Words To Me

Chapter 10

Derek I Stiles

May 3rd

[Thurs 2:56pm]

I think it's time Derek.

[Thurs 2:57pm]

It's time for what?

[Thurs 2:58pm]

It's time to give you your own custom ringtone. :D

[Thurs 2:59pm]

Uh, should I feel honored?

[Thurs 3:00pm]

Yes. Yes, you should.

[Thurs 3:01pm]

Also, I can't have you and Scott share the same one. I get confused on which one of you is texting me at times.

[Thurs 3:03pm]

What's Scott's ringtone?

[Thurs 3:05pm]

'All the Small Things' by Blink 182.

[Thurs 3:06pm]

I like that song.

[Thurs 3:07pm]

Can't you change Scott's ringtone and leave that one to me?

[Thurs 3:09pm]


[Thurs 3:10pm]


[Thurs 3:11pm]

All right, let me think about this.

[Thurs 3:16pm]

Make it 'Counting Stars'.

[Thurs 3:18pm]


[Thurs 3:19pm]

What's wrong with OneRepublic?

[Thurs 3:19pm]

Nothing really.

[Thurs 3:20pm]

I was thinking that maybe you wanted something from your own band.

[Thurs 3:22pm]

But that works too.

[Thurs 3:24pm]

Does this mean I have to get one for you?

[Thurs 3:26pm]

Yes. Yes, you do.

[Thurs 3:27pm]

I want an awesome one, just saying.

[Thurs 3:30pm]

Okay. Let me think about this now.

[Thurs 3:35pm]

I just found one that's about a gummy bear.

[Thurs 3:36pm]

It fits you.

[Thurs 3:38pm]

Oh my god. No.

[Thurs 3:40pm]

I should've expected this.

[Thurs 3:42pm]

This friendship is over.

[Thurs 3:45pm]

Oh come on, it's not that bad!

[Thurs 3:49pm]


[Thurs 3:54pm]

Fine, fine, I'll switch it.

[Thurs 7:13pm – Outgoing Call]

"You're on speaker, just letting you know."

"I don't get a hello anymore? I'm hurt, Stiles."

"Really, Derek?"

"Really, Stiles."

"Ugh. Fine. Hi, Derek."


"Very happy actually."

"And I take it you're cooking."

"…how do you know?"

"I can hear the knife hitting the cutting board."

"Seriously? You can hear that?"


"What are you making?"


"…that's it? Just fries?"

"Yes, Derek, just fries. I've been craving some for a while now."

"Wait, you're cutting up potatoes?"

"No, Derek, I was just hitting the board with the knife."

"Yes, I'm cutting up potatoes."

"I was just asking, geez."

"Well, at least it's not a sandwich or an omelet. You've finally upgraded to fries. I'm so proud of you."

"You're a funny guy, Derek."

"I aim to please."

"Hey, is that 'Iris' I hear playing in the background?"

"Dude, how can your ears even hear that?"

"I don't know, I have pretty good hearing."

"Huh. Weird. And yes, it is."

"Knew it. So do you like the song?"

"Yeah, I do. It's pretty good."

"Knew you would, but why does it sound…different?"

"It's the New Found Glory's version."

"…really, Stiles? Can't listen to the original version?"

"Hey, versions don't matter."

"They kind of do…"

"No, they don't."

"Are we really doing this?"

"I don't know, are we?"

"Can we just admit that both versions are good?"


"You're impossible, Derek."

"You know I'm right."

"So what are you doing now?"

"Still cooking."

"What about you?"

"Oh, you know, the usual."

"And that is?"

"Bothering you every chance I get."


"You sad, sad lone wolf."

"Hey, I'm not that sad of a lone wolf."

"How so?"

"I have you, remember?"

"But, we, uh never met. We only text and this makes it the third time we talk…"

"That's just a minor detail."

"A minor detail, huh?"


"Well, Mr. Lone Wolf, it's okay."

"I don't have that many friends either."

"But you have Scott and Allison."

"They're like family, Derek. They don't count."

