Breaking Free

Hammer of the Gods

We got out of the car and walked quickly through the heavy rain. In the short amount of time it took us to walk from the car to the doors we were already drenched. Sam pushed open the door and Dean and I gratefully followed him in. We took a moment to shake off the rain water before glancing around.

It was a great place to say the least. The lobby was furnished in clean white furniture and there was a bar along one wall and a large fireplace against another. Sam and Dean frowned at each other, admiring our surroundings. It was definitely better than what we were used too.

"Nice digs, for once." Dean commented.

Sam and I shrugged an agreement before we walked over to the check in desk. The young man who stood behind the desk was typing away rather quickly as we approached. I noticed he was wearing a bowtie. I like bowties. "Busy night?" Dean questioned, smiling impatiently.

"Any port in a storm, I guess.” He answered and turned his attention to us. "If you could just fill this out please." He pushed a piece of paper towards us.

"Yeah." Dean grabbed a pen and started doing as he was instructed.

He watched patiently as Dean was writing. "Sir I think you got a little…" he raised his right hand and pointed to his own jaw line, showing Dean the location, "shaving nick there."

Dean glanced up and took the tissue offered by the desk clerk. He lifted it to the top left side of his neck and sure enough there was a drop of blood from where the tissue touched his skin.

"Your key." The clerk smiled and held up a key. Guess it was just one room tonight. Not that I cared about sharing a room with the boys, it was just faster to get ready in the mornings when I had my own bathroom instead of waiting for them to both finish.

"Oh, thanks." Dean grabbed the key with the hand that wasn’t holding the tissue to his neck. "Hey, you wouldn’t happen to have a coffee shop, would you?"

"Buffet." He corrected proudly. It was obvious this guy liked his job. He raised his hand, pointing with his whole hand to his right. "All you can eat. Best pie in the tri-state area." He raised his eyebrows slightly, trying to convince us to eat.

Well the pie thing certainly got Dean's attention. "You don’t say." He smiled showing off his teeth, a slightly dreamy expression on his face. The amount of love in his face when pie was mentioned mirrored how he sometimes looked at Cas. He walked over to the long table that was covered with pie.

I raised my eyebrows, trying to contain my laughter. I looked up at Sam; it was obvious he was thinking the same thing.

Sam chuckled and rolled his eyes. "Common, let’s leave my dear older brother alone with his true love."

I nodded, following him towards the elevator. "Quiet now, we don't want Cas to be eavesdropping and getting jealous."

We stepped onto the elevator and pressed the button to our floor. The soft music started playing as it started to move. "Hey, Sam?" I waited for him to give a sound that indicated he was listening. "Do you think there is a job here? It's just this place is in the middle of nowhere and with the way Gabriel was acting before he flew off.... and what he said, about what he does here not meaning anything, what do you think he meant?"

He sighed, trying to find the best way to answer. "Honestly? I don't know. Gabriel is....interesting. He does things that make no sense to others, but usually he has good intentions. Even when he was a trickster and killing he was getting rid of the not so nice people."

The elevator dinged and opened its doors. We walked out and continued down the hall till we reached our room. "Look Abby, I don't know what's going on here, all I'm saying is be on your guard, just in case." He put the key in and opened the door. We barely took one minute to look around the room. We dropped our bags on the bed and left to meet Dean downstairs at the buffet.

We got back down in just enough time to see Dean striking out with a pretty dark skinned lady. She had perfect hair, perfect makeup, and a perfect figure. If this was high school I would be willing to bet she would be the slutty cheerleader who was a bitch to anyone not as popular as her. I hated her instantly.

We filled out plated and joined Dean at a table. Dean and I had started eating bit Sam was on his phone again. "Sam, un-pucker man. Eat something."

"We should hit the road, Dean." I could tell Sam was just as nervous about staying here as I was, but at least I was willing to stay at least long enough to eat. I had hardly had anything at that fast food joint we had stopped by earlier and the buffet food did look rather tempting.

I could tell Dean was thinking along the same lines as me, stay for the food. "In this storm? What it's-"

"It’s biblical." Sam cut his brother off. "Exactly, it’s frigging Noah’s ark out there and we're eating pie."

But Dean, always the stubborn one, had to win every argument. "How many hours of sleep did you get this week? What? Three? Four?" Sam rolled his eyes and licked his lips before turning his attention back to his brother. "Look Bobby's got his feelers out, okay? We have talked with every hoodoo man and root woman in twelve states."

"Well I’m not giving up." Sam defended himself. Just great, we were back to this argument.

A look of determination crossed Dean's face. "Nobody's giving up." He took a deep breath before continuing. "Especially me. We‘re gonna find a way to beat the devil, okay? And soon, I can feel it. And we will find Adam, we'll find God, but you are no good to me burnt out."

I felt like I should say something, anything. Just to let Sam know that I hadn't giving up on him either. "Sam just listen to us okay? Me, Dean, Cas, even Gabriel, we are all here for you. We all care about you and we are all fighting for you. There are five of us, two of us are angels. Together we can find a way."

Sam, realizing we had won, at least for now, sighed and picked up his fork. "Yeah, okay."

Dean, always trying to find the positive side of things to ease the tension, started smiling like nothing had happened. “Come on. We’ve actually got the night off for once. Let’s try to enjoy it.”

On our way back up to our room we passed a young couple that were giggling and making out. Dean, being Dean, started laughing and Sam made some comment about how immature his brother was. Dean rolled his eyes and pushed his way into his room. He dropped his bag on a bed and let out a low whistle of appreciation. “Look at this. We’re like the Rockefellers.”

