Words To Me

Chapter 7

Derek I Stiles

April 18th

[Tues 1:53pm]


[Tues 1:55pm]


[Tues 1:56pm]

You've been quiet lately. I was ready to send a search party to look for you.

[Tues 1:58pm]

Yeah, about that, I'm back home.

[Tues 2:00pm]


[Tues 2:02pm]

Yep. And I kind of slept all day yesterday.

[Tues 2:04pm]

So yeah… I've slept for the past 24 hours.

[Tues 2:10pm]

Wow. Lazy.

[Tues 2:12pm]

Shut up.

[Tues 2:14pm]

So what are you doing?

[Tues 2:17pm]

In the middle of a press conference as we speak.

[Tues 2:19pm]

You know, a tour thing.

[Tues 2:23pm]

Uh, you want me to text you later or something…?

[Tues 2:27pm]

Nah, I'm not the one doing the talking.

[Tues 2:31pm]

Peter is, but I do have an input here and there.

[Tues 2:35pm]

You're bad.

[Tues 2:38pm]

I think this is going a bit too far with your whole 'bad boy' image.

[Tues 2:43pm]

What will the press and fans say?

[Tues 2:46pm]

I dunno.

[Tues 2:48pm]

Let them talk.

[Tues 2:51pm]


[Tues 2:53pm]

So are you.

[Tues 2:56pm]

I'm offended sir. I'm a good person. I don't go around texting in the middle of conferences.

[Tues 3:05pm]

Do you wanna know what I have to say to that?

[Tues 3:07pm]

What do you have to say to that?

[Tues 3:11pm]

"Fuck that, I'm Derek Hale."

[Tues 3:14pm]

you would.

[Tues 3:16pm]

Of course I would.

[Tues 3:29pm]

Still in the press conference?

[Tues 3:31pm]

No, now we're back on the road.

[Tues 3:34pm]

Guess where we're heading.

[Tues 3:36pm]

Hmm, Florida?

[Tues 3:39pm]


[Tues 3:41pm]


[Tues 3:43pm]


[Tues 3:45pm]


[Tues 3:47pm]

That's strike three.

[Tues 3:49pm]

All right, I don't know.

[Tues 3:51pm]

Tell me.

[Tues 3:54pm]

…New York.

[Tues 3:59pm]


[Tues 4:02pm]

You suck.

[Tues 4:04pm]

That's not nice Stiles.

[Tues 4:06pm]

I know.

[Tues 4:08pm]

But you do suck.

[Tues 4:10pm]

So you're playing over there now that I'm back here in Cali?

[Tues 4:14pm]

You live in Cali?

[Tues 4:16pm]

Yeah, did I not tell you this?

[Tues 4:18pm]


[Tues 4:27pm]

Derek, you there?

[Tues 4:31pm]

Yeah. Just thinking.

[Tues 4:33pm]

May I ask what were you thinking?

[Tues 4:35pm]

It's nothing really. I kind of zoned out.

[Tues 4:38pm]

Hmm. If you say so.

[Tues 4:40pm]

Hey I'll talk to you later, going over my dad's.

[Tues 4:42pm]

All right. Late.

[Tues 4:43pm]


[Tues 4:44pm]

Get out of here.

[Tues 7:01pm]

Do you know how to surf?

[Tues 7:04pm]


[Tues 7:05pm]


[Tues 7:07pm]

I'm going surfing tomorrow with Scott and Allison, and I wanted to ask you if you know how to surf.

[Tues 7:11pm]

I see.

[Tues 7:13pm]

Dude, I can teach you!

[Tues 7:15pm]

I mean, that is if you guys come to Cali to perform and, well, if you want.

[Tues 7:19pm]

I'd like that.

[Tues 7:20pm]

Though I have a feeling you'll be laughing at me every time I fall off the board.

[Tues 7:22pm]

Haha no man, I won't laugh at you if you wipe out.

[Tues 7:24pm]

You say that now and the moment I fall you'll laugh.

[Tues 7:26pm]

Dude, please, you should have seen me when I started out.

