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Breaking Free


Abigall Spiers sold her soul for a friend. She had been resurrected from hell, meets Gabriel, finds out she is Blessed, and meets God. It is up to them to kill the Devil and save the world.

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Something Different

I moved my straight golden brown hair out of my face and opened my blue eyes to see I was in the middle of a forest. ‘This is wrong’ I think to myself as I grabbed my pocket knife and opened it. That’s different too. Normally when he makes me think I’m free he doesn’t give me a way to defend myself. ‘Maybe I really am out? No, don’t be ridiculous. You know that’s not possible. You knew what you were signing up for when you made the deal. Besides, I should be used to this by now. You have been here three hundred and sixty three years, you should know better by now.’ I tried to scold myself, refusing to believe I had escaped. Four times, that’s how many times he has done this. Made me believe I was out just to have reality to come crashing down around me. Damn the demons and their games. Damn Litvack, or perhaps it was Crowley, he helped sometimes considering Litvack was his pupil and right hand demon.

Well whichever one it was, I was not falling for it, not this time. Never again. “You lose dicks, I’m not falling for this one again.” I yelled out into the seemingly empty forest knowing they would hear. I closed my eyes preparing myself for the forest to melt away and the familiar torture chamber in Hell to welcome me back. I waited. And waited. “Come on, what are you waiting for? Why am I still here? I just ruined your fun so send me back!” Strange, normally he would bring me back as soon as I figured it out.

Not that I wanted the endless pain to return of course, but once again I knew what I was signing up for when I made the deal. And remembering who I made the deal for made it worth it. I could handle the eternity of pain, for him. I had to. If it meant he got to live a long, normal life it was worth it. That’s probably why I haven’t given in yet. At the end of every day Litvack gives me an offer. I will stop being tortured if I torture instead. Sometimes it’s tempting, so tempting, especially after a creatively painful day. But I don’t give in. Not yet. If I do then the whole deal would have been worthless. I would have sold my soul for nothing. I know how it goes, after torturing enough souls eventually your humanity will go away, and you become a demon. I can’t become a demon, not I it means one day I might have to go back and kill him. For that reason I have stayed strong for three hundred and sixty three years. I am not going to risk becoming a demon and killing him after everything I have done to make sure he stays alive.

I hear a rustling in a bush behind me and grip the knife tighter. It’s probably Litvack. “Finally come to take me back so you can continue using me as a human canvass for your knives?” I ask sarcastically.

“Sammy, I think she is drunk.” A soft whisper comes from the bush. A man talking to another. Okay, apparently the joke is still on sense he is sending ‘people’ presumably to ‘rescue’ me.

“I can hear you, I’m not drunk, and I know you are not real so Litvack you can make them go away now you son of a bitch!” I yelled the last part to the sky, knowing he was watching and probably enjoying every moment of this.

“Dean, she said Litvack. Do you think...?”

I cut off the one presumably named Sammy. “How about you boys come out and talk to me faced to face?” I tapped my foot, still not believing any of this was real.

Two boys stepped out from the bush, one significantly taller than the other. The tall one had a long mane of brown hair and a red button up plaid shirt with a Black jacket over top. The shorter one had short normal length hair, a black shirt under an unbuttoned dark plaid shirt and a brown leather jacket on top. And some sort of necklace that I couldn’t quite make out from the distance. Both of them had blood splattered all over them.

The tall one started talking first. “I’m Sam Winchester, this is my brother Dean. Who are you?”

I narrowed my eyes, for a simple prank Litvack sure was making it believable. But why would he make them covered in blood? “Abigall Spiers.”

“You said something about Litvack. As in the demon Litvack?” The one called Sam asked in a gentle tone. I nodded. “He does most of his work in Hell, what do you know about him?”

I couldn’t help but laugh darkly. “Too much.” At this the boys exchanged worried glances at each other.

“Dean, do you think she-?”

“Probably, that would explain why she showed up out of nowhere-”

“And in the same forest you said you were in when-”

“How long do you think she-”

“Who knows? She seems to think she is still there so-”

“Should we ask if she saw-?”

