Words To Me

Chapter 12

Derek I Stiles

May 10th

[Thurs 7:24pm – Outgoing Call]

"You're on speaker, just letting you know."

"Is there a reason why I'm on speaker?"

"Well, I'm covered in icing. Is that a good reason?"

"Sounds yummy."

"A-and um, messy, like really messy, dude."

"Making a cake?"


"Any reason why you're making a cake or you just felt like it?"

"Going to a family dinner soon and I'm in charge of bringing the dessert."

"Ah. So that's why you're making a cake."

"Yep. That's why."

"I'm bored."

"Entertain me."

"Actually, shouldn't you be entertaining me? I mean, you're the artist here."

"I would, but I'm tired at the moment."

"Dude, it's pretty early."

"I didn't sleep at all yesterday. Give me a break."

"That's bad, Derek."

"I know. I shouldn't have downed those Red Bulls."

"You can't see it but I'm shaking my head at you."

"So much judgment."

"Shut up."

"That's actually my line."

"Not going to get into this with you."

"I need to finish icing this cake."

"All right, I'll let you go then."


"For fuck's sakes, Derek, it's late—"

"Later. Yeah, yeah, I know."

"Try to get some sleep, okay?"

"I'll try."

[Thurs 8:46pm – Disconnected]

[Thurs 11:01pm]

Are you awake?

[Thurs 11:01pm]

Didn't go to sleep, so yes. I'm awake.

[Thurs 11:03pm]

Did you even try to go to sleep?

[Thurs 11:05pm]

Good question.

[Thurs 11:07pm]

No, I didn't.

[Thurs 11:09pm]

Rolling my eyes at you.

[Thurs 11:11pm]

Yeah, yeah.

[Thurs 11:13pm]

So how was the dinner?

[Thurs 11:15pm]

Same as always.

[Thurs 11:17pm]

We eat, we talk, and then we eat dessert and go into the family den and watch movies.

[Thurs 11:19pm]

I'm still full.

[Thurs 11:23pm]

Did you eat a lot?

[Thurs 11:25pm]


[Thurs 11:26pm]

And I don't regret it.

[Thurs 11:28pm]

Everything was just so damn good.

[Thurs 11:30pm]


[Thurs 11:32pm]

Uh, you okay?

[Thurs 11:33pm]

Do you need a moment alone?

[Thurs 11:35pm]

No, no. I'm fine, just had to get that out of my system.

[Thurs 11:37pm]


[Thurs 11:39pm]

Shut up.

[Thurs 11:41pm]

Stealing my line again, are we?

[Thurs 11:42pm]

That was actually my line first.

[Thurs 11:43pm]

Uh huh. Sure it was.

[Thurs 11:45pm]

Not going to get into this with you at the moment.

[Thurs 11:48pm]

You'll bring me down from my food high.

[Thurs 11:49pm]

Because you know, you're a sourwolf.

[Thurs 11:51pm]


[Thurs 11:52pm]


[Thurs 11:54pm]

Don't call me that.

[Thurs 11:56pm]

Why not?

[Thurs 11:57pm]

Because I say so.

[Thurs 11:59pm]

What about Mr. Lone Wolf?

[Fri 12:01am]


[Fri 12:03am]


[Fri 12:05am]

Der it is then.

[Fri 12:07am]


[Fri 12:08am]

You're not going to stop until I cave, huh?

[Fri 12:09am]

That is the plan.

[Fri 12:11am]

Of course it is.

[Fri 12:13am]

Come on, one measly nickname isn't going to kill you.

[Fri 12:15am]

Actually, I think it will.

[Fri 12:17am]

Really Derek?

[Fri 12:19am]

100% serious.

[Fri 12:25am]

Fine. Fine, Der it is.

[Fri 12:27am]

Is it because it's not a wolf pun?

[Fri 12:29am]

That and Laura's been calling me Der since we were kids.

[Fri 12:32am]

That's kind of cute.

[Fri 12:34am]

No. it's annoying.

[Fri 12:37am]

Whatever you say Crankasaurus.

[Fri 12:39am]

Don't call me that either.

May 13th

[Sun 6:12pm]

So, I'm helping Allison cook a surprise dinner for Scott.

[Sun 6:14pm]

Thanks for the update?

