Words To Me

Chapter 15

Derek I Stiles

May 30th

[Wed 7:46am – Incoming Call]

"Finally you pick up."

"What did you do now?"

"Really, Derek? Why do you assume I did something?"

"You never call this early in the morning."


"So, what did you do?"

"I did nothing!"

"I can't say hi to my favorite rock star anymore?"

"No. Not this early in the morning."

"Wow. Okay. I'm just gonna go now…"

"I was kidding, Stiles."

"You know, I can never tell if you're being serious or not."

"It's part of my charm."

"Charm. Ha!"

"Shut up."

"Any reason on why you're calling me this early?"

"Oh, you know, Scott fell asleep on me and I have nobody to bother on my way to work."

"Ah, I see."

"So that means you're on the phone and driving."


"That's dangerous, Stiles."

"I know, but trust me. I got this."

"And you are on speaker, by the way."

"Hmm. If you say so."

"But in case I die, you were the last person to hear my voice."

"And I'm coming back to haunt you."

"So be ready for that."

"That's nice to know."

"I'm hanging up now. Be careful."

"Geez, fine. I'll talk to you later, Sourface.

[Wed 8:34am – Disconnected]

[Wed 5:23pm]

I hate Wednesdays.

[Wed 5:26pm]

It's always a slow day.

[Wed 5:28pm]

I take it you're bored.

[Wed 5:30pm]


[Wed 5:32pm]

And I'm on my break.

[Wed 5:33pm]

So entertain me.

[Wed 5:35pm]

I'm not your personal monkey.

[Wed 5:37pm]

Yes, you are.

[Wed 5:39pm]

Dance monkey.

[Wed 5:41pm]

*inserts unamused face here*

[Wed 5:43pm]

I can feel the judgment coming from you Derek.

[Wed 5:44pm]

That was the plan.

[Wed 5:46pm]

So what's up?

[Wed 5:47pm]

Nothing much. Finally home.

[Wed 5:48pm]

I missed my bed.

[Wed 5:51pm]

I miss my bed too.

[Wed 5:51pm]

Wait you're here in Cali?

[Wed 5:53pm]

I did say I was home, right?

[Wed 5:54pm]

Okay Mr. Lone Wolf, don't get smart with me.

[Wed 5:55pm]

What are you doing later?

[Wed 5:57pm]

Hmm. I don't know.

[Wed 5:57pm]


[Wed 5:59pm]

That new X-Men movie came out a few days ago.

[Wed 6:01pm]

Want to go see it with me?

[Wed 6:05pm]

Holy shit.

[Wed 6:05pm]

Derek Hale is asking me to go to the movies with him.

[Wed 6:06pm]

Call the presses.

[Wed 6:06pm]


[Wed 6:07pm]

I'm just playing with you.

[Wed 6:07pm]

I'm finally going to get to meet you.

[Wed 6:08pm]

If you don't remember Stiles, we were on Skype on Monday.

[Wed 6:09pm]

I know that Derek. I meant physically.

[Wed 6:11pm]

Shit. Finstock is looking for me.

[Wed 6:13pm]

So, what's your answer Stiles?

[Wed 6:15pm]

Yeah. Yeah, I'd like to.

[Wed 6:17pm]

Listen, I get off in an hour…so I'll text you later?

[Wed 6:19pm]

All right.

[Wed 6:20pm]

All right. Talk to you in an hour :)

[Wed 6:22pm]

Again with the smiley faces.

"Don't you have, I don't know, livelier colors, Derek?"

"You know I don't, Laura."

Laura turns around, a frown set on her features and one of his gray Henley's clutch tight in her hand.

Derek simply raises a brow at her when she goes to throw that shirt onto the pile of clothes next to her.

See, this is why he should have just kept the whole thing about going to the movies with Stiles to himself. Because he knew that Laura would go through his closet and make him wear something nice.

"Not that there's anything wrong with dark, oppressing colors," she had said, "but I think you should wear something nice for Stiles. It's the first time you two are meeting, after all."

And, well, he can't really argue with that.

Derek hadn't really decided what to go with before Laura had shown up at his door. So in a way, he guesses that Laura came by at the right time.

"Aha!" Laura exclaims and tosses the shirt in her hand at Derek.

He catches it with ease and scowls. It's an orange and blue striped shirt, the one she had gotten him for his twentieth birthday.

"Wear that."

"No," Derek says, giving her a blank stare when Laura pouts at him.

"But I got it for you! And I bet it looks good on you, too!" Laura insists, and Derek can feel his determination to not wear it start crumbling at his sister's puppy eyes.

And because he can never say no to her, as much as he tries to, Derek takes a deep breath and nods. "Okay, okay. I'll wear it."

Laura beams at him. "Go on then, put it on!"

Derek lets one corner of his mouth lift and playful pokes at Laura's ribs. "Are you ordering me around?"

Laura yelps and slaps Derek's hand away. "Yes, I am. Now hurry up, you have to pick up Stiles, and the movie starts soon."

Stiles also lives in Beacon Hills, much to Derek's surprise. Stiles told him after Derek sent him a text, asking him if he'd want Derek to pick him up or if they're going to meet up at the theater.