“Not yet, she just met us she probably thinks-”

“But he is our-!”

“Sammy I know! But that doesn’t mean-”

“Hello! Yeah hi, still here. Sorry to interrupt but do you think you could not talk about me like I can’t hear you? And what's with the blood?” I was getting annoyed, what kind of messed up trick was this? Damn you Litvack, damn you.

Both of them looked guilty. Good. Sam spoke first. “I’m sorry Abigall; we just sometimes get carried away... We were uh, hunting. Anyways, do you mind if we ask you a few questions?” I sighed and nodded, giving them the okay. “What is the last thing you remember before appearing here?”

“You mean besides Hell?” I assumed that’s what they were talking about earlier, me being in Hell. So at least I didn’t look completely crazy talking about it. Not like it mattered anyways, none of this was real so it doesn't really matter what I said. “I don’t know... A bright light maybe?”

Dean nodded. “Sounds about right. For a split second I think I saw the light of Cas’s Grace before he dragged me out.” He turned to Sam. “Any idea who got her out? Or why? She is obviously important considering they took the time to help her considering all the crap that’s been going on.”

Sam shrugged at his brother and turned to me. “How long were you in there?”

It was my turn to shrug. “Who knows? Time passes differently here than there. What year is it?” I wanted to believe I was out, really I did. But I couldn't, no, I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t allow myself to fill with hope just to have it shattered. Again.

Dean answered. “It’s March of 2013.”

I nodded. “So I have been there a little over three years.”

Sam and Dean stared at me in shock. Dean stuttered, “Three years? That’s over three hundred sixty years!”

“Yeah, thanks for reminding me.” I spat.

Dean looked down, ashamed. “I’m sorry; it’s just that I have been there. Forty years, broke after thirty and took the offer. I can’t even imagine what you must have gone through.” Surprisingly there was no pity in his voice, just understanding and pain.

“I didn’t realize that. I’m sorry.” Great, now I was feeling bad for a figment of my imagination. Just what I needed right now.

“Not your fault. Anyway something powerful must have dragged you out, and you must be important for them to try. My guess is it was an angel, but it might be awhile till we find out which one. Until then you can travel with us. I’m guessing you know a thing or two about demons after everything you went through so you won’t be useless.”

“That’s alright; I’m good on my own thanks.” The last thing I needed was to be getting attached to boys that were not real.

Sam turned to Dean and whispered, “I don’t think she believes she is out.”

“Well can you blame her? With the amount of time she spent in there I’m sure they made her believe she was out just to have it come crashing down on her more than once.” Dean sighed and turned back to me. “Okay, I think I know how to make you believe you are out. You just gotta trust us for a few minutes okay?” I nodded uncertainly. “Alright, here it goes, you better answer you son of a bitch. CAS! Cas get down here, we need you!”

I thought he was crazy for about two seconds because he was yelling at the sky. But almost immediately a handsome dark haired blue eyed man in a trench coat appeared three inches behind Dean. “Hello Dean. You called?”

Dean whirled around. “Jesus Cas, we talked about this. Personal space?” Dean complained, making no movement to get away from the other man. They stared at each other for about ten seconds before Dean cleared his throat loudly. “Right, well this is Abigall Spiers. We think an angel dragged her out of Hell. Can you use your angel mojo to make her believe she is in the real world?”

The man named Cas nodded and walked over to me. “I can make her see the truth.”

He placed two of his fingers to my forehead and I was momentarily blinded by a white light. I saw myself. I was in the all too familiar room designed especially for me. Litvack was doing his usual creative routine, Slicing and cutting till there was nothing left. I tried to refuse giving him the pleasure of me screaming out loud. I bit my lip till it bled trying to control my voice. Eventually he got bored and gave me the same offer he always made. Like always I refused, I would be betraying him if I gave in. Litvack sighed and left, leaving my body to heal before he continued with his torture. I closed my eyes and tried to rest a bit before he came back. A glowing gold hand reached out to me and grabbed my wrist. ‘Huh, don’t remember that. Guess that’s what I get for closing my eyes.’ The glowing figure fought its way out while it dragged me along. I must have passed out the second it touched me because my eyes were closed and my body hung limp. We broke through the surface of the ground and it disappeared, leaving me to wake up alone.

