The Prophecy

Chapter 11: Letters


Where to begin? We have not always been friends you and I. I assume as you read this, we did not, in your memory, depart as friends. But we were. I gladly hated you until the incident in the Shrieking Shack. Then, in saving your life, and the subsequent detentions, we realized just how petty we (I) had been. We did not become fast friends, but like a good wine, our friendship matured with age.

I'm telling you all this because I am sure Dumbledore will have wiped your memory clean, but he hasn't touched mine. Not yet at least. You and Lily are brilliant. Your love for each other just flows. It's infectious. You 'officially' became an item in our sixth year at the Yule Ball (though we all believed you were together fifth year). You asked Lily to marry you the eve of our graduation from Hogwarts, and of course, she said yes. You had a simple bonding ceremony six weeks later. I, being the amazing friend that I am, gave you use of my flat in Diagon Alley. You two were quite busy your first few years of marriage (and not just between the sheets. Just kidding! Lighten up! Git!) You with your potions and her with her charms. I honestly don't know how you managed time for each other. School during the day and work at night. You both received your masteries at twenty, and Lily (who had recently been hired as a secretary in the Ministry) was offered a job as an Unspeakable.

You, believe it or not, were a special liaison for the Auror Department. You and I worked closely together, strictly in secret, using non-descript owls and lunches with Lily. I had, by this time, been your cover for two and a half years. I shall forever regret the day I asked you to join the fight. It was I, not Dumbledore, who asked you to spy on ol Moldy Wart. It was I who asked you to join him period. Oh, Lily was furious! But after a few days she saw reason. Lucius Malfoy was already a part of Voldemort's ranks. He was our ticket in. Snake Face was looking for a potions brewer, and Lucius 'let slip' that an old school mate of his was studying to become the youngest Potions Master in Britain. You were a hit! Voldy was impressed, and intrigued by you, so he marked you, and had you groomed to join his inner circle. Our operation could not have hoped for a better position for our spy.

The intel you brought us was invaluable. We saved so many lives. And then Bumblefuck had to stick his nose where it didn't belong and ruin everything,

Happier times! Christmas 1979. Your present from Lily that year was an ultrasound. Your face was priceless! I wish we had taken a picture. You were over the moon about having a child. You and Lily had saved enough money to buy a cottage in the country (she still had not been made privy to her inheritance) and quickly worked on turning it into a home. 31st July, 1980 at 2 am Lily's water broke. There was no time to floo her to St. Mungo's. I will forever be grateful for that. Narcissa floo'd over instead. She had, before Draco, studied to be a healer, and everyone present knew she took her secrets to the grave.

Harry was born first. At 5:13 am he came into the world, quietly, at just under 7 pounds. He looks like the perfect combination of you and Lily, but with Lily's eyes. Everyone was so relieved that he had made it safely. But then Cissa realized that something wasn't right. Lily labored for a good forty-five more minutes, and at 6:01 am Kaelyn was born. You were wrapped around her little fingers before Cissy even had her cleaned off. She was her daddy all over. Except the nose. She has her mother's nose (thank Merlin). And her eyes. They are green, though not as green as Lily's. Everyone there was sworn to secrecy. You two waited the customary three days to announce them to family and friends, and the Wiccaning Ceremony was attended by you, Lily, the God Parents, and Remus, who conducted the Ceremony.

Everyone knew Lily had had a baby, so the decision was made to only announce Harry's birth publically. I wonder now how different life would be had we announced Kaelyn instead, and kept Harry hidden. If that damned prophecy had popped up earlier! But then I am sure, Severus, that you see the irony in the so called 'prophecy' only being made after Harry was born. That old codger thinks he's so wise. I know he was waiting to see what Lily had. I am almost positive that had Kaelyn been announced the prophecy would have been about a daughter born to those who have thrice defied Him.

You must know old friend, that the prophecy is a farce. Batty Sybil may be descended from a great line of Seers, but that crazy woman can't see two inches in front of her face, much less the future. And the prophecy may have referred to two boys? Only because Dumbledore slipped something into Alice's pumpkin juice and Neville came two weeks early. He is still rather sickly. Dumbledore is adamant it means Harry, but I don't see the Dark Lord fearing something less than him. After all, Lily is a 'muggleborn' so Harry is still just a 'half-blood', right? Lily says I'm paranoid, but the prophecy just fits too well to be real.

I think Dumbledore is on to our ruse. 'Parents who have thrice defied him'. We have each of us, Lily, you, and myself, defied everyone. And I fear he knows about Kaelyn as well. Olde Magiks state that twins share a magical core, and that when one is weak, the stronger of the two can channel their magic into the weaker twin. 'But he will have power the Dark Lord known not'. I digress.