I had to admit, the room was pretty sweet. There was lots of space, great furniture, and even a chocolate on each pillow. I was suddenly grateful that we used fake credit cards and the money wasn’t actually coming out of our pockets. A room like this would surly cost a fortune. Sam and I hardly noticed nor cared that Dean took not only the chocolate on his bed but from the other bed as well.

“Whoa, Casa Erotica thirteen on demand.” Dean said, picking the add up from the bedside table and showing me and Sam. Okay, maybe Dean was having a little too much fun here. “What?” he asked innocently, noticing Sam and I shaking out heads at him.

“Doesn’t this place seem kind of…?” I trialed off, not sure how exactly to phrase it. Luckily Sam came to my rescue.

“In the middle of nowhere? Not to mention Gabriel flying off as soon as we pulled up.”

Dean shrugged, apparently seeing nothing wrong with this. “So?”

“So what’s a four star hotel doing on a no-star highway?” Sam made a valid point. I’ll be honest; I was too worried about Gabriel to notice the location too much.

Before Dean could answer there was a thud against the wall a little too forceful and loud to just be the couple we saw in the hall. It shook the wall and made the table against it topple over.

“What the hell?” I wandered out loud as I followed the brothers out of our room and into the one next to us.

The room was dark, it looked empty, deserted. Dean took a few slow steps into the room, eyeing his surroundings cautiously. We walked around the room, looking for anything out of the ordinary. Sam was brave enough to call out a “Hello?” as he searched. I found nothing so made my way back to Dean, who was holding up a diamond ring. Well that sure was unusual. Considering how they were acting a few minutes earlier they certainly didn’t seem like they would get into a fight and call off an engagement.

We wandered down to the lobby and found the man who had checked us in. “The, uh, the room next to ours, the couple that are, uh, joined at the lips, have you seen them?”

“Mr. and Mrs. Logan, the honeymooners?” He asked, hardly pausing to think. For a hotel this grand it surprised me that he took the time to learn each customer's names. He typed quickly into his computer before returning his attention back to us. “They checked out. Is something the matter?”

“They checked out?” I asked, disbelievingly. With the sounds we had heard coming from their room it certainly didn’t seem like they would be leaving anytime soon.

“Mm-hmm. Just now.” The desk boy confirmed, smiling at us.

“Really?” Dean questioned.

“It sort of seemed like they were um... In the middle of something.” Sam finished Dean’s train of thought.

“Yeah that’s kinda weird for honeymooners to check out without this.” Dean held up the diamond ring to show to the desk boy.

“Oh dear.” He replied, not sounding concerned at all. “I’ll just put that right in the lost and found. Don’t you worry.” He took the ring, smiling pleasantly at us. It seemed fake and to be honest a little creepy. “Is there anything else I can help you with?”

“No, no we’re good thanks.” I replied, trying to smile despite my feeling of discomfort about this place.

“Super-fantastic.” He gave us another smile, this one seeming slightly more natural. Probably because he was done speaking to us. Dean gave him an awkward smile before we turned and walked away.

“Creepy.” Sam said as he cleared his throat slightly.

I had to say I agreed with Sam. “Glad I’m not the only one who thinks so.”

“Broke the needle.” Dean turned his head to face us as we walked. “All right. Well I’ll scoop out the joint and you two keep an eye on Norman Bates over here. I mean, one night off. Is that too much to ask?” Dean complained as he walked away.

I turned to Sam. “Well you have been a hunter longer than me. Got any ideas about what's going on here?”

He shook his head. “Not yet, but something definitely isn’t right.” Sam turned and saw the desk boy walking away from his computer as another worker took his place. “Common. Try to stay quiet.”

I nodded and together we silently followed him down a hall. We could see a glowing light from around the corner. We waited a second after he turned before following. The light revealed itself to be a vending machine. We glanced around. No sign of the worker.

“Where did he go?” I mouthed silently to Sam who in response frowned and shrugged.

He raised his fingers up to his neck, pulling them away to reveal a drop of blood. My eyes widened. It was just like what happened to Dean when we first walked in here.

“What the hell?” he whispered and looked up at me, his eyebrows raised and drawn together like they did when he was confused.

“Come on, let’s go.” I whispered, pulling on Sam’s arm.

We met Dean on our way back to the lobby. “An Elephant?” I questioned, disbelievingly.

He nodded. “Yeah.”

“Like an Elephant?” You could practically see the gears turning in Sam’s head.

“That’s what I said Sammy. Like full on Babar.”

“So what the Hell is...” Sam’s sentence was cut off as we reached the lobby. Everything looked to be in order. All the furniture was in the correct place and perfectly clean. The only thing that seemed to be different was that there wasn’t a person in sight.

“Where is everybody?” I asked confused. “I somebody took them then why leave us?”

Neither of the brothers seemed to have an answer as they walked around the empty lobby. Sam went over to the doors and shook them.

“Let me guess.” Dean started. “It’s locked.” Sam nodded, confirming Dean’s words. “So, what? The roaches check in, they don’t check out?”

“Think about how we got here.” Sam said quietly. I was confused at first, what did that have to do with anything? “That detour on I-90? The friggin Hurricane?”

“Are you saying we were led here?” I questioned him.

Sam nodded. “Like rats in a maze.”

“But that doesn’t make sense.” I shook my head, refusing to believe it. “Gabriel would have said something, warned us somehow. He wouldn’t knowingly let us b e led into a trap."

Sam put his hand comfortingly on my shoulder as I bit my lip, trying not to cry. He wouldn’t do this to me. To any of us. Not after everything we have all been through the past five months.

“When he shows his face to us again I swear I will kill him myself.” Dean promised, his eyes showing how serious he was.

