Not Your Typical Home

Chapter 6

"A/N: Sorry this took so long! I was really depressed for a while and didn't work. It only got finished today because i had an In School Suspension. The school year is coming to a close and I probably won't be able to update until next school year. We have a month left but I don't want to update with a cliffhanger just before so this might be the last I post until like August. (Sorry for the rushed ending)

Harry was nervous. He was sitting in the middle of a runic circle, facing north as directed by his soon to be fathers. To his right were the angelic symbols that represented Gabriel, to his left were the demonic ones for Crowley, and at north and south were wizarding runes for Harry. Without the two wizard runes the circle would never have stabilized and the result would have been…messy.

The ritual was one that had taken quite a bit of research to pull together. Crowley and Gabriel had to adopt him simultaneously, because if one adopted him and then the other tried the opposing magic would kill Harry, and possibly themselves in a backlash. However if they did it at the same time the two opposites would fuse together, as they each latched onto and molded to Harry's own, neutral core.

To make Harry theirs by blood they would mix all three of their blood, Harry's again used to stabilize the otherwise volatile mix, and draw runes on the boys body with the mixture. The runes and the blood would then alter Harry's genetic code enough that it pushes his original wizarding heritage back a bit to make room for the two new lines. In the end the ritual would make him a third of each race, because if the pieces are not balanced it could cause the magic to go haywire and Harry to go insane.

When the minute hand on the clock showed it was 11:30pm, Gabriel and Crowley each stepped into the circle at the east and west points, with their shirts off. They started incanting in their native tongues, and though they were saying the same words at the same time, it sounded a bit like they were arguing and trying to talk over each other.

Each picked up the two pre-readied bowls of blood, and as they continued to incant, knelt beside harry and drew symbols of family and bonding on the child's body. It was at this moment Harry was thankful he was allowed to keep his shorts on, as the symbols were to be placed on his feet, calves, knees, chest, arms, back, and forehead.

When they were done drawing their respective set of symbols, they handed their bowls of blood to Harry. The boy sat the two bowls down and ripped his fingers in. He drew the symbols on each man simultaneously, and finished by covering both his hands in the thick liquid then placing his bloodied hands over Gabriel and Crowley's hearts Justas the clock struck midnight.

There was a flash of bright green light that was gone as soon as it had appeared. Harry slumped forward, caught by his now fathers. "Go." Crowley said, "I will clean all this up, go make sure our son is okay." Gabriel nodded and quickly left the room.

Gabriel went into the child's room and placed him on the bed before pulling up a chair. Crowley entered a while later and together they sat by the boy's bed, monitoring the magic in and around the child's small form. Sometime around four in the morning they felt the magic settle and the boy start to stir. When those green eyes opened, the first thing they noticed was that they were lighter, more a jade green than the previous emerald, obviously having mixed with Gabriel's watery blue eyes. The eyes looked between the two men and the child smiled softly.

"So…" He said quietly, "what's my new name? Oh, and what should I call you?"

The men grinned. "Well, I will have dad and Gabe, here can have Papa and your new name is Hayden Gabriel McLeod." And with that the two men had their arms filled with a happy child.

So with the adoption came Hayden's new abilities. The first one they discovered was Teleporting.

Hayden was playing in the woods behind the house, as he did frequently, when he wandered a bit too far. The sky was beginning to darken and he was getting scared. He started to panic, like he had when his dad and papa first rescued him. He just wanted to go home! He was so absorbed in his fear he didn't realize that he had just appeared in the living room of his house.

Crowley and Gabriel were beside him in a second asking what happened and where he had been. Once Hayden had calmed they began training his teleporting ability as they waited for new ones to appear.

It was also discovered that, to some extent, he could smite. But to do so tired him greatly, as it was strongly opposed by his demon heritage. Gabriel was just happy that Hayden did get one of the few talents specifically for angels.

Telekinesis and Pyrokinesis were discovered on the same day.

Hayden was frustrated because he was too short to reach the milk, which had somehow been shoved to the back of the fridge. His dad had just entered and was about to help him when a nearby dishtowel had caught fire. This startled Hayden and he jerked, causing many items from the fridge to fall towards him, those items were then suspended in mid air, and carefully put back where they went.

Crowley just shook his head and resigned himself to many house fires and holes in the wall as he trained Hayden in these new abilities.

And with these abilities began Hayden's life as the first Wizard/Demon/Archangel in existence.

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