Raine's Tale


I am here because I am a monster. I never wanted to be born like this. I don’t want to be an Alpha Stigma bearer. When a girl with the Alpha Stigma is sent to Roland Special Institute #307, her life is living Hell. When she meets Ryner, their destinies become intertwined. How will that change their futures?

Adventure / Romance
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When I was born, I was like any human child. I was loved and well cared for. I was born to commoner parents. Despite that, I had everything I needed. I also had quite a few items meant for pleasure.

Five years after my birth is when my life changes. That is when the five-star pentacle rises in my eyes. My parents are worried. They want to protect me. They also know what usually happens to Alpha Stigma bearers and their parents. My family wanted to save me. Unfortunately, we were too late in leaving.

Two weeks after the Alpha Stigma appears, the soldiers come. We can do nothing against them. They tie us up. They sling us over their shoulders and carry us off.

Some ways away, in a clearing guarded by trees and rocks, we lay tied to wooden posts. Red marks, cuts, and bruises cover our bodies. Tearstains are on my face. The soldiers grip my parents. Holding a knife to their throats, the soldiers turn to me. “Go berserk, you little demon! Lose control!” They yell. They jam their knives into my parents’ necks. They gurgle before they die.

Tears roll down my cheeks. I hear two voices in my head. One says to lose myself and kill. The other says to stay in control. I listen to the second voice. I know what would happen if I lose control.

The soldiers laugh at me. Their leader steps forward. “Well…it’s apparent that you are stronger than the other monsters. I know just the place for you!” He sneers. That is how they ship me off to Roland Special Institute Number 307.

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