Words To Me

Chapter 2

Derek I Stiles

March 25th

[Sat 10:25am]

Am I still dead?

[Sat 10:25am]

Can I come out of my coffin?

[Sat 10:26am]


[Sat 10:26am]

Did you eat pancakes with syrup?

[Sat 10:28am]


[Sat 10:29am]


[Sat 10:30am]

Go back to your grave.

[Sat 10:32am]

I cannot believe you.

[Sat 10:40am]

I'll make a stack and eat them with syrup right now if you tell me what your band's name is.

[Sat 10:43am]

Lemme think about it.

[Sat 10:44am]


[Sat 10:46am]

Dude. So not cool.

[Sat 10:47am]

Why should I tell you anyway?

[Sat 10:49am]

Well, we kinda kept up this texting thing.

[Sat 10:50am]

So yeah.

[Sat 10:53am]


[Sat 10:55am]

So…you're gonna tell me right?

[Sat 10:56am]


[Sat 10:57am]

Come on!

[Sat 10:58am]


[Sat 10:59am]


[Sat 11:02am]


[Sat 11:04am]


[Sat 11:05am]

What the hell is that?

[Sat 11:08am]

It's please in Polish.

[Sat 11:10am]

Didn't know you speak Polish.

[Sat 11:11am]

And the answer is still no.

[Sat 11:13am]

Ugh. You're hopeless.

[Sat 11:16am]

I take pride on that.

March 27th

[Mon 1:45pm]

Hello :)

[Mon 1:47pm]

Really Stiles?

[Mon 1:48pm]

A smiley face?

[Mon 1:48pm]

Hey! Smiley faces are awesome.

[Mon 1:49pm]

Right. Sure. Whatever you say Stiles.

[Mon 1:50pm]

Well, aren't you sunshine and rainbows today.

[Mon 1:51pm]

Is someone cranky today?

[Mon 1:53pm]


[Mon 1:54pm]

Uh huh sure, you may not see it but I am rolling my eyes at you McCranky.

[Mon 1:56pm]

Shut up.

[Mon 1:57pm]


[Mon 1:58pm]

Crank, grump, broody, moody, grouch.

[Mon 2:01pm]

Did you really have to pull out the synonyms?

[Mon 2:03pm]

Why yes, I had to.

[Mon 2:05pm]

But bullshitting aside, why so grumpy?

[Mon 2:07pm]

Our bassist just quit.

[Mon 2:08pm]

Oh damn.

[Mon 2:09pm]

And we're in the middle of a tour.

[Mon 2:09pm]

And we have a show in less than two hours.

[Mon 2:11pm]

So you can see why I'm 'cranky' and that's putting it lightly.

[Mon 2:12pm]

Dude that sucks.

[Mon 2:15pm]

It does.

[Mon 2:17pm]

Wait! I know what will cheer you up.

[Mon 2:18pm]

You have a smartphone right?

[Mon 2:20pm]

Yes. Why?

[Mon 2:22pm]

Okay. Download this game with me.

[Mon 2:23pm]


[Mon 2:24pm]

What's it called?

[Mon 2:25pm]


[Mon 2:49pm]

I hate this game Stiles.

[Mon 2:51pm]


[Mon 2:52pm]

Welcome to the rage club.

[Mon 2:54pm]

It's frustrating.

[Mon 2:55pm]

But I like it.

[Mon 2:58pm]

I know right?

[Mon 3:03pm]

I died at round 8. What about you?

[Mon 3:05pm]


[Mon 3:07pm]

Dude, you're cheating.

[Mon 3:09pm]

I'm not cheating.

[Mon 3:11pm]

Sure you are crankasaurus.

[Mon 3:11pm]

Shut up.

[Mon 3:14pm]

I can't believe I'm going to say this but thank you.

[Mon 3:14pm]

Made my day less shitty.

[Mon 3:16pm]

Holy shit the world's ending. He said thank you.

[Mon 3:17pm]

Shut up Stiles.

[Mon 3:18pm]

You're welcome :D

[Mon 3:20pm]

Again with the smiley faces.

[Mon 3:22pm]

They are awesome!

[Mon 3:24pm]

Whatever you say.

[Mon 3:25pm]

Gotta go warm up for the show. Wish me luck.

[Mon 3:26pm]

Break a leg.

[Mon 3:28pm]


[Mon 3:30pm]


[Mon 3:32pm]


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