The Demon King's Daughter • Nanatsu no Taizai


“Don’t go dying on me yet,” Meliodas sarcastically pouts, a malevolent grin spreading across his youthful face. Locked away for 3000 years, the daughter of the Demon King is finally freed once the Coffin of Eternal Darkness’ seal is partially broken by a Demonic Hendrickson. Unlike the Ten Commandments, she does not wish for the destruction and subjugation of Britannia. All she wants is to find her twin brother, Meliodas, and the one she was forced to leave behind all those years ago when her race was sealed by the Goddess, Giant, Human and Fairy races. In a race against her younger brothers and the other Commandments, the princess’ only hope is to find the one person she trusts more than anything and get his help to prevent the destruction of Britannia as she knows it. On the way, she will make allies of all sorts and find herself wishing for a peaceful world where nothing is wrong, and there is no death, because, unlike her younger siblings, this demon is nothing but pure and truthful. © Chey Eveleigh | 2019

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All Isis can do is watch in horror as her twin brother becomes the monster he was 3000 years ago. The familiar symbol etched onto his forehead, and his eyes a glittering onyx merged with a deep purple that sends chills down her spine. However, she finds her own eyes burning the same colour in response, and her own Demon Mark appears on her face, winding down her neck and below her shirt, hands tightly gripping the hilts of her twin daggers. Aware of the eyes on her, Isis plants her feet, trying her best not to interfere with the fight.

In front of her, a purple Demon towers above them. Fraudrin the Selflessness; a replacement for one of the Commandments that Meliodas and Isis killed 3000 years ago. It makes her feel sick knowing that another Commandment is going to die by her twins’ hand, but she knows that it is the right thing to do - the reason The Seven Deadly Sins were created in the first place by Meliodas. This time, she has to watch from the sidelines, not willing to let herself go and slaughter the Demon before her with what wrath she holds inside.

“Don’t go dying on me yet,” Meliodas sarcastically pouts, a malevolent grin spreading across his youthful face.

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