“No Dean.” I shook my head. He turned to me, waiting for me to elaborate. “He deserves to at least be heard out. Promise me you will at least let him explain before you hurt him.”

Dean, of course, tried to protest. “But he is hurting you now! He doesn't deserve-”

“Promise!” I cut him off, my voice strong, not leaving any room for arguments.

He nodded, probably just for my sake. “Okay.” His voice was way gentler now, probably sensing how close to my breaking point I was. “Okay I promise.”

I nodded, accepting this. I didn’t want to fight with him. I could feel Sam pulling me into a comforting hug. I accepted, grateful for the contact. “Thank you,” I whispered into his chest as his arms wrapped securely around me. I took a shaky breath to compose myself before pulling away, giving a small smile to each of the boys. I was grateful they were here with me; they were each one of the few people who could make me feel safe. There were two others, one was trying to find his long lost father and the other, well I didn’t want to think about him right now.

Dean shifted uncomfortably. That’s right; he never was one for chick flick-y moments. He glanced around, eyes narrowing as he saw something. He lifted a hand and pointed at the doors to the kitchens which were slightly ajar. “Think that means anything?”

“Let’s find out.” I said, following the boys into the kitchen. I felt a lot better than I did a few moments earlier. Good thing too, I can’t have my pathetic emotions getting in the way of a case.

We slowly walked around the kitchen, looking for any clues. As far as I could tell so far there was just the normal stuff; Ovens, stoves, pots and pans in their rightful place, nothing seemed to be ordinary. We walked down one aisle of stoves, hearing the liquid in a pot boiling. It was dark red and gave off a not so pleasing odor.

Dean walked over to it, muttering, “Please be tomato soup.” He grabbed the ladle and lifted it, dropping it almost immediately. There were two eyeballs in the ‘tomato soup’. Dean put his hand up and turned away, obviously not interested in that particular pot any more.

“Welcome to Motel Hell.” I stated sarcastically, a grimace on my face.

Sam turned and walked to one of the pantries in the kitchen with a window to show what was inside. When he was close enough someone, probably one of the guests, threw themselves against the window, yelling, “Help us! Get us out!”

I ran over to Sam who was jiggling the handle and trying to open it. It was locked.

“Hurry up!” Dean urged us on.

“We are trying; we are doing this as fast as we can!” I called over to Dean while Sam continued to attempt to pick the lock.

I nudged Sam in the ribs to get his attention, using my eyes to point at the three who had suddenly appeared behind the oldest hunter.

“There’s somebody behind me, isn’t there?” Dean asked. I barely had time to nod to confirm he was right before each of them grabbed one of us.

They obviously were not human because even with the strength Sam and Dean had they couldn’t shake off the attackers. Noticing their struggles I decided my attacker would be a lot gentler with me if I went along quietly. Not like I had enough strength to throw him off anyways. They took us up to the Grand Ballroom, Sam and Dean still trying to squirm their way out of the attackers grasps.

They let go of us after we entered the room, throwing us roughly in front of them, causing us to stumble slightly. It didn’t take long for us to notice the room was not empty. Several people stood around with those ‘Hello, my name is ____’ stickers plastered on their shirts.

I could tell immediately that these were not normal people. A black man named Ganesh stuck out in my mind. When Bobby was teaching me through all his old books wasn’t there an Elephant God or something by the name Ganesh? And a tall man with white hair and beard was named Odin. As in Odin, king of Asgard? And the pretty dark skinned lady Dean struck out with earlier, Kali, wasn’t she one of the fiercest forms of the Shakti known as The Destroyer? Baron Samedi, didn’t he have something to do with death? A quick glance at the boy’s faces told me they were thinking the same thing.

“Something tells me this isn’t a Shriner Convention.” Dean joked, probably more for the benefit of me and Sam than himself. I smiled slightly at him, silently thanking him for attempting to calm our nerves.

The desk clerk who had checked us in came in with a silver platter on a movable tray with wheels. “Dinner is served.” He said pleasantly, taking off the silver platter cover to reveal a human head on top of what looked like salad made from human flesh. I had to keep myself from gagging at the sight and smell. Of course it didn’t seem to bother the Gods and Goddesses around us, the applauded at the sight of the feast.

The God named Baldur smiled evilly. “Ladies and gentlemen, our guests of honor have arrived.” well he certainly said that more dramatically than was necessary, but each to their own I suppose.

Shit. Guest of honor? I realized they were all looking at the three of us. What exactly did that entail? Were they going to make us into dessert with everyone watching? I didn’t have to look up at Sam or Dean to know they had the same look of fear on their face that I probably had on mine.

The visitors all took their seat as Baldur, dramatic as ever, clinked his spoon against his champagne glass to get everyone's attention. This of course was unnecessary, seeing as we were all already watching him anyways. "Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming. Well in all my centuries, I never thought I'd see this, this many gods under one roof."

"Gods?" Sam asked, looking to Dean.

'Gabriel please,' I prayed silently, 'if we were ever friends or if you ever cared about any of us, please help us.' I knew it was probably a wasted effort, but I was desperate and out of ideas. I didn’t particularly care of I died, seeing as I was technically supposed to be dead right now, but Sam and Dean deserved better than this. If I wasn't going to survive this then I prayed that they would.

"Now before we get down to brass tacks," Baldur continued, "some ground rules. No slaughtering each other. Curb your wrath. Oh, and uh, keep your hands off the local virgins. We're trying to keep a low profile here." Some of the gods cracked a smile while others sighed in disappointment.

"Oh, we are so, so screwed." Sam whispered.

