Words To Me

Chapter 6

Derek I Stiles I Boyd.

April 14th

[Fri 1:00pm]

Just finished catching up with 'Alphas' on Netflix.

[Fri 1:01pm]

And now I'm bored.

[Fri 1:02pm]

So what's up?

[Fri 1:04pm]

Dude, I love that show.

[Fri 1:05pm]

And nothing really, walking around Central Park.

[Fri 1:07pm]

I love New York.

[Fri 1:08pm]

I know.

[Fri 1:10pm]

You've mentioned it a few times.

[Fri 1:11pm]

But besides walking Central Park, what else are you doing today?

[Fri 1:14pm]

I dunno. My aunt and uncle ditched me and went somewhere. I think they went to ride a carriage?

[Fri 1:16pm]

I see.

[Fri 1:18pm]


[Fri 1:21pm]

I'm hungry now.

[Fri 1:23pm]

Then eat?

[Fri 1:25pm]

Yeah, about that, I don't know where to eat.

[Fri 1:27pm]

All the restaurants I passed by look good.

[Fri 1:30pm]


[Fri 1:31pm]

Do you trust me?

[Fri 1:33pm]

Uh, you want an honest answer to that?

[Fri 1:34pm]


[Fri 1:36pm]

I think so?

[Fri 1:38pm]

Why is there a question mark there?

[Fri 1:40pm]

Like someone once told me: because I can put it there.

[Fri 1:41pm]

You can't see it but I'm glaring at you.

[Fri 1:43pm]

But in all seriousness, do you trust me?

[Fri 1:45pm]

Even though I should say no, I do. I trust you.

[Fri 1:47pm]

But just letting you know that my dad's a cop, Allison's father is a skilled marksman, and Allison will fill your ass with arrows if something happens to me.

[Fri 1:49pm]

That's good to know.

[Fri 1:51pm]

But anyway, on West 79th street there's this pizzeria. I know the guy who runs it, so go there. It's good I promise.

[Fri 1:54pm]

Good you say?

[Fri 1:56pm]


[Fri 1:56pm]

Best pizzeria in the state.

[Fri 1:57pm]

Swear on it.

[Fri 1:59pm]

I swear.

[Fri 2:01pm]

Cross your heart?

[Fri 2:03pm]

Seriously Stiles?

[Fri 2:05pm]

Fine. Yes. All of that.

[Fri 2:07pm]

Okay. Good. Time to get some grub.

[Fri 2:11pm]

Boyd, you working today?

[Fri 2:14pm]

Yeah, why? You in the neighborhood?

[Fri 2:16pm]

No, stuck in Arizona at the moment.

[Fri 2:17pm]

But listen, I need you to do me a favor.

[Fri 2:19pm]

I'm listening.

[Fri 2:21pm]

A friend of mine is going to come in and eat. Just give him whatever he wants and I'll pay for it later. It's his first time in New York and I told him that your place has the best pizza in the state.

[Fri 2:25pm]

Best pizza in the state? You really do give the best compliments Derek. And don't worry I'll see what I can do.

[Fri 2:27pm]

So I'll take that as a yes?

[Fri 2:29pm]


[Fri 2:31pm]

Thanks Boyd, I owe you.

[Fri 2:33pm]

Just get me Erica's number and we're good.

[Fri 2:36pm]

Consider it done.

[Fri 3:45pm]

Well Derek, you were right. The pizza was amazing.

[Fri 3:46pm]

Also, thanks for paying for my pizza. I guess I owe you now.

[Fri 3:48pm]

Don't worry about it.

[Fri 3:50pm]

Consider it my treat for your first time in New York.

[Fri 3:52pm]

Who knew that Derek Hale, the bad boy of Raised By Wolves, can be so generous.

[Fri 3:54pm]


[Fri 3:55pm]

Don't tell anyone that, they might think I've gone soft.

[Fri 3:58pm]

You're right. We can't have your fans think you're a teddy bear.

[Fri 4:00pm]

Okay. You're pushing it now Stiles.

[Fri 4:02pm]


[Fri 4:04pm]


[Fri 4:06pm]


[Fri 4:07pm]


[Fri 4:09pm]

You started this.

[Fri 4:10pm]

Just saying.

[Fri 4:12pm]

Okay. As of now, we're calling it a truce, deal?

[Fri 4:14pm]


[Fri 4:14pm]

Though you started it.

[Fri 4:15pm]

And I'm ending it.

[Fri 4:17pm]

That's very mature of you.

[Fri 4:19pm]

Shut up.

[Fri 4:21pm]

That's actually my line.

[Fri 4:22pm]

Are we really doing this?

[Fri 4:24pm]

I don't know, are we?

[Fri 4:26pm]

[Fri 4:28pm]

There's your answer.

[Fri 8:10pm]

Your friend stopped by today.

[Fri 8:11pm]

So I've heard.

[Fri 8:13pm]

Is he your latest conquest?

[Fri 8:15pm]

Cause let me tell you, he isn't that bad looking.

