Words To Me

Chapter 11

Derek I Stiles

May 7th

[Mon 10:03pm]


[Mon 10:04pm]


[Mon 10:06pm]

You need to tell me what the first thing on your list is.

[Mon 10:08pm]


[Mon 10:10pm]

No excuses or I'll hunt you down.

[Mon 10:12pm]

That's a bit extreme don't you think?

[Mon 10:15pm]


[Mon 10:17pm]

You left me guessing all day yesterday and today.

[Mon 10:19pm]

And let me tell you, I gave myself headaches trying to figure what it is.

[Mon 10:21pm]


[Mon 10:23pm]

Shut up.

[Mon 10:25pm]

I'm sorry but that's funny.

[Mon 10:27pm]

Hmm, how about you tell me what you think the first thing on my list is?

[Mon 10:29pm]

Are we reeeeallly doing this?

[Mon 10:32pm]


[Mon 10:34pm]

Now go on.

[Mon 10:36pm]

You're an ass, you know?

[Mon 10:38pm]

Is it to do the concert?

[Mon 10:39pm]


[Mon 10:41pm]

Is it to give me the tickets?

[Mon 10:42pm]

V.I.P mind you.

[Mon 10:43pm]

That's not actually on my list…

[Mon 10:43pm]

And who said anything about V.I.P?

[Mon 10:45pm]


[Mon 10:47pm]

Haha I'm just kidding. It is on my list, but it's not number one.

[Mon 10:49pm]

Is it our surfing session?

[Mon 10:51pm]

That's actually number three on my list.

[Mon 10:52pm]


[Mon 10:54pm]


[Mon 10:55pm]


[Mon 10:56pm]

Didn't think that would be high up in your list.

[Mon 10:58pm]

Well, it is.

[Mon 10:59pm]

I've always wanted to learn.

[Mon 11:00pm]

All right, next guess: is it my cooking?

[Mon 11:01pm]

Cause let me tell you, you can't make fun of my cooking without even trying it.

[Mon 11:03pm]

Nope. That's actually my number two.

[Mon 11:05pm]


[Mon 11:07pm]

Were the caps necessary Stiles?

[Mon 11:09pm]

Yes. Yes, they were.

[Mon 11:11pm]

So what is it?

[Mon 11:13pm]

What's the first thing on your list that you need to do when you come to Cali?

[Mon 11:15pm]

You really want to know?

[Mon 11:18pm]


[Mon 11:20pm]

I don't know Stiles, it's kind of cliché...

[Mon 11:22pm]

I don't care.

[Mon 11:24pm]

Not judging you or anything.

[Mon 11:26pm]

Gee, glad to know that you aren't.

[Mon 11:27pm]


[Mon 11:28pm]

Go on, tell me.

[Mon 11:30pm – Outgoing Call]

"Really, Derek? You had to call me to tell me what it—"

"It's to meet you."


"The first thing on my list, it's to meet you."

"I—I, uh, um, wow."

"…that's it? That's all you have to say?"

"No! No, it's just that, wow. I kind of find it hard to believe that wanting to meet me is the first thing on your list."

"…are you lying to me?"

"Why would I lie about something like that?"

"I wouldn't have called if I didn't mean it either."

"So why would you say that, Stiles?"

"I mean, you're Derek Hale, front man and founder of Raised By Wolves. You're famous, dude."

"Okay? What does that have to do with me wanting to meet you?"

"Well, I'm just a chef, nothing special."

"Correction, you're a sous-chef, Stiles."

"…get out of here!"

"Haha. No, but really. I do want to meet you."

"S-same here, Derek."

"Hey, listen, got to go, I'll text you late."

"It's later, Derek!"

"Yeah, yeah."

"Night, Stiles."

"Night, Der."

"I'll let you get away with it this time."

[Tues 1:59am – Disconnected]

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