"Yes, thank you for stating the obvious. Now any ideas how we get out of here alive?" Okay, maybe that was a little harsh of me to say. But I didn't need him reminding me that we were dead meat.

Baldur could probably hear us, being a god and all, but he continued as though we were invisible. "Now we all know why we're here. The Judeo-Christian apocalypse looms over us. I know we've all had our little disagreements in the past, but the time has come to put those aside and look toward the future. 'Cause if we don't, we won't have one. Now we do have three very valuable bargaining chips, Michael and Lucifer's vessels and of course you all know about the blessed girl."

He pointed to each of us in turn. What the hell did he mean 'the blessed girl?' Sam and Dean looked about as lost as I was.

"The question is what do we do now? Anybody have any bright ideas, speak up. This is a safe room." His voice took on a commanding tone as he glanced at each god or goddess in turn.

Someone stood up and started speaking mandarin.

"Oh, I don't like his tone." Dean commented. He was right, the god did sound angry.

"Kill them?" Ganesh, the elephant god questioned. "Why? So the angels here can bring them back again?"

Shit. They wanted us dead. Of course they did. 'Gabriel, please. Help us!'

Odin spoke up, much calmer than the mandarin guy had been. "I don't know what everybody's getting so worked up about. This is just a couple of angels having a slap fight. It's no Armageddon. Everybody knows when the world comes to an end, the great serpent Jormungandr rises up, and I myself, will be eaten by a big wolf." He laughed slightly, glancing at the mandarin guy.

Mandarin god spoke something in mandarin. Everyone else in the room seemed to understand him but the three of us were clueless.

"Oh yeah?" Odin questioned with a slightly challenging tone. "And why is that? Because your beliefs are much more realistic? The whole worlds getting carried around on the back of a giant turtle. Give me a break." Mandarin guy spoke defensively, causing Odin to get angry. "What are you gonna do about it?" He stood up, hands on the table and leaning towards mandarin god guy.

"You watch your mouth when you talk to me, boy!" Whatever he had said did not go over well with Odin. More mandarin speaking. "No one's ever proved that."

While they were arguing and distracted we decided silently that now would be a good time to go. We stood up, seeing as they didn't bother to tie us down. The chandelier above the exit crashed down in front of us, causing me to take a few steps back.

Kali stood up and spoke in a demanding and slightly threatening tone. "Stay." We turned around, seeing all the gods focused on us and her. "We have to fight. The archangels, the only thing they understand is violence. This ends in blood, there is no other way. It's them, or us."

The desk boy raised his hand slightly to get her attention. "With all due'am, we haven't even tried talking to them." He spoke quietly, nervously. Kali glared at him and he started choking, pulling on his tie in an attempt to loosen it.

After a few moment of him choking, Baldur spoke somewhat impatiently. "Kali."

She stopped whatever she was doing to make him choke, but she was still glaring at him. "Who asked you?" She stated simply.

The doors to the Grand Ballroom opened, revealing a certain gold eyed archangel. "Can't we all just get along?" He walked in, arms spread out to emphasize his point.

Normally I'd be thrilled to see my favorite angel, but now I was pissed. He led us here, knowing who was inside.

Sam looked at the angel, surprised. "Gab-" he couldn't finish his sentence as it appeared Gabriel had taken his voice away. After trying out my voice I realized he must have done the same to Dean and me.

"Sam. Dean. Abby. It’s always wrong place, worst time with you muttonheads, isn't it?" What the Hell? What kind of game was he playing here? He sent us a look, silently begging us to play along. 'Fine. But you better explain everything later.' That is, if we survived that long.

"Loki." Baldur stated simply, greeting the trickster. Ah, so his fellow god friends didn't know who he truly was.

"Baldur." Gabriel turned his attention away from us and turned to the god. "Good seeing you too. I guess my invitation got lost in the mail." He said sarcastically, raiding his eyebrows in question.

"Why are you here?" Baldur asked calmly, though it was fairly obvious he wasn't particularly fond of Gabriel.

"To talk about the elephant in the room." He raised his finger at Ganesh without even looking at him. "Not you. The apocalypse. We can’t stop it, gang." Everyone around the room shared the same uncomfortable silence. "But, first things first." He continued, far more cheerfully. "The adults need to have a little conversation. Check you later." He snapped his fingers, making us disappear.

When I opened my eyes again we were back inside our room.

"Okay." Dean started after realizing what happened. "Did that...? Holy crap."

"Yeah. Tell me about it." Sam agreed. "By the way, next time I say let’s keep driving, uh, let’s keep driving."

"Okay yeah, next time." Dean seemed just as mad about the whole situation as Sam.

"All right, so, what's our next move?" Sam asked.

"I, uh, I don't know." Dean was thinking fast, trying to pick the most logical solution. "We grab the poor saps out of the freezer, I guess, bust them out. Gank a few freaks along the way if we're lucky."

I bit my lip. Part of me wanted to follow Dean's plan, but the other half of me wanted to stay. "But Gabriel is still here. Shouldn't we wait till he comes back before we try to escape?"

"See? This is why I like her." All three of us whipped our heads around to see Gabriel sitting in one of the various chairs around the room, smiling apologetically at us. "She is willing to wait for me like a loyal friend, not just ditch me the second she had the opportunity to do so."

"Oh you know what? Bite me Gabriel." Dean said, glaring at the angel.

Gabriel waved off his comment. "Maybe later, big boy."

"We should have known. You are a trickster after all; it was only a matter of time before you betrayed us." Dean said accusingly.

"Dean," I warned, holding him back. "You promised."

"You honestly think I would do that you boys? You think I would do that to Abigall?" He asked disbelievingly.

