Words To Me

Chapter 3

Derek I Stiles

March 31st

[Fri 4:44pm]

So how did the concert go?

[Fri 4:46pm]

It went well.

[Fri 4:47pm]

Managed to pull some strings last minute and got someone to volunteer to play the bass.

[Fri 4:49pm]


[Fri 4:52pm]

Yeah. Now we're stuck with a groupie for a bassist.

[Fri 4:53pm]

Kid's not bad.

[Fri 4:57pm]

You're the only person I know that makes a compliment sound bad at first.

[Fri 4:59pm]

I'm rolling my eyes at you.

[Fri 5:02pm]

Just letting you know.

[Fri 5:05pm]

Oh, I know.

[Fri 5:06pm]

I can practically hear them rolling.

[Fri 5:08pm]

Damn that loud?

[Fri 5:11pm]

Oh yeah, even my neighbors can hear it.

[Fri 5:14pm]


[Fri 5:16pm]

I wish I was kidding.

[Fri 5:19pm]

Uh huh.

[Fri 5:22pm]

Don't you have anything better to do than text me?

[Fri 5:23pm]

I don't know, like a job maybe?

[Fri 5:25pm]

Listen you, I am on my way to my job as we speak.

[Fri 5:27pm]

Ooh texting and driving I should call the cops on you.

[Fri 5:28pm]

You're funny. Really.

[Fri 5:29pm]

I aim to please.

[Fri 5:30pm]

Right. And no, I'm walking to work since my car broke down.

[Fri 5:32pm]


[Fri 5:34pm]

What's the restaurant's name?

[Fri 5:36pm]

What's your band's name?

[Fri 5:38pm]


[Fri 5:40pm]

Thought so.

[Fri 5:42pm]

Touché Stiles.

April 1st

[Sat 2:14am]

Hey are you awake?

[Sat 2:16am]

I never sleep so yes. I'm awake.

[Sat 2:17am]


[Sat 2:19am]

Can I ask you a question?

[Sat 2:21am]

You just did.

[Sat 2:23am]

No really can I?

[Sat 2:25am]

You just did again.

[Sat 2:27am]

Fine. Fire away.

[Sat 2:28am]

Have you ever been dumped?

[Sat 2:30am]

Um, no? Why?

[Sat 2:34am]

Well when I got off my shift I got a text from my now ex-girlfriend saying that it's over, and that we work better off as friends.

[Sat 2:39am]

Uh, you okay?

[Sat 2:42am]

Yeah, I'm okay, just a bit down.

[Sat 2:42am]

Hmm. Okay.

[Sat 2:44am]

Well, if it makes you feel any better, my last girlfriend cheated on me.

[Sat 2:46am]


[Sat 2:48am]

Yeah. Couldn't say I didn't see that coming. A lot of people told me to steer clear from her.

[Sat 2:50am]

So I guess in a way you can say she dumped me. In her own way.

[Sat 2:51am]

Wow. That, uh, sucks dude.

[Sat 2:53am]

Yeah. It does.

[Sat 2:54am]

You okay now?

[Sat 2:55am]

Yeah. Just blasting music at the moment.

[Sat 2:56am]

Okay I have another question now.

[Sat 2:58am]


[Sat 3:00am]

Why do you care if I'm okay? You barely know me. I'm just that guy that texts you at random.

[Sat 3:02am]

I mean, don't get me wrong, I appreciate it. Even if you don't actually care.

[Sat 3:04am]

I care.

[Sat 3:05am]

Okay. Can I ask why?

[Sat 3:07am]

Well…I consider you a friendly acquaintance?

[Sat 3:08am]

Dude, why is there a question mark at the end of that?

[Sat 3:10am]

Because I can put it there.

[Sat 3:11am]

You're hopeless.

[Sat 3:13am]

I actually consider us more as friends.

[Sat 3:14am]

I mean, we text every other day.

[Sat 3:15am]


[Sat 3:16am]

Friends, huh?

[Sat 3:17am]

To tell you the truth, I don't know how to do this 'friends' thing. I always seem to piss people off.

[Sat 3:18am]

Well, you do kind of come off as a douche at times.

[Sat 3:20am]

Hey, I resent that.

[Sat 3:22am]

But I might as well tell you that I don't really have that many friends either.

[Sat 3:25am]

I see.

[Sat 3:27am]

If you want to keep on texting, it's fine by me.

[Sat 3:29am]

I have a lot of free time that I'm wasting on twitter and instagram.

[Sat 3:31am]

You'd rather waste your time with me?

[Sat 3:33am]


[Sat 3:34am]

Again with the question marks, and I hope you know what this mean Derek.

[Sat 3:36am]

Am I agreeing to a friendship right now?

[Sat 3:37am]


[Sat 3:39am]

And you have to promise me one thing.

[Sat 3:41am]

Okay. And that is?

[Sat 3:43am]

You'll eventually tell me what your band's name is.

[Sat 3:45am]


[Sat 3:47am]

I got a maybe! This is progress.

[Sat 3:49am]

Shut up Stiles.

[Sat 3:52am]

You say the sweetest things, you know?

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