"Uh huh."

"Listen, I got to go. Save me some fries."

"No promises there, Derek."

"Text you late."

"Oh my god, Derek."

"It's Later!"

"Goodbye, Stiles."

[9:43pm – Disconnected]

May 6th

[Sun 1:11am]

So, Scott did something today and it made me think of you.

[Sun 1:13am]

That's kind of sweet of you Stiles.

[Sun 1:14am]

Didn't know you thought about me that way :)

[Sun 1:16am]

Oh my god.

[Sun 1:18am]

He was just eating DORITOS.

[Sun 1:19am]

Which he then threw at my face.

[Sun 1:21am]

The Doritos made me think of you though.

[Sun 1:23am]

Haha. Sure. I believe you.

[Sun 1:25am]


[Sun 1:27am]

I can't cook.

[Sun 1:29am]

I know.

[Sun 1:31am]

You managed to blow up a freaking omelet.

[Sun 1:32am]

Like, for real, who even does that?

[Sun 1:35am]

Shut. Up.

[Sun 1:36am]

We agreed to not speak about that.

[Sun 1:38am]

No, we didn't actually.

[Sun 1:39am]

…as of now, we don't speak about it.

[Sun 1:41am]

Have I ever told you that you're hopeless?

[Sun 1:43am]

Why yes Stiles, you have.

[Sun 1:45am]

On multiple occasions.

[Sun 1:47am]

Ah, okay, just making sure.

[Sun 1:48am]

But I'll say it one more time just to remind you: You're hopeless.

[Sun 1:50am]

Was that really necessary?

[Sun 1:52am]

Yes. Yes, it was.

[Sun 1:54am]

I hope you know that I'm rolling my eyes at you.

[Sun 1:56am]

Now, was that really necessary?

[Sun 1:59am]


[Sun 2:01am]

Look, the point is, just don't expect me to cook anything that would make me think of you.

[Sun 2:03am]

Not expecting anything.

[Sun 2:04am]

You'd probably burn down the bus if you tried to make anything.

[Sun 2:06am]

Or, you know, make explosive omelets.

[Sun 2:08am]

That is…debatable.

[Sun 2:10am]

Dude, just leave the cooking to me.

[Sun 2:13am]

I have enough practice in the kitchen for the two of us.

[Sun 2:15am]

Are you offering to cook for me?

[Sun 2:18am]

I don't know.

[Sun 2:20am]


[Sun 2:22am]

Huh, I see.

[Sun 2:24am]

I mean, you do make fun of my cooking and you haven't even tried it.

[Sun 2:27am]


[Sun 2:29am]

Damn, you just keep adding stuff to my list.

[Sun 2:31am]


[Sun 2:33am]

What list?

[Sun 2:34am]

I have a list of things that I need to do when I go to Cali.

[Sun 2:36am]


[Sun 2:38am]


[Sun 2:40am]

What's the first thing on your list?

[Sun 2:42am]

Uh, you don't want to know that one.

[Sun 2:44am]

Come on, tell me!

[Sun 2:46am]

It's nothing, really, just something.

[Sun 2:47am]

Uh huh.

[Sun 2:48am]


[Sun 2:48am]


[Sun 2:49am]


[Sun 2:52am]

That's not going to work on me Stiles. You know this.

[Sun 2:54am]

Tell me.

[Sun 2:56am]

Don't you have to work tomorrow?

[Sun 2:58am]

Yes, I do. Now stop changing the subject.

[Sun 3:01am]

Tell me.

[Sun 3:02am]

How about you go to bed now and I'll tell you tomorrow.

[Sun 3:03am]


[Sun 3:04am]

You're no fun.

[Sun 3:06am]


[Sun 3:08am]

But you better tell me what it is tomorrow.

[Sun 3:11am]

All right.

[Sun 3:14am]

Tomorrow. Don't forget.

[Sun 3:16am]

Who knows.

[Sun 3:16am]

Maybe I'll forget.

[Sun 3:18am]


[Sun 3:20am]

I'm kidding.

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