"Well that's sure what it looks like." Sam glared down at Gabriel.

Gabriel shook his head. "Well I didn't. And I wouldn't. Believe it or not but there, just a few seconds ago, that was me saving your ass."

"So, what? You wanna pull us out of the fire?" Dean said, raising an eyebrow. It was obvious he didn't believe him. "If that’s true then why didn't you stop us from staying here in the first place?"

"Look, Dean-o, I don't expect you to understand or accept my reasoning. I did it for Abby. When we pulled up in the parking lot I could sense there was something here. A lot of power. Of course I didn’t know exactly who was here, but I knew there was something going on. I had hoped I could get some information." He looked straight into my eyes, looking at me with sorrow deep within his honey eyes. "Trust me Abby; I never thought you guys would get captured. I’m sorry, I was wrong."

I wanted to believe him. I wanted to run up to him, throw my arms around him and tell him it was all fine, that he was forgiven. Even though I knew he would never purposefully put us in danger, I controlled myself enough to stay where I was. "What kind of information?" I asked making sure my voice stayed emotionless. He didn't need to know how much he affected me.

"Information about you."

At first I was confused, not sure what he meant. Then realization dawned on me. "Blessed. They called me 'the blessed girl.' What does that mean?"

Gabriel took in my answer, pondering what to say. "I'm not exactly sure, although I do have a fairly good idea. I'll talk it over with Chuck when we get there, confirm my thoughts."

"You don't still think you're traveling with us, do you?" Sam laughed humorlessly. "After what you put her through, you honestly expect us to let you stay around her?"

"Sam," I turned to him, silently telling him to shut up. I turned back to Gabriel, "I have a say in this right?" Out of the corner of my eye I could see Sam and Dean nodding slowly. "Good. Then I say he can stay with us. He made a mistake, so what? Like you two have never messed up? Gabriel, you know those guys. What do we do?”

He sighed, shaking his head. "Well it’s not like I can just snap my fingers and zap us out of here. Kali has a blood spell on you boys, you're on a leash."

Dean, although still pissed, was at least willing to listen, even if it was just for my sake. "What does that, mean?"

Gabriel smiled slightly, his eyes twinkling with mischief. "Means it's time for a little of the old black magic."

Dean rolled his eyes. "Whatever. We're gonna take the Hors D'oeuvres in the freezer with us."

"Forget it. It’s going to be hard enough sneaking you mooks out of here."

"They called you 'Loki' right?" Dean questioned. Gabriel nodded. "Which means they don't really know who you are."

"Told you." Gabriel said, cocky grin on his face. "I'm in witness protection."

"Okay, well, then how about you do what we say, or we tell the legion of doom about your secret identity?"

"Dean, no." I said, getting an idea. "Gabriel is on our side. They don't know he is an archangel, this can work to our advantage."

"She is right Dean. We might survive after all. Besides, we don't have enough friends to be sending them off to their death."

I smiled proudly; things were finally looking up for us. "So, Gabriel, what's the plan?"

"Just follow my lead. And like I said in the car, anything I say to you in front of them, don’t take it to heart. I’m just trying to get you out alive."

Sam, Dean, and I were walking through the lobby, trying to get to the other guests before it was too late. It wasn't long before we heard a man yelling, "No, no!"

We peaked into the doors to the kitchens which here slightly ajar. Dean moved forward as though to help the screaming man, but Sam held him back. "It’s too late." He whispered regretfully. And he was right. Not two seconds later one of the chefs brought down his large knife and ended the poor man’s life. I closed my eyes and turned away at the sound of his dying scream.

We eventually snuck into the kitchen, back to where we started with Sam trying to pick the lock. Dean was searching for the blood. And of course, just like last time, we were ambushed. One of them had Sam against the wall hand on his throat. I was thrown into a wall, causing several pots and pans to topple over on me from the nearby counter. Luckily none of them hit my head. Ow, that was going to hurt tomorrow. I just hoped whatever Gabriel was doing he was having more luck than us. I tried to stand up, to help on some way, bit I got dizzy when I tried to move. I was aware of Dean plunging a stake into the god attacking Sam, saw him slide to the ground, gasping for breath. I saw them running over to me.

"Abby, you okay?" Sam held out his hand, offering to help me up. "Common, stand up. I got ya."

I stood up slowly with his help, taking a moment to shake away the dizziness. "Thanks Sammy. You got the blood Dean?" He held it up for me to see in response. I nodded. "Good. Now let's get Gabriel and get the hell out of here."

It was a good plan. Until we walked out of the kitchen and where, once again, captured. 'Well this whole déjà vu thing is getting old.' I thought to myself as we were taken back up to the Grand Ballroom. I took a quick glance around. Gabriel was there too. Well shit, there goes our genius escape plan.

"How long have you known?" Gabriel asked an air of defeat about him.

"Long enough." Kali replied coldly.

We were pushed roughly into seats near the archangel. "How’s the rescue going?" Dean asked, trying to break the tension. Gabriel gave us one of his more sarcastic smiles in response.

"Well, surprise, surprise. The trickster has tricked us." Kali said tauntingly. Bitch.

"Kali." Gabriel begged. "Don't."

She turned on him, leaning in close and whispering. "You're mine now." She moved closer, sitting on his lap. If I hated her at first glance I absolutely despised her now. Who did she think she was, treating him like this? Of course my hate had nothing to do with the way she had seated herself on top of him. Nope, I'm not jealous. At least that's what I told myself. I had no reason to be, not like I stood a chance anyways. "And you have something I want." She trailed her hand down his chest and he did nothing to stop her. The longer she touched him the more my hatred for the goddess grew. Baldur obviously wasn't too pleased with his girlfriend at the moment either judging by the way he was avoiding looking anywhere near her.

