Words To Me

Chapter 5

Derek I Stiles

April 11th

"What's going on with you lately, Derek?"

Derek stops, startled, hand frozen in place to pluck at the string of his guitar. He cranes his head back on the couch to face a smirking Peter.

Great. There goes his day of solace and silence.

He grunts, acknowledging the older man, as Peter takes a seat next to him. Derek goes back to tune his guitar.

"What do you mean?" he goes for nonchalance as he plucks another string, twisting the pegs to fit his chord.

Peter snorts. "Well, you've been glued to your phone more than usual. I could have sworn you were smiling down at your dick the night we all went out for tacos," he pauses, raising a pointed brow at Derek who stops his actions altogether, and continues. "And guys don't usually smile down at their dicks for no good reason unless it's to—"


"What? I'm just saying that if you're going to text, don't hide your phone around us. It's not like we're going to say anything," Peter says, laughing. "But everything aside for a moment, what's going on with you? You seem less…grouchy. You actually smile now."

"It's personal," Derek mutters, running a thumb along the guitar's neck.

Peter hums, giving him a look, finger tapping on his chin thoughtfully. "Derek, I've known you all your life. Everything is personal with you. So just tell me."

Derek sighs. "It's a long story."

He's not really lying. It is a somewhat long story. One that involves a wrong number, late night texts, and a friendly rivalry in flappy bird. Stiles still hasn't passed rounds higher than nine. Derek smiles at that.

Peter perks up at that. "I'm listening."

"Well, it's this guy. Stiles. I went to text Laura one night and I somehow ended up texting the wrong number. And we kind of have this friendship, it's been going on for a few weeks now."

Lies. More like a month.

"And, well, we kind of entertain each other, and he helps me forget about everything for a bit," Derek finishes softly.

Peter stays quiet, eyes calculating. He then says after a few minutes of stretched, heavy silence, "I see. I hope you know how dangerous that is, right?"

Derek gives out a quick, sharp scoff. "Please, Peter, I'm an adult. I know what I'm doing."

"That's not what I meant, Derek." Peter shakes his head with a sigh, standing up. "Listen, I know I don't act like an uncle at times," at Derek's snort, he raises his hands and amends. "But, I want you to be careful with this. I don't want to see you get hurt. Now, shall we go get food?"

Derek strums his guitar last one time, nodding in approval before rising up and following Peter out of the bus.

He doesn't know why Peter is telling him to be careful.

It's not like he and Stiles are ever going to meet.

April 12th

[Wed 12:03am]


[Wed 12:04am]


[Wed 12:05am]


[Wed 12:07am]

Can I help you Stiles?

[Wed 12:09am]

Yes, actually. I'm watching music videos on my laptop because I can't fall asleep.

[Wed 12:11am]

And I'm in New York now.

[Wed 12:13am]

This place is awesome.

[Wed 12:15am]

Okay, what does all of that have to do with texting me?

[Wed 12:18am]

Who else to talk about music with? I mean, you are in a band, right?

[Wed 12:19am]

A band whose name you still have to tell me.

[Wed 12:21am]

You know that doesn't work on me Stiles.

[Wed 12:23am]

What bands are you listening to anyway?

[Wed 12:25am]

And here I thought that I'd get you to slip and tell me.

[Wed 12:27am]

The Offspring, OK Go, Imagine Dragons, Sum 41, We Shot the Moon, and Zebrahead.

[Wed 12:29am]

Your taste in music is horrible.

[Wed 12:30am]

You did not just say that.

[Wed 12:32am]

The Offspring, Imagine Dragons, and We Shot the Moon are the only good ones in that list.

[Wed 12:34am]

My taste in music is fine, thank you very much.

[Wed 12:34am]

Uh huh. Sure.

[Wed 12:35am]

The back of my hand would like to get acquainted with you face repeatedly. Namely you cheek. Multiple times.

[Wed 12:36am]

I'm not sure how to feel about that.

[Wed 12:38am]

You should feel honored.

[Wed 12:40am]

Honored. Right.

[Wed 12:42am]

Who are you listening to now?

[Wed 12:44am]

Well, I don't know if you'd deem this band 'good'.

[Wed 12:46am]

But they are called Raised By Wolves.

[Wed 12:48am]

You have my attention.

[Wed 12:50am]

Which music video are you watching?

[Wed 12:52am]

'Rewrite Our Story'.

[Wed 12:54am]

It's amazing. So glad Allison recommended them.

[Wed 12:56am]

So…you like them?

[Wed 12:58am]

Yeah. They're good.

[Wed 12:59am]

Their front man has powerful pipes.

[Wed 1:02am]


[Wed 1:04am]

Pipes, you know, vocals.

[Wed 1:05am]

Those guitar riffs man. Eargasmic.

[Wed 1:06am]

Eargasmic, huh?

[Wed 1:09am]

Yup. Though their front man looks like a wanted criminal in this video.

[Wed 1:12am]

Does he now?

[Wed 1:14am]


[Wed 1:16am]

Actually I'm watching their 'Black Clouds' video, and he still looks like a criminal.

[Wed 1:19am]

Not to mention that he's constantly scowling.

[Wed 1:23am]

Hey, it's called a 'bad boy' look. I take pride in that.

[Wed 1:27am]

what did you just say?

[Wed 1:29am]

That I take pride on my bad boy look.

[Wed 1:35am]

Holy shit, you're Alpha Hale?

[Wed 1:36am]


[Wed 1:38am]

Seriously though, you just insulted my bad boy look.

[Wed 1:42am]

Okay. Wow. I need a moment to process all of this.

[Wed 1:45am]

Actually, wait. How do I know you're not lying?

[Wed 1:47am]

Look me up. Derek Hale.

[Wed 1:49am]

You'll see I'm not lying.

[Wed 1:53am]

Okay. Wow. Shit.

[Wed 1:55am]

That's all you have to say?

[Wed 1:57am]

You now know who I am, even know my band's name.

[Wed 2:01am]

Well, yeah, I wasn't expecting you to be in a well-known band. I was expecting something more like an underground type of band struggling to get a record label.

[Wed 2:03am]

Wow. I'm hurt.

[Wed 2:05am]

Shut up.

[Wed 2:07am]

Holy shit, I know someone famous.

[Wed 2:09am]


[Wed 2:11am]

It's too early for all of this.

[Wed 2:13am]

I need my sleep.

[Wed 2:15am]

Sleep on it. We'll talk tomorrow.

[Wed 2:16am]

All right.

[Wed 2:18am]

Also, I won.

[Wed 2:20am]

I found out your band's name.

[Wed 2:22am]

Go to sleep Stiles.

[Wed 2:25am]

Fine. Don't have to be such a sourwolf.

[Wed 2:26am]

Haha. Get it? Your band Raised By Wolves. Sourwolf?

[Wed 2:28am]


[Wed 2:30am]


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