Words To Me

Chapter 8

Derek I Stiles

April 21st

[Fri 1:19pm]

So I'm at Applebee's.

[Fri 1:23pm]


[Fri 1:25pm]

What should I get for an appetizer?

[Fri 1:28pm]

Why are you asking me?

[Fri 1:30pm]

Because I don't know what to get?

[Fri 1:32pm]


[Fri 1:34pm]

Get the boneless wings.

[Fri 1:36pm]

All right.

[Fri 1:39pm]

How should I get them prepared?

[Fri 1:39pm]


[Fri 1:40pm]

You know, regular, mild, or spicy?

[Fri 1:40pm]

Hurry up Stiles, the waiter isn't gonna wait forever.

[Fri 1:42pm]

Derek, there's only one way you should get them prepared.

[Fri 1:44pm]

And that is?

[Fri 1:47pm]

Tell the waiter that you want them to BURN YOUR SOUL.

[Fri 1:49pm]

…do they do that here?

[Fri 1:52pm]

They do, trust me, I'm a chef.

[Fri 1:54pm]

All right, if you say so.

[Fri 1:56pm]

Have your drink ready, just saying.

[Fri 1:57pm]

It can't be that spicy.

[Fri 1:59pm]

Okay, don't say I didn't warn you.

[Fri 2:04pm]

Pshh, I can take it.

[Fri 3:06pm]

They weren't that spicy.

[Fri 3:08pm]

Well, now I know how to order them next time I go to Applebee's.

[Fri 3:10pm]

Wow. So I was your guinea pig?

[Fri 3:12pm]


[Fri 3:13pm]

You were the one who asked me to tell you how to get them prepared, remember?

[Fri 3:15pm]

Oh yeah. I did.

[Fri 3:17pm]


[Fri 3:19pm]

So guess what.

[Fri 3:21pm]

You finally made some fancy food?

[Fri 3:23pm]


[Fri 3:25pm]

Soon though.

[Fri 3:27pm]


[Fri 3:29pm]

You're getting excited over pasta…

[Fri 3:31pm]

Hey, all you've been making lately are sandwiches and omelets.

[Fri 3:33pm]


[Fri 3:36pm]

Should I make regular spaghetti or Fettuccine Alfredo?

[Fri 3:39pm]

Definitely Fettuccine Alfredo.

[Fri 3:42pm]

It's my favorite :)

[Fri 3:45pm]

Is that a smiley face I see?

[Fri 3:47pm]


[Fri 3:49pm]


[Fri 3:52pm]

Haha I'm just playing with you.

[Fri 3:54pm]

And all right, Fettuccine it is.

[Fri 3:56pm]

Make sure to save me some.

[Fri 3:59pm]

I don't know how you're going to get it, but sure.

[Fri 4:02pm]


[Fri 4:04pm]

Excited much?

[Fri 4:06pm]

…shut up.

[Fri 4:08pm]

You know, just for that I'm not saving you anything!

[Fri 4:10pm]


[Fri 4:13pm]

I take it back.

[Fri 4:16pm]

Uh huh. Suurreeee.

[Fri 4:20pm]

So what's up?

[Fri 4:25pm]

Relaxing for now.

[Fri 4:28pm]

We have to show up to the venue tomorrow and go over their policies and all of that.

[Fri 4:31pm]

Then on Sunday we have our first show.

[Fri 4:33pm]

How long are you staying in NY?

[Fri 4:36pm]

Till Tuesday.

[Fri 4:38pm]

We play Sunday and Monday.

[Fri 4:40pm]

I see.

[Fri 4:42pm]

Man, I want to see you guys live.

[Fri 4:44pm]

You do?

[Fri 4:45pm]


[Fri 4:47pm]

Why does this surprise you?

[Fri 4:49pm]

I don't know.

[Fri 4:52pm]

I wasn't expecting you to wanting to see us live.

[Fri 4:54pm]

Really Derek?

[Fri 4:56pm]


[Fri 4:58pm]

Well, I do, but I don't have the money for a ticket just go watch you guys live at the moment.

[Fri 5:02pm]

Hmm how about next time we go to Cali, I'll get you in. V.I.P and everything. How does that sound?

[Fri 5:05pm]

Dude, you better be serious about that.

[Fri 5:06pm]

I'm being completely serious.

[Fri 5:08pm]

I even have my serious face on.

[Fri 5:10pm]

Serious face. Ha. I don't know why I find that so funny.

[Fri 5:11pm]

And I'd like that Derek.

[Fri 5:14pm]

Consider it a promise then.

[Fri 11:13pm]

So I'm at Starbucks with Scott waiting to pick up our copies of 'Dying Light'. You know, midnight releases. And the store isn't letting us in so this is the next best thing.

[Fri 11:15pm]

And I'm bored, and Scott's on his phone probably sexting with Allison, so…yeah.

[Fri 11:19pm]

'Dying Light'? What's that?

[Fri 11:23pm]

And of course you'll be bored. When are you not?

[Fri 11:25pm]

It's a horror-survival game. It looks amazing.

[Fri 11:28pm]

I'm not always bored.

[Fri 11:30pm]

Uh huh.

[Fri 11:32pm]

So why are you two at Starbucks?

[Fri 11:35pm]

It's the only place where we can sit down.

[Fri 11:37pm]


[Fri 11:39pm]


[Fri 11:42pm]

Also, I showed Scott your 'Howling' single.

[Fri 11:45pm]


[Fri 11:47pm]

You have a new fan.

[Fri 11:49pm]

Haha. Nice.

[Fri 11:51pm]

Seriously, though, that guitar solo.

[Fri 11:53pm]

It's like sex on my ears.

[Fri 11:55pm]

How is that even possible?

[Fri 11:57pm]

I'm going to take that as a compliment.

[Fri 11:58pm]

The best kind of compliment.

[Fri 11:59pm]

1 more minute!

[Sat 12:02am]

So I know you're not getting any sleep tonight.

[Sat 12:05am]

Nope! I'm on vacation. Sleep is for the weak.

[Sat 12:07am]

Well, I'm going to sleep.

[Sat 12:11am]

Have fun with your game.

[Sat 12:13am]

Night Derek.

April 22nd

Derek stops, grip firm on the neck of his guitar as he stares up.

The night is slowly creeping in, the sky a riot mixture of pinks, warm oranges, fading gold, and the thickening purple that heralds nightfall.

He loves watching the slow transition from evening to night when he's out here, on tour. It's usually something he doesn't think much about back home, or rather do. It helps him relax before a show, as Peter says, when his uncle catches him looking off into the distance when he's out here alone.

Derek settles back on the nest of blankets he's set up on top of the bus, guitar resting on his chest as he strums the chords with ease. As much as he enjoys being on the road and performing, moments like these come very rarely. No one bothers him when he's up here, not even Laura. They know that this is just how he is.

Even Isaac knows this, and he's been with them on the road for almost a month.

He takes in the scenery change above him as he strums his guitar again. The purple's slowly taking over the sky inch by inch, lazily fading into an opaque ink that is the true night.

Derek settles his guitar down and jumps down, pulling his phone out once he gains his balance after a moments sway. He holds his phone out, aiming it at the dying light, the last bit of gold, pinks and oranges and takes a picture.

[Sat 6:56pm]

Thought you might want to see this. Now you have a piece of New York where ever you go.

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