[Sun 6:17pm]

Always happy to keep you up to date with all these things.

[Sun 6:21pm]

She just burned the steak…

[Sun 6:22pm]

It's unrecognizable…

[Sun 6:24pm]

No! Not the steak!

[Sun 6:26pm]

Actually, why are you texting me? Shouldn't you be helping?

[Sun 6:32pm]

I prepared everything else already. She told me she could handle this.

[Sun 6:34pm]

But that's not the case…

[Sun 6:36pm]

So why don't you, I don't know, help her?

[Sun 6:38pm]

Because she doesn't want me to?

[Sun 6:40pm]

So you're just watching her burn the steak.

[Sun 6:43pm]


[Sun 6:45pm]

You're such a bad friend.

[Sun 6:47pm]

Hey! I resent that!

[Sun 6:49pm]

It still looks edible…I think.

[Sun 6:51pm]

You called it unrecognizable a few minutes ago.

[Sun 6:53pm]

Hush you. It's her first steak and she cooked it with LOVE.

[Sun 6:54pm]

She cooked it with so much love that the steak got burned with it.

[Sun 6:57pm]

And it's for Scott and I know that Scott won't say anything about it 'cause Allison made it for him.

[Sun 6:59pm]

So he'll eat it…burnt and all?

[Sun 7:01pm]

Yes. Yes, he will.

[Sun 7:03pm]

I wish Scott the best of luck then.

[Sun 7:03pm]

If he's gonna eat it.

[Sun 7:05pm]

Same here.

[Sun 7:07pm]

I've actually been honing my skills in the kitchen.

[Sun 7:09pm]

Oh really?

[Sun 7:10pm]

What can you make?

[Sun 7:12pm]

Microwave dinners.

[Sun 7:13pm]

Are you being serious?

[Sun 7:15pm]


[Sun 7:17pm]

I know, it's a whole upgrade from the explosive omelets.

[Sun 7:19pm]

Does that count as progress?

[Sun 7:22pm]

Normally no, but you're the exception though.

[Sun 7:24pm]

So proud of you.

[Sun 7:26pm]

You finally learned how to use the microwave! *mantears*

[Sun 7:28pm]

Shut up and go help Allison.

[Sun 7:32pm]

If it makes you feel better, I've been honing my Derek Hale Scowl of Doom.

[Sun 7:35pm]

You're doing well young cub.

[Sun 7:37pm]

Soon you'll be your very own broody wolf.

[Sun 7:40pm]

I want a leather jacket too.

[Sun 7:42pm]

Whoa, Stiles. Baby steps, you'll get there eventually. The jacket is the last thing in the process.

[Sun 7:45pm]

Now help Allison.

[Sun 7:47pm]

All right.

[Sun 7:49pm]

At the rate this is going the other steak will catch fire.

[Sun 7:51pm]


[Sun 11:14pm – Incoming Call]

"Yes, Stiles?"

"I just wanted to tell you that I am eating the world's finest sandwich right now."

"Did you really just call me to tell me that?"

"No—yes, actually."


"Shut up, and hear me munch on this glorious thing of a sandwich."

"I'm hanging up."

"Noo, I was just kidding!"

"Were you now?"


"So what's up?"

"Oh, you know, the usual."

"Mhm. So nothing, right?"

"You know me so well, Stiles."

"Hey, haven't you noticed that we talk more now than text?"

"I've noticed. Why you ask?"

"It feels like a commitment or something."

"I, uh, it kind of does."

"And you're stuck with me, Der."




"I don't think you actually meant that…"

"I did. I like you. You make me forget about everything for a while. And you put up with me."

"So it's good."

"Stop you. You're making me blush."

"Haha, just doing my job."


"You say the sweetest things, Stiles."

"I'm hanging up on you."

"I will cry if you do that."

"Derek, I know you won't."

"You don't know that."

"Yeah, I do."

"Okay, maybe I won't, but it will hurt my feelings."

"You're hopeless."

"Again with that…"

"Haha. Yes, again with that."

"You know what? I'm out. Late."

"I win this round!"

"And it's later!"

"Late, later, it doesn't matter!"

"It kind of does…"

"…I'll win next time, Stiles."

[Mon 1:48am – Disconnected]

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