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Mysterious ways

By you_make_me_wander

Romance / Drama

Chapter 1

Scott has been aware of the banshee’s feelings towards his best friend for a while now. Of course he knew something was up between Stiles and Lydia before but none of them would really open up or do something about it, so he figured they were just teasing; god knows they both love that. But he really noticed in one of the many afternoons the pack had been spending at Derek’s loft lately, as her heart skipped a few beats when Stiles accidentally bumped into her; she even blushed, only Stiles didn't see it because his phone dropped to the ground and he was hurriedly trying to pick it up, and then Malia came into the room and led Stiles to the couch with her. If Scott remembers correctly, Stiles didn't even apologize to Lydia or helped her pick up the books she’d been carrying and that were now on the floor, where they had fallen along with his phone.

Lydia, who froze on the spot, was trying to find somewhere to look at but to the boy she started to have feelings for long ago, obviously failing at the attempt. He was curled up on the couch with Malia sitting on his lap, whispering in his ear god knows what. It made Lydia sick to her stomach, but she always tried her best to keep her emotions hidden. But Scott noticed. He could see the turmoil in her eyes, though she wouldn't show it in her features. In a second he was next to Lydia helping her pick up her things and offering to walk her home. She didn't hesitate to accept.

Since the whole Deadpool thing three weeks ago, life in Beacon Hills had been relatively calm. Still, Derek offered the loft for the pack to hang out since they are stronger in numbers, and since then everyone would occasionally stop by and do their own thing. Some would read while others would train. Sometimes, they would all play some games or watch a movie and have some fun. Even the Sheriff or Melissa would make an appearance to make sure everything was okay. On that afternoon, Lydia had been reading and translating the bestiary with Scott and Derek’s help, while the others were in another room having some stupid argument about what they should have for dinner, with Derek screaming at them because they argued every single time. It was when Stiles came to tell Scott and Lydia what the others agreed on that he bumped into her.

She was already suffocating from all the PDA Stiles and the werecoyote insisted on shoving down everyone’s throats, so when Scott offered to walk her home she gladly accepted. She was not even sure Stiles saw them leave.

They had been walking in the sidewalk in utter silence for half an hour when she broke into tears, seeking comfort in Scott’s arms. He didn't say a word until she eventually calmed down, trying to steady her breathing.

“I’m so sorry, Scott. I didn’t mean to…” she said, her voice trembling.

“It’s okay. I know.” He nodded reassuringly.

She paused for a moment, letting the realization kick in. “You really do, don’t you?” She blushed again, looking down at her hands nervously.

Scott placed a hand on her chin lifting her head up, and nodded again. “I won’t tell anything, I swear. But you know I could hear your heartbeat, right?”

“I figured as much,” she admitted, embarrassed. And just like that all the blood drained from her face and she looked like she’d seen a ghost. “What if someone else did too? Oh god…”

Scott quickly pulled her for another embrace, not sure what else to do to ease her pain. “I don’t think they did,” he whispered in her ear. “Someone would have said something and they were all being so loud...” He hopes no one else heard it, or that would make for one weird argument between the banshee and the werecoyote. “I guess you’ll just need to figure out what you want to do about it.”

She took a step back, looking confused. “What do you mean?”

Scott took a moment. “Lydia, he’s been in love with you since the third freaking grade. He worships the ground you walk on and would gladly lay down at your feet just so you could step on him. I’m even positive he’ll have a heart attack as soon as he finds out you actually have feelings for him, like for real. Hell, I’ve been waiting for this for as long as he has.” Scott was speaking a little louder now, as if the words were to make more sense if they were emphasized.

“Scott, I…” she interjects.

He interrupts her, lifting a finger. “Let me finish. I get that things are not ideal right now and that a lot has been happening and everyone is emotionally exhausted, but you need to figure it out. Sure, everything is different and it’s hard, but he has the right to know, Lydia.” He sighs. “You can’t take that away from him.”

Somewhere in the middle of his speech, tears began rolling down her cheeks. She looked appalled, like Scott had blurted out some forbidden truth. Feeling numb, she slowly sat on her ankles, her knees falling to grasp the rough asphalt. Of course she knew he was right, but he was not seeing the whole picture.

“I have it figured out,” she whispered.

Scott sat beside her, his arm around her shoulders. Her hands rested on her chest, fists clenched like somehow it helped her breathe. Her mouth was dry and she felt like her head would explode.

