Heartbeat of Absolute

Chapter 10

"What did the doctor say?" Kate asked, leaning against the door frame.

"One hell of a fighter." JJ answered, slightly smiling as he held Reid's unconscious hand, before pressing a kiss on his forehead.

"Come on, we already know that." Rossi said. "The kid is tougher than he looks."

"Guys, seriously, how is he doing?" Kate asked another time.

"Good, his body seems to adjust just fine with the surgery." Morgan answered, lying down on the couch.

"I heard you said he was awake yesterday, Garcia." JJ said.

"Yes." Garcia was smiling. "We turned around and he was just staring at us."

Rossi chuckled. "I hope he didn't freak out with the decorations."

Garcia just gave him one serious look and Rossi was back to his magazine.

"Since all of us are here, Morgan, why don't you go back home and sleep in a real bed?" Hotch asked from the chair beside the bed.

"Thanks for the offer, this couch is quite comfortable."

"Look, I know this is a tough situation for all of us," Hotch looked at everyone in the room. "But I want everyone's head to be clear, Reid needs us when he wakes up." With that, Hotch looked at Rossi and nodded.

Rossi took the hint. "Well, right now, I could use some coffee, anyone else?"

"Rossi buying, of course, I'm in." Kate walked out of the room.

"I will pass." Morgan said, with his eyes closed.

"Come on Garcia." JJ ushered Garcia out, leaving Reid alone with Morgan and Hotch.

Hotch stood up, took a quick glance at peacefully sleeping Reid before he walked to Morgan. Lying on the couch with his eyes closed, Morgan has his hands crossed against his chest.

Hotch quickly stuck his hand into Morgan's pocket and took the one item he needed to confront Morgan with.

"Hotch!" Morgan hissed in a lower tone. "What the hell?"

"You tell me, Morgan." Hotch kept his look fixed on Morgan. "You don't walk around with the bullet that went through Reid in your pocket.

"None of your business." Morgan tried to snatch it back but Hotch was quicker. Hotch shoved Morgan back on the couch.

"What's hurting you, Morgan?" Hotch kept his voice down.

When he didn't get any response, Hotch took a seat beside Morgan.

"Helplessness." Morgan let out a shaky breath.

Hotch waited, not wanting to press Morgan even further.

"I was so scared that Reid wasn't going to make it." Morgan admitted.

"All of us was scared too, Morgan."

Morgan turned his face away from Hotch, not wanting his boss to know the real emotions flooding inside him.

However, Hotch understood. "You were scared … because … you thought …"

"Don't do it, Hotch." Morgan warned.

Yet, Hotch continued. "That Reid would leave you just like your father did."

Honestly speaking, Hotch expect a punch from Morgan the moment he finished his words, but when Morgan still kept his face away from Hotch, he knew how the whole situation was hurting Morgan.

"I know …" Hotch resumed after a few moments. "Reid and you share a special bond. He is the closest you have to a brother. Hurting inside, alone is not going to help you."

Hotch took Morgan's hand and placed the bullet back on his palm. "Use it to remind you what you still have, not what you have lost."

"I am going to head out the cafeteria and when you're done with your minute alone with Reid, I want you to join and eat something, that's an order."

Hotch patted Morgan's back before he walked out of the room, leaving Morgan alone with Reid.

Morgan looked at the bullet in his palm before he looked at Reid. Hotch was right, he was always right.

Reid's eyes fluttered open to see a bleary grinning face smiling down on him.

'You're going to scare me if you keep staring like that" Reid mumbled.

"Me?" Morgan chuckled. "Can't help it, do you realize that you, my friend has been sleeping for past fourth eight hours?"

"Damn drugs."

"Now, you're starting to scare me, should I call the doctor?"

"I love you too, Morgan."

"I … I'm going to call the doctor right away." Morgan has an odd questioning look coated over his face before he walked out of the room.

Reid smiled to himself, if only Garcia had seen Morgan's face.

"Hello, Dr. Reid." A voice of a young doctor interrupted his thoughts. "My name Dr. Scott. I heard you're awake. How're you feeling?"

"Slightly better."

"Good." The doctor hung back his stethoscope around his neck after checking Reid "Do you remember what happened?"

"Hit by a truck." Reid answered. "I think I was shot too."

"Yes, you were. We took a bullet out which was stuck in between your ribs after it went through your lungs and your heart."

Reid mentally imagined as the doctor spoke. "Quite a journey."

"Other than that, you have a broken leg, concussion, which is healing, sprained wrist, two cracked ribs and some severe bruising across your body."

Reid exhaled as slowly as possible, not to show any discomfort.

"I know it's a lot to take in, but I am telling you now, so you would be well prepared for what to expect."

"What do I do now?" Reid whispered.

"Your body is on the right track for its recovery. Rest is what you need right now, a lot of them." The doctor walked forward and set the bed in a semi sitting position. "This should help you better."

"Don't push yourself, your sternum is still healing, we don't want to cause any discomfort to that. We have some strict regulations that you need to follow, but we will worry about it later."

"Thank you." Reid said.

"You're welcome. Take it slowly, one step at one time. Call me if you need anything." Dr. Scott was almost out of the room before he turned back to Reid. "I forget to tell you something."

Reid raised his eyebrows, waiting for his doctor to continue.

"You have one good family."

Reid smiled. "The best."

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