I blinked and stumbled back. It all must have passed through my brain in a matter of seconds because the boys hadn’t seemed to move at all. “S-so it’s true? I’m really out?” I asked disbelievingly.

Cas nodded. “Yes. It would appear that one of my siblings have freed you.” He looked like he knew more than he was letting on, but I didn’t question it. Not yet anyways.

“One of your siblings? You’re an angel?” It made sense I guess, how else did it explain him appearing out of thin air and pushing the memories into my head?

“Yes. My name is Castiel; I am an angel of the Lord.” Wow, an actual angel. I didn’t know if I should scream from happiness, ask all the questions that I had been wondering about since I became a Christian that the pastor didn’t answer, or if I should bow on my knees and start singing praises. I settled on giving him a blank stare and blinking twice. I really needed to get better at socializing, but hey, I had an excuse. Three hundred sixty years of talking to no one but a couple demons doesn’t exactly make you the best person to start a conversation with.

After a few more silent minutes of staring and trying to remember how to be normal, Castiel finally blinked and looked down. “I have to go now; I must talk to my brother Gabriel immediately. I will return soon. It was nice to meet you Isabelle. Goodbye Dean.” With that he fluttered away.

“Yeah, bye to you too Cas, nice chat.” Sam said sarcastically.

As soon as he was gone I shrieked and clamped my hand over my mouth, eyes going wide. “Oh my God. He was an angel. I met an angel. An actual angel.”

Dean smirked. “Well Sammy, it’s a close call but I think you fangirled more than her the first time you met him.” Sam glared back in response.

“I’m sorry. I just.... He was an angel!” I tried to emphasize my point so they wouldn’t think I was completely nuts.

Sam chuckled. “Oh just wait. There are more impressive things out there than angels.”

“If by impressive you mean scary, then yes.” Dean answered. “Trust me Abby, you do not want to get on an angels bad side.”

I nodded, taking in their words. “I already knew angels and demons are real. I just.. Never thought I would get to meet one. What else is out there? Ghosts, the yeti, vampires, loch ness monster?”

Dean shook his head. “Nah, the yeti is just a hoax. Same with Nessie and Bigfoot. But there are monsters out there. Vampires and ghosts are real. Hell, it’s their blood that’s all over us; we just took down a nest of them. Shape shifters are real too, so are skinwalkers, werewolves, wendigos, and so much more. So best to stay with us till we know you're safe yeah?”

I could tell there was probably some other reason they wanted me to stick around and not just for my safety. Probably has something to do with why Castiel disappeared so suddenly to talk to whomever it was he said. Gabriel? Yeah, that sounded right. After a few seconds I realized they were both staring at me, waiting for an answer. “How do I know you can be trusted?” I already knew I was going to go with them, it’s not like I had anywhere else to go anyways. Everyone I knew thought I was dead. Hell, some of them watched me die.

Sam took a step closer. “You don’t. But you never know till you give it a try. I get that trust has to be earned, but we can’t earn it unless you let us right?”

I smiled, thankful that they were taking me with them, whatever the reason might be. “Fine then. Hope you guys have some food back at your house, I haven’t eaten in over three hundred years.” I joked as I started to follow them out of the woods.

Sam looked at me and scratched the back of his head awkwardly. “Right. Home. You see, we don’t exactly have a home. We road trip around the country, wherever the next job takes us. We hardly ever stay in the same place for more than a week. The closest we have had to a home in years is Dean’s car or Bobby’s.”

Dean cut in before I had a chance to reply. “Yeah, but that’s not the worst part. See the majority of people either think we are dead or criminals and we don’t exactly have time to sit behind a desk all day to earn money. We live off fake I.D.s and stolen credit cards. That reminds me, we should probably make you some of your own sense you will be joining us.”

“Dean we are not taking her in hunts. It’s too dangerous.” Sam said with a stern look on his face.

