Not Your Typical Home

Chapter 5

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Harry looked at Crowley and Gabriel worriedly. He had a brief moment of panic thinking that they were giving up and getting rid of him. But he quickly shook his head to dispel the thought before it could fully form. The child approached the two and Gabriel held out his arms, inviting Harry to sit on his lap. Harry did and thus began the difficult conversation.

"Harry, you know that Crowley and I aren't human, yes?" Gabriel began. Harry, confused as to why he was asking, merely nodded and Gabriel continued. "You also know that we have special abilities?" Again Harry nodded, only getting more confused. "Well what we can do is called magic and you can do it too, Harry."

Harry started to shake. "No, no, no magic is bad. Uncle says that only evil freaks can do magic and that they should be hunted and killed. I'm not evil! I can't do magic!"

Crowley moved closer to Harry and Gabriel and started to rub comforting circles on Harry's back, before taking over the conversation. "Harry, having magic doesn't make you evil. Gabriel and I have magic. Do you think we are evil?" Harry shook his head vehemently.

"No! You guys are so nice! There is no way you could be evil!" Harry said with wide eyes.

"You are nice too Harry. You were born with magic and, with how strong your magic is, I suspect at least one of your parents was as well. It just means you're special."

It hadn't taken quite as long for Harry to adjust to magic as they had thought it would. After a week had had decided to practice his magic but wouldn't let either of the adults help him. He had been too scared and nervous at first to talk about his success but with further encouragement from the adults that was soon forgotten. Neither being really expected him to make much progress until he got a wand but a few days later Harry ran into the living room.

"I did it! I made my bed lift off the ground!"

Crowley was a little skeptical and asked Harry to show them. Needless to say the two were greatly surprised when the couch they were sitting on was lifted a foot into the air after a tense moment of concentration on Harry's part.

To say they were shocked would have been quite an understatement. For a wizard to be able to lift an object so heavy as a child, and without a wand was extraordinary. Crowley knew right then that Harry would have no trouble coping with any new abilities the child might acquire from the adoption.

The demon looked up from staring at the child and locked eyes with the archangel next to him. With that one glance they made it known that they were on the same page. "Harry, will you come here?"

Harry nodded and walked over to the couch to stand in front of the men. "We have been talking about it since we rescued you from your relatives and the more we get to know you the more we want you to stay." Crowley said to the young boy.

"So basically," Gabriel said, taking over, "we want to adopt you so no one can take you from us. Not even your Aunt and Uncle. We would have to do a ritual that would add our blood to yours and it will probably hurt because it changes your appearance and gives you some of our powers, but we will help you as best we can with that part. So what do you say Harry? Want to help us become the weirdest family in existence?"

Harry looked between the two individuals he was standing before. There was an awkward, tense pause before Harry let out a squeal and launched himself at the beings. Crowley chuckled. "So I assume we can take that as a yes?"

Gabriel started to chuckle too, at Harry's enthusiastic nodding.

It would take a few days before they were prepared to do the ritual but not because it would take a while to set up. It was because they had to have the child's guardian's permission to perform it. So that is why we find our favorite duo back on Privet Drive with a folder full of paperwork, knocking on the door of number four.

The woman, Petunia, opened the door but immediately tried to slam it in their faces. Crowley didn't let her. "What do you want?" she hissed at the two.

"Let us in and sign some papers for us and we will be out of your hair." Crowley said persuasively. They had decided it was best for Crowley to do the talking just in case they weren't fully willing to cooperate, because he was a crossroads demon and very familiar with saying what people want to hear. Petunia reluctantly stepped aside and led them into the sitting room where her husband and son we watching a boxing match.

Petunia cleared her throat, gaining the attention of her whale of a husband. His eyes narrowed as soon as he saw who else was standing in the room. "What are you doing in my house?" He demanded. "Get out!"

Crowley rolled his eyes at the man's behavior. It was obvious that underneath that dusting of indignant anger he was terrified of what they would do to him. "Now all we need from you is for you to sign these papers and we will leave; simple, fast, and easy."

"What are they?"

"Adoption papers. Sign these and after tonight no one can ever take Harry from us. You will never have to see or hear from us again."

Vernon hesitated only a moment to gage the sincerity of Crowley's words. "Hand them over." He signed them all quickly, passing each to his wife as he finished with them for her to sign. When it was all done Crowley banished them to his desk.

"Thank you for your compliance." Gabriel said, and knowing what Crowley was about to do.

"Now that the business is done we can move on to an even more personal matter." Crowley said with a sinister tone. It was with a large, sardonic grin that he snapped his fingers. "This is Growley, my hell hound." The Dursley's looked in fear at the seemingly empty space next to the demon, from which an ominous growling could be heard. "He hasn't been out to play in a while so I figured I'd give him a treat."

The angel and demon headed towards the door, they wanted to get back to Harry and tell him the news. Just before they shut the door, Cowley turned back to the hound. "Kill them, but kill the man last and make him suffer the most."

Crowley grinned. "Sic 'em boy!"

The door clicked shut shutting the rest of the world off from the family's terrified screams.

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