Words To Me

Chapter 4

Derek I Stiles

April 4th

[Tues 10:19am]

All right, now I have a question for you.

[Tues 10:21am]

Okay. What is it?

[Tues 10:24am]

Why Stiles?

[Tues 10:25am]


[Tues 10:27am]

I mean, why did you choose the nickname 'Stiles'.

[Tues 10:29am]

You could have gone for something, I don't know, normal?

[Tues 10:32am]

you really wanna know this?

[Tues 10:33am]


[Tues 10:34am]

You may not see it but I have my serious face on.

[Tues 10:35am]

Ha! Serious face. Right.

[Tues 10:36am]

And, well, because Stiles is a lot easier to say than my real name.

[Tues 10:38am]

And that is?

[Tues 10:40am]


[Tues 10:40am]

Since you're so interested.

[Tues 10:42am]


[Tues 10:44am]


[Tues 10:46am]

Why don't you just go by Gen or Genie?

[Tues 10:48am]

Okay. One, Gen sounds like an old man's name, and two, GENIE REALLY?

[Tues 10:51am]

I can't tell if you're kidding or not.

[Tues 10:53am]

I'm not.

[Tues 10:54am]

But now that you put it that way…Stiles isn't so bad.

[Tues 10:56am]

It's awesome.

[Tues 10:57am]

And it has style. Haha get it?

[Tues 10:59am]

You're so funny.

[Tues 11:03am]

Shut up. I'm hilarious.

[Tues 11:05am]


[Tues 11:07am]

And don't worry Genie I'll keep on calling you Stiles.

[Tues 11:09am]

I hate you.

[Tues 11:11am]

This friendship is over.

[Tues 11:13am]

Okay I know you don't mean that.

[Tues 11:15am]

You're right, I don't mean it.

[Tues 11:16am]

But I do hate you a little bit.

[Tues 11:18am]

Uh huh. Sure you do.

[Tues 11:19am]

How do you even say it anyway?

[Tues 11:21am]

My name?

[Tues 11:23am]


[Tues 11:25am]


[Tues 11:27am]

Ah. So it's not Gee-nim?

[Tues 11:28am]

The fuck? No.

[Tues 11:30am]

Hey, just making sure.

[Tues 11:31am]


[Tues 11:33am]

This conversation ends here. We will never speak of this again.

April 6th

[Thurs 3:21pm]

Help me! Allison is dragging me to family dinner!

[Thurs 3:24pm]

How am I supposed to help? I'm stuck in Texas.

[Thurs 3:25pm]

Also, who's Allison?

[Thurs 3:27pm]

I don't know how you're gonna help me but you need to.

[Thurs 3:28pm]

And Allison is one of my best friends.

[Thurs 3:30pm]

You can say she's the Black Widow to my Hawkeye.

[Thurs 3:32pm]

I see.

[Thurs 3:33pm]

So if you don't want to go then fake being sick?

[Thurs 3:36pm]

Wish that would work.

[Thurs 3:38pm]

It doesn't work with my dad or Allison

[Thurs 3:40pm]

Well, you're fucked.

[Thurs 3:42pm]

Gee, thanks.

[Thurs 3:45pm]

You're welcome.

[Thurs 3:47pm]

So why don't you want to go?

[Thurs 3:49pm]

Well, for one, my uncles are all going to be there and I know that they'll pester me about being single again.

[Thurs 3:52pm]

Not that I don't love them, I do. They're awesome. Just that their wives are bitches sometimes.

[Thurs 3:54pm]

Except Halyn, my uncle Logan's wife.

[Thurs 3:55pm]

She's awesome.

[Thurs 3:56pm]

Actually, they're both awesome.

[Thurs 3:58pm]

This is the first time you talk about your family.

[Thurs 4:01pm]

Huh. True.

[Thurs 4:03pm]

We're a crazy lot. That also includes Allison's family. We invite them over one time, and now they're part of the family.

[Thurs 4:05pm]

What about you? What's your family like?

[Thurs 4:07pm]

It's kind of complicated.

[Thurs 4:09pm]

I see.

[Thurs 4:10pm]

Do you want to talk about it?

[Thurs 4:13pm]

It's sort of a long story.

[Thurs 4:15pm]

I got time. 2 hours actually. So I have time to spend.

[Thurs 4:22pm]

Well to sum it all up, my parents died in a car accident when I was 17. I started my band shortly after as an outlet. My uncle became my manager, and my sister is one of my guitarists.

[Thurs 4:23pm]

That's pretty much it.

[Thurs 4:26pm]


[Thurs 4:28pm]

I feel bad now that I asked.

[Thurs 4:30pm]

It's fine Stiles, really. I learned to live with it.

[Thurs 4:34pm]

My mom died of cancer when I was really young. So I don't really remember her, but my dad says that I remind him of her.

[Thurs 4:35pm]

I thought that it was only fair to tell you because you just gave me your life story in a nutshell.

[Thurs 4:40pm]

This conversation took a heavy turn.