“I’m not saying we throw her in front of a demon right away or anything, but we should still get her the I.D.s and badges. She can help with the questioning and research.”

“But what if the ghost or demon is there watching and sees her? It might go after her and we can’t risk that.”

“Then we teach her to defend herself. And maybe someday if she wants she can-”

“No Dean. We need to keep her safe until we figure out-”

I was getting tired of them talking about me like I wasn't there. I didn’t want to fight with them either so I walked a little ahead towards the black car I assumed was theirs. I’ll just wait here and let them talk it out. So maybe letting some brothers who basically admitted to being monster serial killers wasn’t my best idea, but it sure beat the alternative of starving to death lost in the woods.

I took the time to memorize the car, knowing I would be riding in it a lot from now on. A black 1967 four door Chevrolet Impala. I wasn’t an old car nerd or anything, but I could appreciate a beautiful car when I saw one. My mom was obsessed with them so I knew a thing or two about them. Living with her it was impossible not to. Even I had to admit that the car was beautiful. She was in such great condition that she could have passed as new. So clean and she didn’t have a scratch on her. She was in great shape for such an old car. Not a bad ride at all. I could see myself quickly getting used to riding in her across the country, windows down and music blasting.

The boys must have finished their conversation because they had fallen silent and had caught up to me. Dean glanced at me with a smirk on his face as he saw me ogling the car. “What do ya think?” He asked proudly.

“Yours?” He nodded. Sam rolled his eyes. I nodded in approval. “She is rather beautiful. You must take great care of her to be in the great shape she’s in.”

Dean smiled happily as he unlocked the car. “Finally someone who appreciates Baby. Just for that you get to ride shotgun.”

Sam glared and I smiled playfully as I pushed past him and into the front seat. “Sorry.” I said happily, obviously not sorry at all. Everyone got in the car and Dean drove off.

“So do you guys do this often? Take in random strangers and make them hunt with you?”

Dean chuckled. “No, not exactly. With the job we meet a lot of people. We try to save as many as possible. Saving people, hunting things, the family business. We don’t take them along though, they usually have friends and family to get back to. Sometimes when we are lucky we get a few days off. Once or twice we might get a week off.”

“So what’ll I be doing while you boys run around killing demons?” I wanted to do something to help them, I hated feeling useless.

“Well in our free time Dean or I can teach you enough to keep yourself alive during a supernatural attack. But for the most part you will probably be at the hotel room doing research or something. In return we will buy you food and let you stay with us. Deal?”

I turned to look at Sam, nodding happily. I did know a bit about the supernatural of course, seeing as that’s what led me to sell my soul in the first place. But since I obviously didn’t know enough to stay alive I could take all the help I could get. Damn Ghost facers were practically useless in a real life situation. Note to self: Next time you go after a ghost do not trust amateur ‘hunters’ you see on YouTube.

We finally checked into a hotel and got a room after half an hour of driving. Dean left shortly after we got into the room saying he was going to get food, and giving a pointed look to his brother he made a comment about not forgetting the pie.

I decided to get a shower while I waited on the food. The warm water felt amazing as I scrubbed away all the dirt and sweat from my body. I sighed happily as I turned the water off, feeling clean and refreshed for the first time in a long time. I stared at my dirty torn clothes in disgust; I would definitely need to buy some more before I did any hunting with the boys. I slipped the clothes on and was about to come out of the bathroom when I noticed the hushed arguing. Dean must have come back with the food. I knew I probably shouldn’t eavesdrop on some people I just met, but hey I was curious.

“Dean, we have been over this. Gabriel can be trusted. I think so, Cas thinks so, you are the only one against it.”

“Well sorry if I’m not going to be his best friend after he killed me... How many times exactly? Over one hundred at least.”

“You don’t even remember him doing it! It was more painful for me because I still remember it happening!”

“Exactly! You watched him kill me countless times and you still want to include him in our group. You trust others too easily Sam.”

“If you're going to blame anyone for this, blame Cas. He’s the one that vouched for Gabriel in the first place. And since then he has done nothing but try to prove himself to us. How many times had he saved our asses?”

