The Prophecy

Chapter 12: A Reckoning

Severus stayed up most of the night reading the letters from James and reflecting on the new information, and what to do with it. He and the Marauders had been friends; the incident in fifth year, and everything after that, false memories. And he had not been tempted by the darkness. He joined the war as part of his job; with intentions of becoming a spy from the get go. The next morning he joined Remus in the dining room.

"I am convinced the prophecy is a farce," he said, throwing the letters down in front of the man. "Harry gathered as much from his visions, and now James' letters touch on the same ideas."

"Do you care if I read them?"

"Go ahead. He was your friend longer than mine."

The men remained silent through breakfast. Finally Remus signed.

"I think you're right. James may have been a prankster in school, but it was his strategic ability and unfailing logic that made our plans successful. It's why he was such a good Auror. If something were off, he would know."

"The part about twins forming an unknown power makes sense as well. I never knew that."

"You said Harry has had visions about the prophecy? What did they contain?"

"Harry said his sister came to him in these 'visions', though he hasn't had one in over a week. He said they spoke of many things. You might do best to ask him about them later."

Remus just nodded.

"Was this before, or after he knew of his sister?"

"Weeks before, why do you ask?" frowned Severus.

"I'm not sure yet," said Remus, brow furrowed.

He picked up Lily's letter again.

"Lily was to go to a safe house. James wrote to me about the shore. If I remember correctly the Order did have a safe house owned by the Weasleys in the North Country. A little cottage on the shore, in fact. I just can't figure out what went wrong. Lily would not have wasted James' sacrifice. She would have followed the plan."

"She did mention something about the wards changing. What kinds of wards were on their home?" Snape asked.

Remus just shrugged his shoulders.

"Why would Dumbledore wish to take Kaelyn? If Harry is the child of the prophecy…"

"I wish I knew. Harry said that in these visions, he was being raised like a pig for slaughter, so that he could die at the proper moment. Perhaps Kaelyn would have been a distraction?"

"Or perhaps she would have been the voice of reason? The calm in the storm?" offered Remus.

"Perhaps. But in James' letter he mentioned that Kaelyn was preforming accidental magic at just thirteen months old, and quite possibly not accidental at all. He said she purposefully summoned something."

"Truly?" asked Remus in awe.

"Just so. He said he saw power in her like he had never seen before. That it was in Harry as well, but muted. He mentioned binding her powers."

"What? That would kill a child that young!"

"I know. That point was covered. But it was also mentioned that Dumbledore might be unaware of that as the children he dealt with were considerably older."

Remus pondered this.

"Have you had Harry checked? If there is great power in one twin, there must be an equal amount of power in the other. And Harry has spent more time alone with the Headmaster than most," he offered.

"I will kill him myself!" snarled Severus.

"Well, perhaps that should be your next order of business? To have Harry examined."

"Yes," agreed Snape, "I suppose it should." He paused. "Floo Lucius and tell him to advise his contacts to concentrate on the muggles. Give him a copy of James' letter to Kaelyn. Let him know I have taken Harry to St. Mungo's for a work up."

"Of course."

"Why do I have to be here?" asked Harry. "They all look at me like I'm some kind of freak."

"Because, Potter, if your powers have indeed been bound, then we must try to break those binds. Pent up magic can be deadly," oozed Snape.

"Dumbledore wouldn't do that. He needs his weapon to work right."

Snape just snorted.

"Knock. Knock." said a voice. "I'm Healer Marcum. You must be Master Snape, and Mr. Potter," the healer said, shaking both of their hands in turn. "So what are we here for today?"

"It has been brought to my attention, Master Healer, that my ward spent several long hours over the course of his years at Hogwarts in the presence of Albus Dumbledore, otherwise unaccompanied. I am sure, therefore, you can understand my concern that he has been adversely affected."

"I see," nodded the healer. "So I assume the normal work up to check for obliviates and memory charms?"

"Yes. I would also request you check for any bindings. It was mentioned by a colleague of mine who is a skilled legilimens that Harry seems…muted."

Healer Marcum just nodded writing it all down. When he had finished he looked at Harry.

"This might tingle a bit, but it will be no more uncomfortable than a limb that has fallen asleep."

Harry nodded his acknowledgement. The healer ran his wand over Harry for several minutes before he finished with a flourish and a piece of parchment appeared mid-air. He frowned as he read it.

"I am afraid, Master Snape, this is more serious than we feared. To get the results we needed, I ran a full diagnostic on your ward. He has a dozen bones that have been broken and healed improperly, he is dangerously malnourished, and his powers have in fact, been bound. While his mind is clear of any alteration, I did sense a foreign body there, much like a wall, and something else, a second presence perhaps, lurking just behind it, trying to break free. I suggest we first deal with the bindings and malnourishment, then move on to the mind block and bones which will unfortunately have to be re-broken and healed properly, lest Mr. Potter become old before his time. As it is, his growth will be severely stunted."

"I assume potions and a proper diet are in order for the first issue. I shall start those immediately Healer Marcum. What is to be done about the binding?"

"It is simple enough. We place Harry in a deep trance and then our charms master will come in and undo them. I expect the entire process will take no more than two hours, and I should like to keep him overnight for observation."

Snape nodded.

"Harry? What do you have to say?"

