Words To Me

Chapter 13

Derek I Stiles

May 16th

The bar is quiet, save for the occasional whoops and hollers coming from Erica, Isaac, Danny, and Laura, who are all hogging the pool table by the corner, laughing loudly when Danny happens to make the ball jump instead of smacking the others. Jackson stayed in the bus, doing who knows what.

Probably talking to his girlfriend, Derek thinks absently.

There are only a few customers in. He guesses that they are regulars, judging from the way they talk to the bartender.

Derek frowns when a beer is presented in front of him. He looks up and holds the urge to roll his eyes when he sees Peter smirking down at him.

"You know I don't drink," he says, sliding the bottle away from him.

Peter simply rolls his eyes and slides the bottle back. "Come on. Have a drink with your uncle!"

Derek stares at the bottle and then at Peter and back to the bottle again. "No."

"You're no fun," Peter pouts, or something close to a pout. Derek can't tell.

Silence falls between them shortly after that. Derek occasionally runs his thumb along the bottle's cool surface, wiping at the droplets trailing down. Peter hums, nodding his head in approval as he takes a sip from his beer.

"The tour is almost over," Peter says, setting his bottle down. He reaches over and takes the still-full beer from Derek's hand.

Derek doesn't even try to stop him.

"Yeah, I know." He leans back and crosses his arms. "After the concert in Colorado, we go back home and finish the tour with a concert in Cali, right?"

"That is the plan," Peter nods.


"Good?" Peter raises a brow at that. "Wow. This is the first time I hear you say that you want a tour to be over."

Derek goes for nonchalance and shrugs. "I'm tired."

Peter studies him for a moment, tips his head back and downs his drink greedily. He sets the bottle down gently and rises up. "I'm tired too. Driving you lot is a tiring task."

For once in his life, Derek is glad that Peter gave up on the subject easily.

Derek laughs, relaxed, and follows Peter and the others out of the bar. He slings an arm around his uncle and squeezes his shoulder softly. "You know that you like driving this lot around. You get paid for it."

Peter sighs dramatically. "I don't get paid enough, though, and I'm your manager."

May 18th

[Fri 7:19pm]

Guess what?

[Fri 7:21pm]

You finally made something fancy to eat.

[Fri 7:24pm]

Yes and no.

[Fri 7:27pm]

Today marks 2 months since we started texting.

[Fri 7:29pm]

And I made cookies to celebrate.

[Fri 7:32pm]


[Fri 7:33pm]

It's been two months already?

[Fri 7:34pm]

What type of cookies?

[Fri 7:36pm]

Chocolate chips.

[Fri 7:38pm]

Okay. Now I want some.

[Fri 7:42pm]

Send me the cookies!

[Fri 7:44pm]

Who said these were for you?

[Fri 7:46pm]


[Fri 7:49pm]


[Fri 7:51pm]

Fine I'll save you some.

[Fri 7:53pm]

That is if Scott doesn't eat them all.

[Fri 7:55pm]

I will hunt him down if he eats them all.

[Fri 7:57pm]

We both know you don't mean that.

[Fri 8:00pm]

Shut up.

[Fri 8:03pm]

See that? That's why I'm not saving you any cookies.

[Fri 8:05pm]


[Fri 8:07pm]

Got to go. I'll call you later so you can hear me munch on these.

[Fri 8:09pm]

Stiles don't you dare.

[Fri 8:15pm]


[Fri 8:18pm]

I can't believe you.

May 21st

[Mon 10:45pm]

My dad thinks I have an addiction.

[Mon 10:47pm]

Well, do you?

[Mon 10:49pm]


[Mon 10:53pm]

He just thinks I spend too much time texting nowadays.

[Mon 10:56pm]

You aren't the only one.

[Mon 10:58pm]

Everyone is telling me the same thing.

[Mon 11:01pm]

So…the question is Derek: do we have an addiction?

[Mon 11:04pm]


[Mon 11:06pm]

My name is Derek Hale and I have a texting problem.

[Mon 11:08pm]

*Drone voices* Hi Derek.

[Mon 11:10pm]

Is it creepy that I actually heard that in my head?

[Mon 11:11pm]


[Mon 11:12pm]

I actually heard that too…

[Mon 11:14pm]


[Mon 11:16pm]

So what are you doing, making snacks?

[Mon 11:18pm]


[Mon 11:20pm]

I'm stuffing myself with a tub of chocolate cookie dough ice cream.

[Mon 11:23pm]

Why must you taunt me with food when I have none?

[Mon 11:25pm]

Because it's my job?

[Mon 11:27pm]

You suck.

[Mon 11:29pm]

I'm hurt Derek.

[Mon 11:31pm]

I don't think we can be friends anymore.

[Mon 11:33pm]

Well, I wouldn't be saying these things if you weren't taunting me.

[Mon 11:35pm]

It's not like I plan to taunt you. You just text me while I'm eating.

[Mon 11:37pm]

Which is all the time.

[Mon 11:38pm]

I wasn't eating yesterday, so there's that.

[Mon 11:41pm]

Uh huh.

[Mon 11:43pm]

Shut up.

[Mon 11:45pm]

But I didn't even say anything…

[Mon 11:48pm]

You were planning to though.

[Mon 11:50pm]

You're something else, you know?

[Mon 11:53pm]

Oh, I know.

[Mon 11:55pm]

So what's up?

[Mon 11:57pm]

Nothing much. On the way to Colorado.

[Tues 12:01am]

Colorado, huh?

[Tues 12:03am]


[Tues 12:04am]

Denver to be more precise.

[Tues 12:06am]

So how long till Cali?

[Tues 12:08am]

I don't think that we'll go to Cali…

[Tues 12:10am]


[Tues 12:18am]

Liar! I just looked up the dates!

[Tues 12:21am]


[Tues 12:23am]

It's not funny Derek.

[Tues 12:25am]

Okay, okay, it's not. And yes, Cali is our last destination.

[Tues 12:27am]

So…I'm getting my V.I.P tickets, right?

[Tues 12:32am]

Again with this V.I.P talk.

[Tues 12:34am]

Who said anything about V.I.P?

[Tues 12:36am]


[Tues 12:37am]

Haha. I'm just kidding.

[Tues 12:39am]

Yes, you're getting your tickets.

[Tues 12:41am]


[Tues 12:43am]

And I'm getting my pasta, cookies, and steak, right?

[Tues 12:46am]

Whoa, whoa. Who said anything about steak?

[Tues 12:48am]

Uh, me?

[Tues 12:51am]


[Tues 12:53am]

All right. I'll add the steak to the list.

[Tues 12:55am]

But that means I get a leather jacket then.

[Tues 12:57am]

You drive a hard bargain Stiles.

[Tues 1:01am]

Fine. Deal.

[Tues 1:04am]

You made the right choice there Derek.

[Tues 1:05am]

I make the best steaks.

[Tues 1:07am]

We'll see about that.

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