“Still, I’d rather he have brought Balthazar into this than Gabriel. Tricksters can’t be trusted. Always changing sides to suite their own needs. He might not be an Archangel, but at least we know Balthazar won’t betray us.”

“Just give him a chance Dean. The only reason I’m willing to let Gabriel join our little group is because Cas said he changed and we should try to trust him, and I trust Cas. I thought you did too.”

Well that sure shut Dean up. Even though I couldn’t see them from my side of the door, I could guess they were having an intense staring match. I should probably walk in before the tension gets too thick. “Hey Dean, your back. What kind of food did you bring?” I pretended not to notice them hiding the argument they just had with forced smiles.

“Pizza, hope that’s okay with you. Got you cheese, didn’t know what topping you liked.” He handed me a six slice box of pizza then he and Sam opened their box. I opened it, my mouth watering as the smell filled my nose. I took a small bite, savoring the first taste of food I’d had in forever. I wanted to make the meal last longer, but I was so hungry that I finished within ten minutes.

“So what do we do now? Find some monsters or wait for them to come to us?” I asked as I stood up to throw away my empty pizza box.

“Whoa there. First off, you won’t be involved in any hunts until we teach you a little bit about it. And second, before we do anything you should probably get some new clothes and Dean and I will still have to make you ID’s and all that.”

I hated this. I hated feeling useless and stupid. I knew they would have to teach me some things but surely I could be of some help in the meantime, right? Oh well, best not to argue with them. I didn’t exactly feel like being invited into their life just to be kicked out in the same day.

I nodded to Sam, agreeing to his terms. For now. I jumped and nearly screamed when the dark haired angel appeared in the middle of the room. “Hello Dean. Sam. I need to talk to the two of you.”

Sam glanced at me nervously, as though he thought I would go running or be attacked the second they turned their backs to me. “We will be right outside if you need us okay?”

I rolled my eyes. “Of course mom, I’ll be sure to scream if I get a paper cut or something.” It was sweet of him to worry so much after just meeting me, but surely I could handle being on my own for a few minutes.

Castiel squinted his eyes and tilted his head. “That is illogical. A man cannot possibly be a mother for they do not have the reproductive organs allowing them to give birth.”

I studied the angel. I couldn’t tell if this was his idea of a joke or if he was being serious. Dean sent me a pleading ‘just go with it and don’t ask questions’ look. Apparently it was normal for Cas to not understand jokes and say things like this. Great, they have a Captain America in the group.

They stepped outside the room and I turned on the TV. After a few minutes of channel surfing I settled on Star Wars. It was already half over but I hadn’t seen that in a while so I turned it on. Not being one to sit still for long, after about ten minutes I started walking around the room glancing at the papers thrown on the small table. I shuffled through one of the stacks, noticing they had hand written notes all over the margins. On closer inspection they appeared to be about Vampires, presumably the nest they had taken down before they found me.

I went to the next stack; they were all near where we were. Probably looking for a next job or something. I cursed myself as my finger slid against one of the papers and went to wipe off the drop of blood in the sink. Paper cut, how ironic. I sat back on the bed and watched the rest of the movie. The boys walked in just as it was showing the transformation from Anakin to Darth Vader.

Sam walked over to the table and turned on his laptop while Cas and Dean sat on the other bed. No one was talking and to be honest it made me kind of uncomfortable. “So... What was that about?”

“Nothing much, Cas was just catching us up on heaven.” Dean started nonchalantly. “Tomorrow we will go out and get you everything you need. Until then I’m sure Sammy has a pair of sweats or something so you can sleep comfortably.”

And he did. Only problem was Sam was way taller than me so I had to hold the pants up to keep them from falling down. But hey, they had done so much for me who was I to complain? I would have taken the pull out couch, but Dean insisted that he take it. He knew how hard it could be to recover from being in hell and he seemed determined that I get a bed. Of course after I got all comfortable and was starting to doze off Dean kicked Sam out of the other bed, making Sam take the couch so Dean could have the bed. I chuckled slightly at their brotherly banter, silently wishing that I wasn’t an only child and had a sibling.

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