My Only Hope


You have no one. No friends, no family that actually knows or takes care of you. So you fend for yourself. Alone. Until you meet Jung Hoseok. The sun. Have at least 20 chapters. Update on Sundays. Write little bits everyday

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Mini Hitman Bang
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• Prolouge •

"Mom? Dad?" The two people who abandoned me came back to haunt my very existence after only 20 years.

Hello, This book is actually my very first on this account and I am nervous to start it..

This is a ReaderXJhope book and because writing Y/N is rlly hard I'm just going to name y'all Lee ReLon in this book, ok? All members of BTS will be in this book. And BlackPink members as well.

This book also contains slight smut, so that's a warning for the non existent readers.

Thank you for reading,

-Mini Hitman Bang

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