Words To Me

Chapter 18

Derek I Stiles

June 2nd

[Fri 2:22am]

So I finally figured out what you meant earlier.

[Fri 2:24am]


[Fri 2:26am]

You know, when I asked you about my ticket.

[Fri 2:28am]


[Fri 2:31am]

I take it you found them.

[Fri 2:33am]


[Fri 2:35am]

I kind of jumped all over the place after my initial shock.

[Fri 2:37am]

Haha, I can imagine.

[Fri 2:38am]

I'm so hyped you don't even know.

[Fri 2:40am]

Also, those extra tickets are for Scott and Allison, right?

[Fri 2:42am]

What do you think?

[Fri 2:44am]

Sir, answer the question. Don't deflect.

[Fri 2:46am]

Yes, they are. Happy?

[Fri 2:46am]


[Fri 2:48am]

I'll take that as a yes.

[Fri 2:51am]

I'm tired.

[Fri 2:53am]

Well that's new. Thought you never slept.

[Fri 2:56am]

On contrary belief, I do sleep. Thank you very much.

[Fri 2:58am]

What happened to our 'philosophical conversations at the dead of night' thing?

[Fri 3:00am]

Don't even get me started on that.

[Fri 3:01am]

It doesn't apply when I'm tired.

[Fri 3:02am]

It applies when you are though.

[Fri 3:04am]

Wow. Okay. I'm going to sleep now.

[Fri 3:06am]


[Fri 3:08am]

You can't ignore me for long.

[Fri 3:09am]

Are you sure about that?

[Fri 3:11am]

Yes. Yes, I am.

[Fri 3:23am]


"Derek, what are you doing?" Peter asks as he eyes Derek's thumbs twiddling away on his phone. "It's rehearsal time, and you've yet to tune your guitar or go over the—are you texting Stiles?"

"Uh… No? I'm just taking five." Derek looks up from his phone to see Peter squinting at him. It almost looks like Peter is judging him. He scowls. "What?"

Peter continues to stare at him for a few more seconds before sighing. "Taking five, of course you are," he says, slicing a hand through the air to show his discontent. "I think you have to actually start practicing before you can take a break, Derek."

Derek cocks a brow and looks past an exasperated Peter.

Laura and Jackson are both tuning their guitars, Danny is spinning his drumsticks around, talking with Isaac as the other plays random notes on his bass. Erica, on the other hand, is ready to go, if the melodies coming off her keyboard are anything to go by.

He turns back to Peter who simply lets his hands fall down to his hips, waiting.

And yeah, Derek really needs to focus on rehearsal now. Even though he wants to know how Scott and Allison will react when Stiles hands them their tickets. "Yeah, yeah, I know."

So he sends Stiles a quick "text you later" and begins adjust his guitar's strings, slowly thrumming each of them.

"Well, if you know, then let's get back to it!" Peter clasps his hands together before moving on.

Derek blinks at his uncle.

Peter is all hyped up, the most Derek's seen him in a while. Not that Derek blames him. It's their last concert for their summer tour, and Peter keeps telling them to end it with a bang.

Derek is actually excited, too.

Because Stiles is coming.

And he will be watching him play.

Now that Derek thinks about it, he has already seen what Stiles does best, so it's his turn to impress Stiles with what he does best.

And that's to play music.

He finishes tuning his guitar and strums it one last time with a nod. "All right, let's do this!"

[Fri 11:54pm]

I can't wait to get this concert over with.

[Fri 11:57pm]

Long day, huh?

[Fri 11:59pm]


[Sat 12:01am]

How did it go with Scott and Allison?

[Sat 12:03am]

For a moment there, I thought I broke them.

[Sat 12:05am]

Then they jumped all over the place. You should have seen them Derek.

[Sat 12:07am]

Heh, I can imagine.

[Sat 12:10am]

Just one more day!

[Sat 12:12am]

You're really looking forward for this, aren't you?

[Sat 12:15am]


[Sat 12:19am]

Think you can tell me the set list for Sunday? :)

[Sat 12:23am]

Let me see…

[Sat 12:24am]


[Sat 12:25am]

What? Dude, c'mon!