What you must know (for I fear Dumbledore will plot against you) is that you were not the one who told Voldemort of the prophecy. You came home at break neck spread to tell us, and Wormtail went sniveling to Jugson who in turn told ol Tommy Boy. Please do not blame yourself for any of the events that transpire. I must go. Harry it seems, is up, which means Kaelyn will be up soon as well. Hurry back Severus so we can end this, and you can be here with your family, instead of I, the imposter.

Marauders Til The End,


P.S. You should have been the fourth Marauder. We would have called you Stallion.

My Dearest Lily,

It's funny to think that I should have any cause to write to you at all, for though Sirius and I are soul mates as lovers, you and I are soul mates as friends. There is nothing we have not told one another. But I must express here my gratitude for allowing me to be a part of this beautiful family. It truly is an extraordinary honor. I think this letter shall just serve as a reminder, in case Voldemort does come, and you are able to reach the safe house. I expect Dumbledore will be waiting to wipe your memory clean. He may even take one of the children. Kaelyn, I expect.

I love you with all of my heart Lily, but it is the love that a brother has for a sister. Your heart belongs to Severus Snape, and his to you. You and Severus have two beautiful children together. Harry and Kaelyn. It is now 23rd September, 1980. They are one week shy of two months old. Twins. Harry is 48 minutes older than his sister. There is a prophecy out there that Dumbledore says is about Harry. He intends to use him as a weapon to end this war. Remember, Dumbledore is good at making sacrifices 'for the greater good'. Do not let your happiness be sacrificed.



How amazing it has been this last year watching you grow. I know it must have been a horrible shock to find out that I am not your father, but trust me; Severus is a good man, and an excellent father. He loves you very much. As do I. You will be the son that I shall never have, and I love you, even now, as my own. Be good for your mother, and listen to your father. Watch over and protect your sister. Even though not even a full hour separates you, you are her older brother, and she is your baby sister.

Don't let Dumbledore use you as a pawn! You are but a child. Leave the fighting to the adults. If any of your father's Slytherin cunning has made its way into you, USE IT! Don't let my Gryffindor stupidity and bravery rub off on you. Running from a fight for the right reasons is still courageous, trust me. Although for now, I see more of a studious Ravenclaw nature in you. You are a calculating and thoughtful child. I hope your mother's intelligence serves you well. How she didn't end up in Ravenclaw I will never know.

And if Sirius doesn't write to you, do not fault him. His easy going nature makes him believe that there is always more time. He cares deeply for you, and would die to protect you. I only hope you get the chance to know him. And please don't hold his relationship choices against him, or think less of us because of them. I'm already proud of you Harry. So proud.


Uncle Jamie

My Sweet Little Kaelyn,

What can I say? With every day that passes, it becomes an even greater honor to be your Godfather. Indeed, it has been a privilege to be able to watch you grow as I have. I only hope this letter finds you well, although I fear it won't. You are a remarkable child, my princess. So unlike your brother, at just thirteen months you are very outspoken; always demanding your way, and independent in ways I could never imagine. You know what your first word was? 'Come'. Like you were gonna summon something. You had such a determined look on your face, and then by Merlin here comes your juice cup flying across the room and into your hand. It was quite a shock, let me tell you.

I see a power in you that I haven't seen before. Burning bright like a flame. I see it in Harry too, though in him it is muted somehow. Maybe you're just an early bloomer little miss impatient pants. I will tell you as I have told Harry; when Dumbledore discovers your existence, and undoubtly he will, do not become his pawn. I fear he will seek to destroy you. Your mother has already considered binding your powers for a bit, but your father and I convinced her that it would do more harm than good. You are a bright child. I know you'll get it mastered and concealed. I see your mother's intelligence in you but I am afraid you are your father's child. Slytherin will gain a formidable young witch in ten years' time, make no mistake about that.

There is so much I wish to teach you, but we are out of time I'm afraid. I love you my child. For forever and a day.

Your Godfather,


P.S. Severus, I know you will read this, and my fear that Kaelyn will not, grows stronger every day. I fear that Dumbledore has noticed the Notice-Me-Not charms we have placed on her room, though he has yet to vocalize as much. You and I both know how much he fears power greater than his own, and Kaelyn, much to our dislike, is already far more powerful than she should be. If she is to go missing, assume the worst. I fear that in an attempt to control her, he will bind her, and we both know that at this stage in her life, it will only result in death, but I do not expect the wanker to have knowledge of that fact. If that does happen, he will do what he does best and cover his tracks. Do not look for Kaelyn in the world of wizards. He will not hide her here. He will hide her with the muggles, but I could not begin to fathom where. When all else fails, start at the beginning. Try scrying. Upon my death she will receive my magic. Look for my essence. Use your blood, Harry's blood…whatever it takes! Whatever you have at your disposal. Screw the legalities of any of it. FIND! KAELYN!

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