"Can we do it now? Will it hurt?"

"I cannot say Harry, but if pain becomes an issue, we do have several potions on hand to make it manageable." Said the healer.

"I'm ready," said harry.

"Very well. Get comfortable and Medi-Witch Stevens shall be in momentarily to start the process. Master Snape you may sit with him until he goes into our charms reversion room."

Snape just nodded. Fifteen minutes later a young witch entered the room.

"Mr. Potter, my name is Medi-Witch Stevens and I will be preparing you for your procedure."

Her voice was airy and light. Soothing and warm.

"All I want you to do is lay back, close your eyes, and listen to my voice,"

Harry did as he was told.

"Good. Now, imagine you are lying in the middle of a field, a cool breeze blowing, the warm sun on your face. In the background you hear a gentle stream, flowing. Listen to that stream. Let it lull you away. Concentrate on what you hear."


"Do you hear that stream?"


"Follow it with your mind."

"Harry. Come."

And Harry was gone. He was in the middle of the field the nurse had described, but standing before him was a girl.

"Harry," she breathed, a cry caught in her throat.

"Do I know you?" he asked studying her. She was slim, 5'4", with dark brown hair and gorgeous red highlights that fell in ringlets down her back, and the most intriguing green eyes he had ever seen. Not emerald green like his, but a soft green, with platinum flecks, and full of power.

"You know my voice," she said. "Come find me, Harry. Break free of this curse that Dumbledore has placed on you."

"Kaelyn?" he choked.


Her smile could light the world. Warmth filled him then.

"It is almost time, Harry. You must go back."

"But I'm not ready! I've just found you! There's so much I need to know. I can't lose you!"

"Look for me in the white forest," she said cryptically. "He hid me in a hollow tree."

And with that Harry felt himself being called back to reality.

Harry woke screaming. Every inch of his body was on fire and he could feel his blood boiling in his veins. He could dimly hear people calling for things but was unable to concentrate on the words. Several hours later when he woke again it was dark. His throat was dry and his head pounding. He groaned. Someone was at his side in an instant.

"It's alright Harry. I'm here," said his father. "Here, drink this. It will help with your head, and here's some water."

"I saw her, father. I saw Kaelyn. She was in the meadow. She's…beautiful. Her eyes are like…I don't even know. A soft green, with platinum fire in them, and her voice is like bells in the wind… She told me I had to come find her. She said to look for her in the white forest, in a hollow tree. What does that mean?"

"I don't know, Son," said Severus with tears in his eyes. "James…left a note. He said to look for her with the muggles, that Dumbledore wouldn't hide her here."

"Did the thing work? The unbinding? Cause it hurt like Hell."

"Language, Harry. And yes, they were even able to remove the block on your mind. If you continue to do well, you may go home tomorrow."

The next day Harry returned home and Severus and Lupin filled him in on everything they had discovered, even giving him copies of the letters they had come across so far.

"So…Padfoot and Prongs?" Harry questioned.

"It seems so," said Remus.

"I wish I'd known. I wouldn't have asked Sirius about him. He must have been heartbroken. Do you think they're together now?"

"I hope so…"

"Me too," smiled Harry. "I'd like to see the memories one day."

"Of course," said Snape.

Harry read the letters from James and his mum to Moony.

"Why didn't mum get out? It seems like she had time... I wish Hermione were here," he frowned, "she has an answer for everything."

"I'm sorry that you are being kept from your friends, but until we know who can be trusted…" Severus trailed off.

"I know,"said Harry. "Was mum a seer?"

Remus and Severus snorted.

"If she was, she would never have admitted it. She completely discounted divinations. But her father was High Elven, so she may well have been."

"What happened to her real parents?" Harry asked.

"Her mother died in childbirth, and her father sailed West with the last of his people."

Harry nodded.

"What is a life-debt?"

"Your mother saved Peter. He owed her his life. In its crudest form, you own his life. If you commanded him to go to his death, he would have no choice but to do so."

"Is it true? What James said about twins and their magic? It would explain a lot about Fred and George…" Harry mused. "And what is scrying? Has anyone tried it?"

"Scrying is the use of special crystals and blood. The crystal is hung from a piece of twine, the tip dipped in blood, and hung over a map. The blood must come from the person being sought, it is a highly illegal method of finding someone otherwise," offered Snape.

"But it could be done? The person could be found using family's blood right?"

"I don't know. We'd have to have a general idea of where the person was. You can't simply hold a crystal over a map of Europe and expect it to work. You'd need a city, or an area of countryside to concentrate on."

"So how are we supposed to find my sister? Can we search for James magic?"

"I'm afraid not Harry, his essence would blend with hers after six months. For now we shall have to rely on what little information we have. I have notified Lucius and Mr. Woods of what you told me at St. Mungo's, and they are searching for any possible leads based on that."

Harry hung his head. "I know she isn't alive. James said it. In the post script in Kaelyns letter, he told you to assume the worst. That's death. Maybe he did try to bind her magic and she died, so he waited on me. She told me to look for her in a white forest. Is there a township or a cemetery with that name anywhere?"

"There is one in Scotland," offered Remus. "I believe though, it is simply a forest in which all of the trees are bleach white."

"Then we start there," offered Harry.

"We start there," conceded Snape.

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