Loving Eternally


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As the cloaked army advanced closer to the poor, defenceless wolf. The woman realised what she had to do. She sighed, then looked down at her frightened baby.

"Oh my, dear. I can't look after you. They will kill me if I don't hand you over so I will leave you here. I have seen it in your future. Remember your special. You have the gift of love and fire. That's why I named you, Cupid-Flame. I hope they find you soon, your new family will love you." The woman stopped speaking and listened. "I must go now. Good luck, my Cupid-Flame! Goodbye!"

The baby looked at its mother one last time and smiled. It's mother just turned and ran.

The baby's cries echoed the forest and a passing hunting couple heard the crying.

"Emmet do you here that?" asked a blonde, pale women. Her partner shook his head to say no.

"Stop Emmet. Listen." demanded the lady. She then followed the cries of the baby until she found where it had been abandoned.

The blonde lady gasped as she saw the small child. It smiled at her and giggled.

"Emmet." She called.

"What Rosalie?" Emmet replied standing by her side in a second.

Rosalie reached down and picked up the smiling baby.

"Look what I've found!" smiled Rosalie.

"We should take her back to Carlisle and Esme." Rosalie nodded and speed after Emmet.

The baby looked up at the huge house and smiled. It was beautiful. She went inside whilst still being carried by the blonde girl. She seemed really over protective. She appeared to be a role model like a sister would be.

"Emmet, I cant wait to have a new sister!" Rosalie smiled down and cooed at the small baby I'm her arms.

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