[Sat 12:27am]

I don't know Stiles, I don't think you can handle its awesomeness.

[Sat 12:30am]


[Sat 12:32am]


[Sat 12:34am]


[Sat 12:36am]

I know you're reading these. IT SAYS SO ON MY SCREEN.

[Sat 12:38am]

I really hate my iPhone at the moment.

[Sat 12:41am]


[Sat 12:43am]

Can't say.

[Sat 12:45am]

Come on.

[Sat 12:47am]


[Sat 12:49am]

You know what? Fine, I'll wait.

[Sat 12:50am]

Wow you gave up quickly.

[Sat 12:51am]

I didn't give up. I just said I'll wait.

[Sat 12:53am]

That's the same thing.

[Sat 12:55am]

Shut up.

[Sat 12:56am]

U mad bro?

[Sat 12:58am]

Don't ever say that again.

[Sat 1:00am]

U must be mad.

[Sat 1:01am]

[Sat 1:02am]

You know, you aggravate me sometimes.

[Sat 1:04am]

But you know you love me.

[Sat 1:06am]


[Sat 1:09am]

Ugh. Unfortunately.

[Sat 1:11am]

What's that suppose to mean?

[Sat 1:13am]

Figure it out ;)

June 4th

[Sun 1:15am]


[Sun 1:18am]


[Sun 1:19am]

You know, about the concert?

[Sun 1:21am]

Oh. No, not really.

[Sun 1:24am]

I live for this stuff.

[Sun 1:27am]

Uh huh, sure.

[Sun 1:27am]

C'mon big guy, you can tell me if you're nervous.

[Sun 1:28am]

I won't tell anyone.

[Sun 1:29am]

Nope. Not nervous. Excited, actually.

[Sun 1:30am]

Huh, I see.

[Sun 1:32am]

Is it because you're getting the tour over with?

[Sun 1:34am]

Hmm. Yes and no.

[Sun 1:37am]

Actually, in a way, you can say that I'm a little nervous.

[Sun 1:39am]

I knew it!

[Sun 1:39am]

I said a little Stiles.

[Sun 1:40am]

So? Little or a lot, you're still nervous.

[Sun 1:41am]

I'm rolling my eyes at you.

[Sun 1:43am]

You may not see it, but I'm sticking my tongue out at you.

[Sun 1:45am]

Mature Stiles, very mature.

[Sun 1:47am]

What can I say? Being mature is boring.

[Sun 1:49am]

But seriously, jokes aside, why are you nervous?

[Sun 1:52am]

It's, uh, it's kind of embarrassing.

[Sun 1:53am]

Embarrassing, you say? I gotta know now.

[Sun 1:55am]

Tell me!

[Sun 1:57am]

Would you believe me if I told you it's because I get stage fright?

[Sun 1:58am]

Bullshit. That's bullshit and we both know that.

[Sun 2:00am]


[Sun 2:02am]

C'mon, Derek, if you're going to lie, then you gotta make a better excuse than that.

[Sun 2:03am]

Well, I had to try once, you know?

[Sun 2:05am]

Uh huh, sure.

[Sun 2:05am]

C'mon, tell me.

[Sun 2:07am]

It's uh—it's cause you're coming, okay?

[Sun 2:08am]

There. I said it.

[Sun 2:10am]

Huh, so I make you nervous?

[Sun 2:11am]


[Sun 2:11am]


[Sun 2:12am]

Okay, yes, you do.

[Sun 2:14am]

Haha, that's kind of cute.

[Sun 2:16am]

Shut up.

[Sun 2:18am]

You're hopeless, you know?

[Sun 2:19am]

So I've been told, multiple times.

[Sun 2:21am]


[Sun 2:23am]


[Sun 2:25am]

I know that I said this before, but I can't wait to see you out there.

[Sun 2:26am]

You know, doing your thing.

[Sun 2:28am]


[Sun 2:29am]


[Sun 2:31am]

Don't worry, I'll make sure to impress you.

[Sun 2:32am]

Impress me, he says.

