Loving Eternally


I was in a women's arms, she had long blonde hair and cold pale skin. She spoke quickly in a hushed tone to an older pale man.

"We found her in the forest, Carlisle what should we do?"

"Give her to Esme for now, please." He appeared to be the authority figure, now that I knew his name it would be easier to understand who was who.

"Aww she is cute can I hold her?" a small pixie like girl said as she bounced up to Rosalie.

"Sure!" I was now in the girls arms, once again she had beautiful raven hair and cold pale skin. I smiled and grabbed her thumb with my whole hand. She laughed and smiled back. Then another entered the room, his name was Jasper from what the girl had said. I reached towards the male who's accent resembled a cowboys. I loved his accent, I was in awe of it. He looked at me and spoke,"Wow aren't you full of love, little one?" I smiled so he found out my gift of love. Then Emmet came back and grabbed me from Jasper. I was having fun with Jasper, that was unfair. I looked up and thought Emmet's nickname was definitely bear! I giggled as he bounced me up and down in his arms. Finally, one more person entered the room. It was a bronze haired boy. He looked at Rosalie who was currently holding me. I frowned and pointed to the new person in the room. She nodded and took me over to the boy. I think I'll nick name him bronze, as his hair was like a copper coin.

He was fairly handsome like the rest of the family. He laughed and I looked at him funnily. He smiled and I reached for him. Rosalie let me go, as the bronze haired boy cradled me.

"Well hello there. Aren't you a cutie!" He smiled I looked up and said in my head, hello Bronze boy!, he laughed.

"Is that's all you could come up with?"

I gave him a confused look. Did he have a gift too? Maybe I could communicate with him. Can you read my thoughts bronzey?

He laughed and nodded. Oh that made sense. Tell me who everyone is and feed me I'm hungry! Once again, Bronze boy was laughing.

"Ok" he said.

"The girl who found you is Rosalie and her boyfriend is called Emmet. The boss of the house is called Carlisle and his wife is called Esme. The small bouncy girl is Alice and her boyfriend is called Jasper." He finished and I nodded. Who are you?

"Me? I'm Edward. And you?"

I don't know. My mother called me Cupid-Flame.

"Ok how does Roxanne Cupid-Flame Cullen and Roxie for short sound?" I nodded and smiled. He looked down at me and smiled. He then gave me to Rosalie and he left the room abruptly.

Carlisle came in once Edward had left and gave me a white bottle to drink out of but what was inside wasn't milk. It was different. Whilst I was concentrating on my bottle, the family had been discussing my arrival and what to do.

The next morning, I woke up in my own room in a cot. I crawled forwards to see if I could reach the floor and the chance was that I would break all my bones.

I visibly flinched at the thought and decided to wait until one of my brothers or sisters came to take me downstairs for food.

"Roxie, lets get you some food!" Alice waltzed in and took me downstairs. Finally, I felt a small bit of peace.

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