“It’s not like it’s new. I guess I’ve known for a while now.” She was barely audible. Without his super hearing, Scott wouldn't probably be able to hear her. “It’s in the little things, you know? The way he’d always be there to protect me or to give me everything without expecting anything in return. He saw me, the real me, way before I did.” She paused briefly, shaking her head slightly as to put her ideas in order. “But the girl he was in love with and had on a pedestal, it’s not me, Scott. He just got to know the real me, and next thing you know there’s a pack of alphas running around, and he gets possessed, and people died and now the stupid Deadpool…” She stopped, trying to catch her breath again, her hands attempting to wipe away the tears. “Things are not black and white anymore. It’s not that simple.” She pauses. “And he’s got Malia now.”

Scott knew it would eventually come to this, but even if he was happy that his best friend was getting some and that Malia seemed to be getting along with the pack, their relationship bothered him but he never brought it up. Stiles seemed happy and the guy needed a win for a change.

“You know he’ll always choose you tough, right? I don’t even think there’s another way,” he ventured, smiling softly at Lydia.

“But that’s just it. Why would I deprive him of his first real relationship,” or whatever it is, she thought to herself, “when he waited all those years for someone I’m not anymore? The Lydia Martin he grew up to idolize doesn't even exist. She was just a shallow, stupid little girl who eventually turned into whatever the hell I can call myself now, which is all his doing by the way, and I’m grateful for it. I’ll never be able to thank him enough for that.” She took a deep breath. “I miss him so much, Scott.”

She hid her face on her hands, like she wasn't supposed to be saying such things out loud. “I don’t even spend time with him anymore. The last time we were alone was with Brunski, and we all know how well that turned out.” She was mumbling, something Scott would normally point out it’s something Stiles would do. She went on. “It’s not fair to him. As much as it hurts me to say, he seems happy away from me and with Malia. And I can’t interfere with that. It’s not right to want him just when he’s unavailable. I don’t… It’s not fair to either of us.”

And Scott gets it. He knows she has a point. Of course she does, she’s Lydia Martin. But she’s still lacking some perspective. “You shouldn't diminish yourself, are you kidding me? The Lydia Martin standing right in front of me is a strong, independent, incredibly smart and beautiful young woman, even as you are crying and kneeling on the side of the road and pouring your heart out to one of your best friends about being in love with Stiles Stilinski, for crying out loud.”

Lydia laughed, she couldn’t help it. Scott with those puppy brown eyes could get everyone to smile. Recomposing herself, she stood up and wiped away what remained of her tears. She extended her hand to Scott, helping him to get up. Scott noticed her knees were bleeding a little.

“She would be proud of you, you know?” She said shyly, and Scott knew she was talking about Allison. “She would be proud of us. Three years ago I wouldn’t even acknowledge your existence, let alone imagine Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski as close friends of mine, and look at us now. You’re one of my best friends and you’re listening to me rambling about my crush on our other best friend. I don’t even know if I can call him that anymore.” She’s whispering again, but quickly recomposes. “If she was here right now, she’d be climbing walls and saying I told you so to my face, I’m sure.” She smiles.

“She was trying to set you two up from the very beginning.” Scott smiles too, knowing Allison would be in the clouds right now. “Kira has her suspicions too, about you and Stiles. She asked me the other day.”

“She’s good for you!” Lydia’s smile widens. “Something good had to come out from our lives eventually. And I like Kira…” Lydia tries to justify why she doesn’t spend too much time with the girl; god knows she could use a girlfriend. ”Maybe I’ll tell her all about it.”

“You should give her a try. She hasn’t even been with us for that long and she’s already thinking of starting a poll for when you two will get together. But I have to warn you. She mumbles a lot, kind of like Stiles when they don’t know what to say and are socially awkward, and even though it’s the cutest, it takes a while to get used to.” He throws her a big smile. “You’ll love her.”

Lydia smiled in return. “I’m sure she’ll be all over you, trying to find out why you snatched me out of the loft so quickly, so you might as well tell her. Maybe me and Kira could have some girl time tomorrow, if she wants to. I’d like that.”

“Definitely. I’ll tell her to text you.” Scott starts walking again, taking Lydia by the arm with him, both smiling now, the banshee much calmer. “Do your knees hurt? You’re bleeding.”

“Oh,” she said, looking down. “Not so much, it’s fine.” She wraps her arm around his tighter. “Thank you, Scott, for being here.”

“Don’t mention it.”

As soon as he returns to the loft, Scott leaves with Kira. Later, he tells her everything. They try and come up with a plan.

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