It also amazes him that he and Stiles never ran into each other before, with Beacon Hills being a small town and all.

Derek laughs, shaking his head, and does as he's told. To his disbelief, the shirt fits. A little tight around the chest, but fits nonetheless. "How do I look?"

"You look good, Der," Laura turns around, grabs his leather jacket and tosses it at him.

Derek gives her a puzzled look.

Laura simply shrugs her shoulders. "The jacket is like your trademark. You are not Derek Hale without it."

Again, he really can't argue with that.

"So are you and Stiles, you know, dating?"

Derek gives Laura another blank stare, "No."

Laura hums all-knowingly when Derek's phone buzzes. "But you like him, right?"

[Wed 8:36pm]


Derek tries to bite down the urge to smile but fails.

[Wed 8:39pm]

On my way.

He looks up and sees Laura staring at him expectantly. He sighs and rubs the back of his neck, feeling the warmth begin to heat his skin. "Maybe."

Derek gets up before Laura can ask any questions, picks up his keys, and turns around the moment he passes through the front door. He points a finger at Laura and warns, "I'll know if you and the others decide to do some sneaking around."

And when Laura opens her mouth to say something, Derek continues on. "I'll have Danny tell me. You've been warned."

Laura gives him an unimpressed look. "Get out of here, Derek."

Okay. He's nervous. Probably the most he's ever been.

He just sent a text informing Stiles that he's right outside, and the wait is killing him.

Derek drums his thumbs on the steering wheel, checks his mirrors every second or so, and when that didn't help, he steps outside and leans against the passenger door of his Camaro.

He doubles checks the address Stiles had sent him and stuffs his phone in his pocket and crosses his arms. All he can do now is wait.

His wait wasn't long, though.

Derek's head snaps up when he hears footsteps approach.

He thinks he might be staring, but he doesn't care at the moment.

Because Stiles is right there, standing in front of him, staring right back at him.

"Um, hi," Derek says dumbly, earning a small smile from Stiles.

This is really happening, Derek is face to face with the man that he's been talking to for the last few months.

"Hey," Stiles answers with a small wave, moving so that he's bit closer to Derek. "I, um, wasn't sure if you were being serious about, you know, the movies."

"Why wouldn't I be?" Derek moves so that he's no longer leaning against the car anymore. "I did tell you that I was a man of my word, right?"

Stiles scrunches his nose up, chuckling. "No, not really."

Derek makes a face at him, and Stiles laughs downright to that.

"So cruel," Derek goes for a frown but it doesn't quite carry the effect that he was going for, because he can feel the corners of his mouth slowly rise up.

Stiles rolls his eyes at him but Derek can see that it's more of a fond gesture than an annoyed one, "Says the guy who hangs up on me when I talk about brownies."

Derek, well, doesn't know how to reply to that. It's true.

"So," Stiles starts, clasping his hands together. "What time does the movie start?"

Derek winces sharply, because yeah. He forgot about that. "Um, soon, like real soon."

Stiles gives him an unimpressed look, and Derek simply shrugs it off.

"Come on," Derek says, opening the door for Stiles. "We can still make it in time."

"Who knew that you can be such a gentleman, Derek," Stiles laughs as he dodges Derek's hand and steps inside the car. "Do you do this for all the fans?"

"Nope. I don't do this to anyone, actually. Just you," is Derek's reply the moment he slides into the driver's seat, looking smug when Stiles lets out a small squeak and turns to look out the window.

Derek takes that time to stash three V.I.P tickets for their concert in four days inside his jacket's inner pockets.

Maybe he'll surprise Stiles with those later.

The theater is crowded.

Luckily for them, they manage to get the last tickets before they were all sold out.

Popcorn, candy, and soda, all of that runs on Derek's expense.

"No, really, Derek, let me at least pay for some of those," Stiles insists the moment Derek hands him the large bucket of popcorn he just bought.

"Stiles, what did I tell you?"

Stiles stares at him before he grumbles out something along the lines of, "That this is your treat and that you want to do this. And that if I don't let you then I won't be getting my tickets, which by the way, when do I get them?"

Derek hums and nods at the right places and turns to look at Stiles. "Hmm, that's a secret."



"Come on."

And when Stiles pouts, Derek grins and flicks his nose, earning a small squawk from Stiles.

"Have you ever heard the saying "Patience is a virtue"?" Stiles squints and looks at Derek like if he can't tell if he's being serious or not.

"Yes. Yes, I have. But I'll have you know that I'm not a very patient person, Derek," Stiles informs as he falls into step with Derek.

Derek shows their tickets to the attendant who points them to the right and tells them it's the third entrance down that hall.

Once inside, both of them quickly find their seats. Two empty seats by the corner. Not quite alone, but good enough for the two of them.

"Well, I'm also not a very patient person," Derek then tells Stiles as he takes the bucket off Stiles' hands, offering him a small, quiet smile. "But I did have to wait to meet you, Stiles."

If it wasn't for the lights dimming around them, Derek can swear he can see Stiles' face flush red.

And when Stiles graces him with a small smile, Derek returns it with one of his own before Stiles smacks him on the arm and tells him to focus on the movie that's about to begin.

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