I felt my heart skip a beat in fear as she pulled out his angel sword. She wouldn't dare. My hands clenched in fists as I silently yelled at Gabriel to flap his wings and get himself the hell away from her before she could hurt him. He didn't listen, instead keeping his gaze fixed strictly on the goddess on top of him.

Kali leaned even closer and spoke even quieter. "An archangel’s blade. From the archangel..." she paused for dramatic effect before raising her voice to address the whole room, "Gabriel." Saying his name had the impact she had been wanting, the other gods’ heads snapped up and glared at Gabriel. She got off of him, finally, and walked a few steps away.

"Okay!" He said cheerfully, smiling at kali. He was terrified; he was just hiding it by waving it off like it was nothing. "So I got wings. Like kotex. But that doesn’t make me any less right about Lucifer."

"He's lying." Kali accused, glaring down at him. "He's a spy."

"I'm not a spy. I'm a runaway." He corrected. "I'm trying to save you. I know my brother, Kali. He should scare the living crap out of you. You can't beat him. I've skipped ahead, seen how this story ends."

"Your story." Kali cut him off. "Not ours. Westerners, I swear, the sheer arrogance. You think you’re the only ones on earth? You pillage and you butcher in your God's name. But you’re not the only religion. And he's not the only God. And now you think you can just rip the planet apart? You’re wrong." Her voice broke. Didn't matter, I still had no sympathy for her. "There are billions of us. And we were here first. Of anyone gets to end this's me." Her voice had dropped again as she got closer and closer to my Gabriel, stroking his face gently. "I'm sorry." She slowly raised the angel blade. I realized what she was doing just a split second before it happened. She plunged the blade into his body, watching as the white light traveled through his flesh before going out, his Grace was dying, and so was he. A second later the brilliant white light flooded out of his eyes and mouth, and then it was over. His body slumped in the chair, he was gone.

I couldn't move, couldn't scream. My world was slowly crashing down around me. What was only seconds seemed to last forever. I could feel my eyes watering, but I did nothing to push the tears away. After everything we have been through, all the memories we shared, he couldn't just be gone. My lower lip trembled and I bit it to hold in my sob. Gabriel, my Gabriel, couldn’t just be dead. All those times he healed me and saved me, protected me and cared for me, took away my nightmares or made me my favorite dessert, and now I was powerless to save him just once. It wasn’t fair. Sam and Dean must have been just as shocked as I was, judging by their reactions. Probably sensing I needed comforting, again, Sam wrapped his right arm around me and held me as close as he could seeing as we were each in different chairs. Dean grabbed my hand closest to him and started rubbing small comforting circles on the back of my hand. At least I could still count on them to try to make me feel better. Sam and Dean, my adopted brothers.

Stunned silence rang through the ballroom. Apparently no one had expected the bitch to do that to my angel. One of them even dared to whisper, "this is crazy."

"They can die." Kali announced the group. "We can kill Lucifer."

Dean sighed, gently letting go of my hand and stood up. "All right, you primitive screwheads, listen up."

"Are you out of your mind?" Sam practically hissed at his brother.

"I'm out of options." Dean defended himself before turning back to the audience in the room. "Now on any other given day, I'd be doing my damnedest to, uh, kill you. You filthy murdering chimps." I couldn't help but crack a small smile at that. "But hey, desperate times." He began circling the room. "So even though I'd love nothing better than to slit your throats, you dicks, I'm gonna help you."

"Wait, what?" I protested. "Dean, you saw what she just did. She just killed..." my voice cracked and I took a moment to compose myself. "Anyways, you can't be serious!"

He shot me a look, silently telling me he knew what he was doing and he had this under control. "I'm gonna help you ice the devil." He poured himself a drink. "And then we can all get back to ganking each other, like normal. You want Lucifer? Well, dude's not in the yellow pages. But me, Sam, and Abby, we can get him here."

"How?" Kali asked, disbelievingly. Ungrateful bitch.

"First you let those main courses go. Then we talk." Dean raised an eyebrow, daring her to disagree. "We can either take on the devil together, or you lame-ass bitches can eat me. Literally." Dean smiled smugly at the gods.

Sam and I shared a look, both of us thinking something along the lines of 'what the heck does Dean think he is going? He's going to get us both killed.'

"Come on everybody, let’s go, let’s go." Dean called out to the hotels residents as they ran out of the building. "All right, all right. Go! Go! Go! Get out of here!" I helped usher the people out and to their cars. None of them needed any further persuading, as soon as they reached their vehicles they drove off quickly, not bothering to look back.

"Psst! Dean! Abigall!" The voice sounded familiar... painfully familiar. It was coming from the back of the Impala. "Don't look at me! Act natural.

"No way." I said hopefully. "Gabriel?"

"Get in." Was the short reply we got.

Dean and I walked to the other side of the car and slid into the back seat, me in the middle and Dean by the window.

I looked him over, still trying to convince myself he really was here, safe and alive. I was hardly aware of the tears welling up in my eyes as I threw my arms around him. "Gabriel, oh my god. Your alive, your okay."

He chuckled slightly as he wrapped his arms around me, holding me close to his chest. "Well 'course I am Abby, you didn't seriously think I would leave you alone with these muttonheads, did you?"

"Man, there is nothing natural about this at all." Dean stated, trying to pull some attention to him so he would feel less like a third wheel. I blushed at my foolish behavior and slowly detached myself from Gabriel. "I thought you were dead."

Gabriel rolled his eyes at the hunter. "You think I'd give Kali my real sword? That think can kill me."