[Sun 2:34am]

That is the plan.

[Sun 2:36am]

Do you do this with all your fans?

[Sun 2:38am]

No. Just you.

[Sun 2:41am]

Is this your way of saying that I'm special?

[Sun 2:43am]


[Sun 2:44am]

It is.

The set list goes off as planned.

Danny's drum intro and Isaac's bass line were more than enough to prepare the crowd for the energy to come. It all mellows down the moment Erica begins to play the intro for Revolution, and it kicks back up seconds later with Laura and Jackson trying to outdo one another, shredding notes and improvising riffs.

During The Final, Derek takes off his shirt and tosses it aside, earning a wave of excitement from the crowd, and proceeds to play through his solo the moment Danny's rhythm kicks up.

At the end of every song Derek glances over backstage at Stiles, gracing him with a tiny smirk before gearing up for the next one.

And it might be his imagination, but Derek swears he can feel Stiles' eyes tracing his triskele—his back tattoo.

The crowd engages themselves in every song by singing along or waving back and forth, and with the blue spotlight light illuminating over them, they look like waves. It's magical, Derek thinks.

As the last song ends, Danny continues his drum solo a little longer and slower than before, almost a steady marching beat. Flares illuminate the ceiling the moment Danny hits the last note.

Talk about ending the night with a bang.

To be honest, Derek never really thought it'd feel this good to be over and done with the tour.

The others have left with Peter, his uncle saying something about celebrating back at his place and inviting everyone from the tech crew.

Everyone went except for Derek, of course, who is currently sitting down at a table in the venue's green room, sliding a can of soda back and forth between his hands.

The silence is nice and he's beginning to unwind from the concert.

Well, that is until a pair of hands covers his eyes, accompanied with a soft whisper of, "Mind if I join you?"

Derek smiles slightly.

He knows that voice.

"Well, I don't know," he brings up a hand and curls it around Stiles' wrist, gently. "Do you want to?"

"Well, duh," Stiles laughs, sliding a chair out and sitting beside him. "What are you, a lone wolf?"

"I guess I kind of set myself up for that one, huh?" Derek smiles, wrinkling his nose, "so, where are your friends?"

"They left with your friends. Uh, Laura invited them to celebrate?"

Derek clicks his tongue. "Of course she did…"


"So what did you think? Did I impress you?" Derek asks after a beat of silence.

"It was amazing," Stiles breathes out, turning to look at him. "You were amazing out there."

"Amazing, huh?" Derek repeats, feeling smug. "And you think that I was amazing out there?"

Stiles gives him a look before snorting softly, "Whoa big guy, fishing for compliments, are we?"

Derek laughs. "Maybe?"

They sit there, for a few minutes, in companionable silence. Every now and then Derek would bump his shoulder against Stiles' and receive a soft thump in return.

Derek raises a brow when Stiles hooks his foot around his ankle, but doesn't say anything. He simply smiles.

"You know," Stiles starts and Derek has to turn his full attention towards him. "I think everyone thinks that we're a couple."

"Yeah?" Derek breathes out, feeling a hot thump pounding in his throat.

"Yeah," Stiles nods. "But I heard that rock stars aren't steady partners."



The challenge is there.

"Oh, yeah?" Derek grins, pulling Stiles' chair closer to him.

Stiles smirks, and all Derek wants to do now is to wipe that smug look off his face, "Yeah. And shouldn't we be going? Everyone's waiting for us."

Derek considers the situation for a moment. "We can go to Peter's if you want. Or… we can go out for the night. Just you and me."

"Go where?" and dammit, Stiles' smile is contagious.

Derek hums casually, "Maybe get something to eat, something to drink, anything. You know, go out."

"And then what?"

Derek leans closer to him and rubs their noses together before resting his forehead against Stiles'. "And then we do whatever you want."

"So is this your way of saying that you're my steady guy?" Stiles asks playfully.

Derek doesn't reply.

He simply catches Stiles' lips with his.

And Derek knows that Stiles knows the answer to his question, but he says it nonetheless when they pull apart, "Yeah, yeah, it is."

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