[Tues 7:28pm]

THAT was a sad sight.

[Tues 7:31pm]

Haha if you say so Stiles.

[Tues 7:34pm]

Well, what do you know about surfing overall?

[Tues 7:36pm]

Hmm, not much. I've seen movies so I kind of get the basics of it?

[Tues 7:38pm]

Balance, paddle out to the wave, balance again, and ride the wave.

[Tues 7:42pm]

Is that correct?

[Tues 7:45pm]

Yeah, though there's more to that.

[Tues 7:48pm]


[Tues 7:52pm]

Well, you need to make sure that your board is taken care of. You know, waxing it and all.

[Tues 7:54pm]

Uh huh.

[Tues 7:56pm]

Don't worry, if we ever do have a surfing session, I'll wax your board for you real good. ;)

[Tues 8:02pm]

Real good you say?

[Tues 8:04pm]


[Tues 8:06pm]

I'll have to be the judge about that.

[Tues 8:09pm]

Wait, does that mean you guys are coming to Cali?

[Tues 8:12pm]

Hmm… I dunno, who knows?

[Tues 8:15pm]


April 19th

[Wed 1:25am - Outgoing Call]


"Freak of science."

"Ouch. That hurts, man. You do know that the Stark's had a part on making Cap who he is now."


"Have you not seen 'Captain America: The First Avenger'?"


"Figures. So…any reason why you called instead of text? I mean, don't get me wrong, this is nice too."

"Hmm, nope, not really."

"…are you sure?"

"Okay, maybe Boyd told me something that's been swimming through my head lately."

"And that is? Pray tell."

"That you talk a mile a minute, and I can see how now."

"Wow. Okay, rude."

"And that you had a nice voice."

"…well, that's the first time someone's said that about my voice. It's usually the other way around, saying that I talk too much or too loud and that I need to shut up."

"…you're going to tell me to shut up soon, aren't you?"

"No? Why would I do that?"

"Did you not listen to what I just said?"


"Wow. So what's up, besides talking to me."

"Nothing much, on top of the bus, looking at the stars."

"That's very poetic of you."

"Actually, I can hear the wind."

"It's a bit windy where we are."

"Not in New York yet?"

"No, not yet, just a few hours away, though."

"So what are you doing, Stiles?"

"Oh, you know, the usual. Making midnight snacks."

"Still nothing fancy I see."

"Derek, we've been over this already."

"Yeah, yeah, nothing fancy this late at night. And by the way, one in the morning isn't that late."

"It kind of is…"

"You're just lazy."

"Oh no! You know my secret!"

"Really, Stiles?"

"Yes, really."

"You finished with your snack yet?"

"Yes. I wish you could see this omelet. It'll make your mouth water."

"Hmm, sounds good."

"Fuck, I'm hungry now."

"Go eat?"

"That would require me to move, and I'm comfy on the nest of blankets I've set up here."

"Then starve!"

"How could you be so cruel? I thought I was your Tony."

"…fuck. Okay, don't starve."

"Nope, you can't take back your words."

"Fine, then starve."

"So cruel."

"Hey, you're the one who doesn't want to move."

"You wouldn't want to move if you were laying on these blankets."

"Are they soft?"


"How soft?"

"Heavenly soft."

"Damn. Okay, I can't argue if they're heavenly soft."

"You really can't."

"Hey, Stiles?"


"It's nice to hear your voice."

"Are you going emotional on me, Derek?"

"No. I'm not."

"Sure you are. I believe you."

"Go finish your omelet."

"Go back to whatever you were doing."

"Bothering you? Why yes, Stiles, I'll happily go back to that."

"Fuck you, Derek."

"You say the sweetest things, Steve."

"Oh my god."


"You know what? It's late, I'm tired, the omelet is gone, and now I'm gonna go to sleep."

"Wow, you're right, it's late."


"Hey, Derek?"


"I wouldn't mind doing this more often, you know, actually talking…it's nice."

"Yeah, yeah it is. I'm up for it."

"All right, night Derek."

"Night' Stiles."

[Wed 4:24am – Disconnected.]

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