[Thurs 4:42pm]

It did.

[Thurs 4:44pm]

Sorry about that. Really.

[Thurs 4:46pm]

It's fine.

[Thurs 4:48pm]

Don't you have to get ready for that family dinner?

[Thurs 4:50pm]


[Thurs 4:51pm]

Yeah I should.

[Thurs 4:52pm]

I don't know how I'm going to survive it.

[Thurs 4:54pm]


[Thurs 4:55pm]

You make a dinner sound so dramatic.

[Thurs 4:57pm]

But good luck.

[Thurs 4:59pm]


[Thurs 11:24pm]

Guess what.

[Thurs 11:26pm]

You survived the dinner and it wasn't as bad as you thought it'd be and you were being all overdramatic saying how you weren't going to survive it for nothing?

[Thurs 11:29pm]

First of all, fuck you and your mind reading.

[Thurs 11:32pm]

Second, remember my aunt and uncle I told you about?

[Thurs 11:34pm]


[Thurs 11:37pm]

Well they are planning a trip to New York and asked me if I wanted to go with them. And my 2 week vacation started as of yesterday.

[Thurs 11:41pm]


[Thurs 11:43pm]

Wait let me guess, you're going with them.

[Thurs 11:45pm]

Bingo. It's actually going to be my first time in New York.

[Thurs 11:47pm]


[Thurs 11:49pm]


[Thurs 11:51pm]

Shut up and let me enjoy my moment.

[Thurs 11:52pm]

Let you enjoy a moment?

[Thurs 11:53pm]

We can't have that Stiles. The world might implode.

[Thurs 11:55pm]

You sir, are an asshole.

[Thurs 11:57pm]

Why thank you Stiles.

[Thurs 11:59pm]

You can't hear it but I'm hissing at you.

[Thurs 11:59pm]

Well at my phone.

[Fri 12:02am]


[Fri 12:03am]

Really Stiles? I expected better from you.

[Fri 12:05am]

Shut up.

[Fri 12:07am]

No, but really. I'm fucking excited.

[Fri 12:10am]

This really can't be your first trip to New York.

[Fri 12:12am]

It is.

[Fri 12:14am]

And before you say it, I KNOW. It's sad.

[Fri 12:16am]

I wasn't going to say anything, but now that you mention it. Yes, I am judging you now.

[Fri 12:18am]


April 10th

[Mon 4:54pm]

I'm bored.

[Mon 4:55pm]

What are you doing?

[Mon 4:57pm]

Well hello to you too Derek.

[Mon 4:59pm]

And I'm currently sitting at the airport with my aunt and uncle waiting for our flight.

[Mon 5:02pm]

Your trip is today?

[Mon 5:04pm]


[Mon 5:05pm]

What about you? What are you doing?

[Mon 5:09pm]

Sitting outside the bus.

[Mon 5:10pm]

Wow. Sounds like fun.

[Mon 5:11pm]

Oh yeah, real fun.

[Mon 5:13pm]

But no, this wouldn't be happening if Peter hadn't stank up the bus.

[Mon 5:14pm]

I can smell the burritos from last night even out here.

[Mon 5:15pm]

Dude. Nasty.

[Mon 5:18pm]

Who's Peter?

[Mon 5:20pm]

My uncle.

[Mon 5:23pm]


[Mon 5:25pm]

How long are you staying in New York?

[Mon 5:27pm]

A few days. Probably 4?

[Mon 5:30pm]

That's not a lot of time.

[Mon 5:32pm]

I know, but it's something. A change of scenery for 4 days isn't bad.

[Mon 5:34pm]

Hmm. If you say so.

[Mon 5:37pm]

We're actually taking a 2 day break. No shows till Wednesday.

[Mon 5:40pm]

What are you planning to do with your break?

[Mon 5:42pm]

I don't know.

[Mon 5:44pm]

Bother you?

[Mon 5:46pm]

Wow you weren't kidding when you said you had no friends.

[Mon 5:48pm]

Wait a minute! What about your bandmates? Aren't they your friends?

[Mon 5:50pm]

Not really. I mean, I talk to them but that's it. We aren't actually friends.

[Mon 5:52pm]

What about your sister and uncle?

[Mon 5:54pm]

They're family. I'm obligated to interact with them.

[Mon 5:55pm]


[Mon 5:57pm]

Yeah. I'm a lone wolf.

[Mon 5:59pm]


[Mon 6:01pm]

You lead a sad life sir.

[Mon 6:02pm]

Being a loner isn't a good thing.

[Mon 6:04pm]

I'm not really alone though.

[Mon 6:06pm]

I have you.

[Mon 6:08pm]

Stop it. You're making me blush.

[Mon 6:09pm]

Now my uncle is giving me a look.

[Mon 6:11pm]

Great now my aunt is asking questions. I blame you.

[Mon 6:14pm]

Haha just doing my job.

[Mon 6:16pm]


[Mon 6:19pm]

Yes! We can get on the plane! New York here I come!

[Mon 6:22pm]

Have fun Stiles.

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