"Then what do they have in there?" I asked confused.

"A fake." Gabriel stated proudly. "Made it myself out of a can of diet orange slice. So uh... go snag our blood, would ya?"

Dean turned to the angel. "What?"

"I heard you in there. Kali likes you. You can get close. Lift the plasma, then we vamoose."

Dean barely paused to think it over. "No. Hand over the real blade. Better yet why don't you sack up and help us take down Lucifer?"

"I can't kill my brother." He whispered, voice cracking slightly.

"Can't or won't?"

"Oh give him a break Dean." I complained. "That's his brother. Making him kill Lucifer is like making you kill Sam. Gabriel doesn't have to do anything he doesn't want to." Gabriel smiled down at me, silently thanking me.

Well that shut him up. Dean glared at me, but realized I was right. "Common Abby, we have a job to do." He got out of the car, waiting for me by the entrance to the hotel.

I glanced up at Gabriel, "sorry about him, it’s just...."

"I get it." He said gently. "Go on, you know Dean isn't the patient type."

I nodded, knowing that Gabriel was right, I should get going. "Okay. Just stay here, okay? I can't lose you for real." I gave him another quick hug and left the car, following Dean inside.

"Shows over." Dean announced as we re-entered the ballroom. "Swords a fake. And Gabriel, he's still kicking. I hate to break it to you sister, but you've been tricked."

I could tell dean liked the look on Kali's face as much as I did. It was one of pure disbelievment and humiliation. Too bad the rest of the gods had cleared out and couldn't see the look as well.

The lights started flickering. Lucifer must be close. "What’s happening?" Baldur demanded. There was a pained screaming from the hallway.

"It's him." Sam said.

"How?" Kali questioned.

"Doesn't matter." Was that fear in Dean's voice? "Shazam us out of here, would you?"

"We can’t." Baldur responded dramatically as he walked towards the entrance to the Grand Ballroom.

"Of course you can't." And there he was, Lucifer, king of Hell. Skin peeling as his vessel struggled to contain his true form. "You didn't say 'Mother, May I?'" He smirked to himself at his joke. "Sam, Dean, good to see you again."

"Baldur, don’t." Kali warned as her boyfriend took a step towards the devil.

Of course he didn't listen. "You think you own the planet? What gives you the right?!" He quickly approached Lucifer who plunged his hand into the pagan.

"No one gives us the right," Lucifer stated calmly. "We take it." He took his hand out of Baldur's body, making him crumble to the ground.

Kali, filled with rage at her lover's death, faced the devil. Her arms caught fire and she shot a stream of it directly at Lucifer's face. As the room filled with fire Sam and Dean pulled me behind a table just before we were burned to death.

Of course the fire didn't affect Lucifer at all. He was the king of Hell after all. As the flames died down he still stood, smiling wickedly at the goddess." Nice try sweetheart." He mocked before tilting his head, causing her neck to break. She fell down in a heap just as lifeless as Baldur was.

"You okay?" Sam asked, turning to me and Dean.

"Not really." Sam whipped his head to the other side, staring straight at Gabriel. "Better late than never, huh?" He thrusted a movie into Dean's hands. "Guard this with your life." Before we could protest he ran around the table and faced his brother.

Sam, Dean, and I stood up just in time to see Lucifer flying into a wall. Gabriel stood facing his brother, sword in one hand and determined look plastered on his face. "Lucy, I'm home."

Lucifer rolled his eyes at his brother, approaching him as if to kill him. Gabriel held up his blade, silently warning his brother not to take another step. "Not this time. He backed up, grabbing my arm and pulling me close to him. "Guys! Get her out of here."

He handed me off to Sam and Dean without once breaking eye contact with the devil. I didn't want to leave him alone to face Satan, but what choice did I have? The brothers were way too strong for me to fight my way out of their grip. I reluctantly allowed myself to be dragged out of the room.

Lucifer's face was one of pure confusion. "Over a girl. And a mortal one at that. Gabriel, really?" That was the last thing I heard before e got out of earshot.

Gabriel was my friend; he was all of our friends. He had helped us and saved us more times than we could count. Hell, that’s what he was doing right now, distracting his brother so we could get out alive. Of course, me being as pathetically stupid as I was, didn't come to my senses until we were practically outside of the lobby.

"Stop." I said weakly. Apparently they didn't hear because the boys kept dragging me. "Stop." I put more strength in my voice this time, demanding to be heard.

"What is it Abby?" Dean sighed impatiently.

"We can't just leave him here. Lucifer is strong, what if something bad happens?"

"Look, Abigall, he is giving us a chance to live here. We have to get out while we can." Sam attempted to persuade me. "I know what he is to you, how strongly you feel for him. But he chose to stay and fight. If we get killed too then it isn't helping anything."

"Sam, please." I begged, giving him my best puppy dog eyes. "We have to at least try to help him. I already had to watch him die once; I'm not going to let it happen again. If you could have stopped Jessica's death, wouldn't you have done anything in your power to do so?"

Sam stumbled over his words. Okay I admit, that was pretty low of me to bring up Jess. But I was desperate, I had to say anything I could to convince them to let me go.

Sam and Dean shared one of their telepathic brotherly conversations. Eventually Dean sighed and nodded. They both let go of me at the same time. "Be careful, okay Abby? Sam and me, we depend on ya too much to lose you." Dean pulled me into a quick hug before giving Sam his turn.

"I hope you know what you’re doing. Go save your angel and come back to is in one piece." He hugged me gently, placing a brotherly kiss to my forehead for luck.

"Thank you." I whispered to both of them before turning on my heel and sprinting back up to the ballroom.

