Not Your Typical Home

Chapter 4

Chapter 4

A/N: Sorry this chapter took so long, guys. Sadly though, the updates will all be this far apart if not more. The only reason this chapter got done is because I am currently sitting in a three hour detention and had time and motivation to write. It took forever because I am trying so hard to figure out a (sort of) plot line and I hope you like this chapter because I am not changing it! P.S. I don't own any of the characters.

The two beings peeked into the room only to find that Harry wasn't in his bed. The nightstand had toppled over, causing the bedside lamp to shatter when it hit the ground. There was not enough room under the bed for the child to hide there so that only left the wardrobe.

They approached it cautiously and opened the doors slowly. There was a scrambling sound and when they looked in the wardrobe they saw Harry, trying to push himself even further into the corner. Gabriel stepped back, wanting to see how Crowley would deal with this situation. The demon crouched down in front of the petrified child and began speaking softly.

"Shh, Harry, it's okay. It's Crowley. Do you remember me?" The child stopped scrambling. "Me and Gabriel went and took you from your uncle yesterday. We are not going to send you back." Harry finally looked up and wide, fearful green eyes met the demon's, trying to gage the truth of his words. It was then Crowley had a thought. "Why would I go through all the trouble to get through powerful blood wards to get to you if I was only going to send you back?" That finally got through the wave of fear that clouded the child's mind and Harry uncurled from his defensive position.

Crowley carefully reached forward and Harry watched him warily. When the demon lifted him, the child tensed up again. "I am not going to hurt you, you silly child." Crowley said calmly. "It's a little early but how about some breakfast?" Crowley noticed that Gabriel had left the room at some point, but he doubted the angel had gone far.

Sure enough Gabriel was in the kitchen when they entered. The angel already had a stack of blueberry pancakes and was working on some chocolate-chip ones for himself.

As soon as Harry saw Gabriel working on breakfast, he started to wiggle and squirm until Crowley had to put him down or risk dropping him. Harry rushed over to the stove and tried to take over the cooking but the angel was having none of that. Crowley came over and nudged Harry over to the table. When the child had, reluctantly, sat down a plate of pancakes was placed in front of him. Instead of digging in, as any other child would have, he stared at it with wide eyes not believing that these were actually for him. After a thirty second staring match with his breakfast, a fork was placed in his limp hand.

"Eat, Harry. You are far too thin." So it was with extreme trepidation that Harry started to eat. He only managed to finish about half of a pancake before he had to stop. He looked up worriedly at Crowley and Gabriel, who had just sat down with their own breakfast. Crowley met his eyes and sighed. "We know you won't be able to eat much right now, Harry. We won't be mad if you can't finish what is on your plate." The demon smiled at the child. "We will just have to build up your appetite now, wont we?"

Harry looked startled for a moment before he too broke into a grin. Gabriel leaned back in his chair, eyes filled with glee.'If Harry is already opening up to us, the transition into our care should go smoothly.' The angel thought. 'Now we just have to find the opportune time to ask about the adoption, though I doubt he will say no.'

The next few weeks were spent breaking the habits Harry had acquired at the hands of his aunt and uncle. It was a tedious task, but never a boring one. After two weeks they had managed to teach to Harry that he would not be cooking, that he would have a very limited chores list (Cleaning his room, and occasionally helping with dinner), and that no, he was not a freak in any way, shape, or form. The only real obstacle was bath time.

That was when they found out Harry was a wizard.

It had been a few weeks and Harry desperately needed a bath. However, when Crowley mentioned this to Harry, the child started to panic. His mind was filled with memories of his aunt's scowling face, of nearly being drown in either ice cold or boiling hot water, of his hair being scrubbed with a wire brush. Objects in the room had started to either shake or float, but Crowley being who he was, barely even glanced at them. The demon simply pulled the distraught child into his lap and rocked him as he and Gabriel had done many times in the last few weeks. Slowly the items in the air lowered themselves, and the others stopped shaking. Crowley let out a relieved breath when nothing shattered, not wanting Harry to get hurt.

After a while Harry looked up and gave the demon a sheepish smile. Crowley smiled reassuringly back before breeching the subject again. Gabriel had come back at some point and listened to Harry's explanation as to why he is afraid of baths. The two beings managed to calmly tell Harry that that wasn't how baths were supposed to feel and they got Harry bathed with only a slight hitch with the hair washing which was quickly resolved.

As Harry was getting dressed, Gabriel was filled in about the magical outburst in the bathroom and the two decided it was better to tell Harry straight away, because they both knew it would not go well. Harry still had trouble accepting that he was not a freak and telling him he was a wizard would terrify him. But hey the kid was living with a demon and an angel so having magic doesn't mean anything. Besides after the adoption ritual he would have had magic, regardless. So this was probably a good thing. They had just agreed on their course of action when Harry entered the room.

"Ah, Harry, just the boy we wanted to see."

A/N: Should Harry be in Gryffindor or Slytherin?

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