[Fri 8:17pm]


[Fri 8:19pm]

We're not dating Boyd.

[Fri 8:21pm]

…what does he look like?

[Fri 8:23pm]

Now that is just sad. He's your friend and you don't know what he looks like?

[Fri 8:25pm]

We only text.

[Fri 8:27pm]

It's a long story, but to sum it all up, I texted the wrong number, and we sort of became friends.

[Fri 8:32pm]


[Fri 8:34pm]

You know that's dangerous, right?

[Fri 8:36pm]

Have you been talking to Peter lately?

[Fri 8:38pm]


[Fri 8:42pm]

Well, what do you want to know?

[Fri 8:45pm]

I don't know. Good question.

[Fri 8:47pm]

Just tell me what you remember.

[Fri 8:51pm]

Hmm, he was…fair skinned?

[Fri 8:54pm]

…that's it?

[Fri 8:56pm]

Calm your horses, I'm trying to remember.

[Fri 9:03pm]

He was really young. I'd say early twenties. Brown hair, buzzed. Brown eyes, though they looked like the color of whiskey to me, anyway.

[Fri 9:05pm]

That's all I can remember. It was pretty busy today.

[Fri 9:08pm]

Oh, and he talked a mile a minute.

[Fri 9:11pm]

Talked a mile a minute?

[Fri 9:13pm]

Yeah. At first I thought he was going to pass out. You know, lack of oxygen?

[Fri 9:15pm]

But he has a nice voice, though he couldn't stay on one topic for long. I got the full history of the male circumcision in a nutshell.

[Fri 9:17pm]

Hahaha I should feel bad for you, but I don't.

[Fri 9:23pm]

I should charge you triple for describing your boyfriend.

[Fri 9:25pm]

He's not my boyfriend.

[Fri 9:28pm]

Denial isn't just a river in Egypt Derek.

[Fri 9:32pm]

You're a funny guy Boyd. Really.

April 16th

[Sun 2:12am]

So, today's my last day here.

[Sun 2:14am]

It's been 4 days already?

[Sun 2:16am]


[Sun 2:17am]

Damn, time flies fast.

[Sun 2:19am]

Also, in two days it'll be our anniversary.

[Sun 2:22am]

Excuse me? Anniversary?

[Sun 2:25am]

Not like that Derek. In two days it'll be a month since we started talking to each other.

[Sun 2:28am]

A month already, damn.

[Sun 2:31am]


[Sun 2:32am]

So what's up?

[Sun 2:34am]

Nothing much, I was on Netflix until you texted me.

[Sun 2:36am]

What were you watching?

[Sun 2:38am]

'The Croods'.

[Sun 2:41am]

Ah, dude, I love that movie.

[Sun 2:43am]

I'm beginning to think that you love everything.

[Sun 2:45am]


[Sun 2:47am]

Uh huh.

[Sun 2:49am]

So what are you doing?

[Sun 2:51am]

Making me a sandwich.

[Sun 2:52am]

Sounds fancy Mr. Sous-chef.

[Sun 2:54am]

Didn't we go over this? If it's late, why bother whip up something fancy.

[Sun 2:56am]

Should I put ketchup, mustard, or ranch dressing on my sandwich?

[Sun 2:57am]

Why not all?

[Sun 2:59am]

Hmm, tempting as it sounds, mustard and ranch don't mix well.

[Sun 3:02am]

Wise choice.

[Sun 3:09am]

So, everyone's asleep and I'm out here watching 'The Avengers' while eating my sandwich. What are you doing now?

[Sun 3:11am]

Talking to you?

[Sun 3:13am]

I know that, but what else?

[Sun 3:16am]

Hmm. Nothing really.

[Sun 3:18am]

Might turn in for the night.

[Sun 3:20am]

I see.

[Sun 3:21am]

Oh! Before you go, I got a question for you.

[Sun 3:23am]

Sure. Fire away.

[Sun 3:25am]

You know how my friend Allison is the Black Widow to my Hawkeye, right?

[Sun 3:26am]


[Sun 3:28am]

So the question is sir: will you be the Tony to my Steve?

[Sun 3:30am]

I don't know if you're being serious right now or if this is sleep deprivation talking.

[Sun 3:32am]

Totally serious right now. Scott is the Hulk to my Thor.

[Sun 3:36am]

I have a feeling that if I don't agree, you'll keep on pestering me until I cave.

[Sun 3:37am]

Damn right I will.

[Sun 3:40am]

I am rolling my eyes at you, just letting you know.

[Sun 3:42am]

So…that's a yes?

[Sun 3:44am]

Yes. I'll be the Tony to your Steve.

[Sun 3:45am]

Whatever that means.

[Sun 3:48am]

Awesome :D.

[Sun 3:50am]

Can I go to sleep now?

[Sun 3:52am]

Yes. Yes, you may.

[Sun 3:53am]

Night Steve.

[Sun 3:55am]

Night Tony.

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