I got there in record time. I turned into the room in just enough time to see two Gabriel’s, one on each side of Lucifer. The devil had just turned from one of them and grabbed the angel blade from the other; about to plunge it into what I suspected was the real Gabriel’s heart.

"Stop!" I yelled with as much force as I could muster. Fortunately, it distracted Lucifer enough to not kill his brother on the spot. Unfortunately it gabbed Gabriel’s attention too, so he didn't kill his brother.

Lucifer raised an eyebrow amusedly as he eyed me. "Ah yes, little Abigall Spiers, the object of my brothers affections. Come to rescue your knight in shining armor?"

"Hey!" One of the Gabriel’s protested. "I'm not a damsel in distress!" He turned to me, eyes silently begging me to leave now. "Abby, I thought I told you to leave. Why are you still here?"

"I wasn't going to just sit in the car while you could be dying." I turned to Lucifer, my voice more confident than I felt. "Stop this now. I know you don't want to kill your baby brother, your emotions give you away." I pointed to his face and sure enough there were a few traitorous tears leaking out of his eyes.

I was hardly aware of what I did next. It was almost as though I wasn't in control of my own actions. A strange heat was flowing through my blood, making me feel powerful. My mouth opened but I had no say as to what was coming out. "You know what I am, don't you? I can see the fear in your eyes. You know as well as I do that only I can put an end to your miserable life, and it would be so easy to do so. So I suggest you step away from Gabriel right now unless you want to face my wrath." I raised my eyebrow, daring him to fight me.

"This is not over. You will not win this war." Lucifer glared at me although fear was still evident in his eyes, no matter how much he tried to hide it. With a fluttering of wings he was gone.

As soon as he left I collapsed on the floor, feeling the power leaving me and my energy dropping to nearly zero. Gabriel rushed to my side, pressing his hand to the side of my face and using his powers to restore my health.

"Looks like you are the knight in shining armor after all, rescuing the damsel in distress." I giggled softly as I sat up. "Thanks for that, by the way."

Gabriel let out a relieved laugh. "Yeah, no problem. And thanks for that, whatever that was. What the hell was it anyways?"

I shook my head, I had no answer. Gabriel stood up and helped me to, feet. "As far as I know both of us survived, that’s good enough for me. Come on, Sam and Dean are waiting in the car for us.” To be honest I wasn't sure what had happened there, I didn't know what had come over me and it scared me a little. What the hell was inside me that I could make the devil run scared just by talking?

We made it down to the car where the brothers were waiting for us. Sam had his laptop sitting on top of the hood and Dean was holding the CD, waiting till I got there before starting it. It was obvious they only expected one of us to make it out alive. I thoroughly enjoyed the surprised and happy look if their eyes as they watched both of us approaching. Even Dean looked happy to see the angel.

Of course he covered that up quickly, a teasing tone taking over. “Guard this with my life huh? Well let’s see what all that fuss was about.”

He moved to slide it into the computer before Gabriel stopped him. “You know what? Let’s not.” Was it my imagination or was that blush on his face?

“Well you have to at least tell us what it is.” Sam complained.

Gabriel shifted his weight uncomfortably. “Last words, a few confessions, personalized goodbyes. A bunch of chick flick-y stuff. Nothing you want to see now." Before we could protest he snapped his fingers, making the disk disappear into thin air. "Anyways, I lived, thanks to Abby being all magic, so anything I said in that really doesn't matter."

"Wait what?" Dean asked, confusion splayed across his face. "Magic?"

Great, now all the attention was on me. I explained to Sam and Dean what happened back in the ballroom. I told them how I felt power rushing through me and the words just came out. I watched as their faced morphed into confusion when I mentioned Lucifer running away just by me talking, but the boys waited patiently until I was done talking. I tried to explain the whole thing as best I could, Gabriel chiming in when necessary.

“None of this makes any sense.” Sam complained, running a hand through his hair in annoyance.

“Well...” Dean seemed to be as much at loss of words as his brother. “So, next stop Chuck’s place?” He glanced at each of us, waiting for one of us to object. None of us did.

Chuck answered the door, smiling as he saw us. “Sam, Dean. Always nice to see you again. And you must be Abigall Spiers, so glad to finally meet you in person.” He gave a nod of approval as he looked me over, a semi sad look in his eyes. It made me feel uncomfortable, like he was deciding what flowers I would like best at my funeral, carnations or roses. “So you’re here, great. That’s great." Was it my imagination or did his confidence seem to falter a bit? "Well you made it, even with everything that happened. And you survived." He smiled proudly at Gabriel who had moved slightly in front of me just in case. Not that I would need protecting now, Chuck didn’t seem very threatening.

Dean rolled his eyes at the prophets rambling and pushed his way into the house, the rest of us following slowly and far more politely. "So Chuck, what did you see or want to tell us that you couldn't say over the phone?"

"Yes, please come in. Make yourselves comfortable." He mumbled under his breath. He glanced around our small group, his face turning confused. "Where is Castiel? Is he not traveling with you anymore?"

Sam shook his head. "No, he still does usually. Just recently he has been on a quest to find God. Didn't you see anything about that?"

Chuck glanced down with a somewhat guilty look on his face. "Right, now I remember. Only I don't think he will find him where he is looking."

We all glanced around at each other, sharing the same confused look. What could he mean by that?

I spoke up first. "What do you mean? Where is he?"

Chuck sighed in disappointment. "You mean after everything you still haven't figured out the truth yet?"

Sam was the first to voice the thoughts everyone had. “I’m sorry, but what truth?”

The prophet smiled slightly, almost as if he was nervous about how we would react to what he was about to say. ”Well that I’m God, of course.”

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