By GayKittyLovesStraightPuppy

Horror / Erotica


Basically lots of erotic smut and voilence i suppose.

Chapter 1

Kaneki lay on his bed, completely naked. He pressed the shirt against his face, inhaling the sweet and heady fragrance. A soft moan slipped from his mouth. One of his hands found his already prepped hole. Fingers, inside him. An aching burn, fierce pleasure. He pushed them deeper, searching for that one spot that would make him see stars. He moaned as he found it, the shirt still on his face, eyes scrunched shut. Again. Again, again, again.....
He imagined his hands doing this to him. His breath, rough in his ear. His voice, hoarse with want for Kaneki. Kaneki, and nobody else. He stroked himself, imagining being fucked senseless by him. His moans grew louder, higher. He thrusted into his palm, pushed further back on his fingers. Pleasure washed over him, and he came with one name on his lips.
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