

"Now listen here! I don't know what that boy told you, but he lies! He—" Crowley calmly flicked his finger and the man could no longer speak.

"This child has never even met me nor I him. I have watched you this past week and have seen you beat him with no provocation. However, I have things to do. I will deal with you later." Crowley knocked the man out and turned to the child in the doorway to the kitchen.

The boy looked like he was barely conscious. That observation was then proved correct when the boy's knees buckled and Crowley barely caught him before he hit the ground. The angel and demon looked at each other and shrugged. Crowley stood with the boy in his arms and gasped when he realized that the boy weighed nearly nothing.

The child let out a pained groan and the King of the Crossroads could have kicked himself. He had spent too much time toying with the boy's uncle instead of getting the boy out. He needed help fast. After watching him be abused for the last week he knew the child probably had broken bones and internal bruising, if not bleeding.

"Damn! Gabriel, follow me!" Then the demon disappeared, boy in tow. They reappeared not even a second later in a large house somewhere in Europe, with Gabriel appearing a second later. Once he saw the angel, Crowley quickly made his way to a spare bedroom and gently laid the child on the bed.

"Can you heal him? My powers at healing don't extend this far."

Gabriel simply nodded and the usually irritating angel was somber as he laid one hand on the boy's forehead and the other over the child's heart. A golden light surrounded Gabriel's hands, before spreading out over the unresponsive child and pooling over the injuries, both old and new. There was hardly a spot on the boy that wasn't covered in the light. 'Oh how those people were going to pay for doing this to a child.'

After ten minutes the glow began to seep into the child's skin and he started to stir. His eyes fluttered open to reveal vibrant green eyes, which looked panicked for a moment but quickly calmed. He sat up gingerly, amazed when he found he was in no pain. He looked between Crowley and Gabriel multiple times and shocked both when he smiled at them.

"Hello, I'm Harry." The boy, Harry, said, almost as though he was afraid to speak.

Crowley smiled back at Harry and replied. "Hello Harry, my name is Crowley and this is Gabriel. It's nice to meet you." Harry nodded. "Harry, how old are you?"

"I'm six." Harry said and bit his lip. Both angel and demon had to take a moment to stop themselves from going after the boy's uncle right that second. The boy was far too small for a six year old. There was a pause that left Harry looking uncertain. It was Gabriel who guessed the problem.

"You can talk Harry, and ask questions. We don't mind." Harry nodded and let out a long breath as he relaxed into his pillows.

"Well… um… what— what are you guys?" he asked then quickly ducked his head.

The two beings exchanged looks before Gabriel turned back to Harry. "What do you mean, Harry."

"Well… I saw what you did to Dudley and Aunt Petunia. You never even touched them and they were knocked out, and you slammed Uncle Vernon into the wall and made him stop yelling. You also fixed my broken bones and bruises. Humans cant do stuff like that. So what are you?"

Well it had to come up sooner or later; they just didn't expect the child to be so perceptive. "Well I am a demon and Gabriel is an angel." They waited for his reaction; it could go over one of two ways, one was that Harry would deny it and laugh at them saying there was no such thing, or two, Harry accepts it and thinks it was really cool.

Luckily Harry fell into the latter. Harry was in awe of the two being in front of him. "Whoa. This is soooo cool! But aren't you two supposed to be mortal enemies?"

Crowley chuckled. "If it was any other angel, yes that would be the case. Gabe here is a bit of a misfit amongst his kind."

"Hey!" Gabriel tried to defend himself, all in good humor. "I am one of the last archangels and it is not my fault that my brothers can't take a joke! Not all of us can be King of the Crossroad demons!" There was a bit more banter between the two and harry was giggling madly. Out of the corner of his eye Crowley saw Harry trying to stifle a yawn.

"I think that is enough excitement for today. Time for bed Harry." Harry nodded and snuggled down into the warm blankets. As Harry drifted to sleep all he could think was 'I hope they let me stay here.'

Gabriel and Crowley exited the room, turning of the light in the process, but leaving the door open and the hall light on just in case Harry was afraid of the dark. Once they were in Crowley's study, Gabriel caught the demon's eye and they stared at each other for a moment before Gabriel blinked.

"I think it's time we talk, Crowley."

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