Heartbeat of Absolute

Chapter 11

"That's it. I'm going in."

"Hold on, Agent." Dr. Scott caught Morgan's elbow just in time before he could barge inside Reid's room. "Amy is doing exactly what she needs to do."

Morgan turned around with hands on his hips. "Looks like one of your nurse is about to kill my friend."

Dr. Scott chuckled.

"What's so funny?" Morgan raised his eyebrows.

"First all of all, Amy is helping Dr. Reid, not trying to kill him."

Morgan peeked inside the room to steal a look before he turned back to Dr. Scott. "How on earth do you say that is helping?"

"What Amy is actually guiding Dr. Reid to do is deep breathing and coughing exercises. It's important to learn these as it helps to lower the risk of lung complications after surgery."

"Complications? What complications?"

"After surgery, we tend to take shallow breaths because of pain by limited mobility, but our lung tissues which consists of the air sacs are fully expended during normal breathing. The shallow breaths may cause phlegm to stay in the lungs and collapse the air sacs."

"So, coughing brings out phlegm is there is any in his lungs?"

"Yes. I have heard a rattling sound when he was breathing deeply, so I ordered for coughing exercise and turned out I was right too." Dr. Scott finished as he nudged Morgan to look into the room.

Morgan brought his eye sight towards the room and saw as Amy rubbed Reid's back, he coughed quite an amount of phlegm to the basin Amy was holding.

"I am sorry for shooting many questions, I don't know much of medical stuff and the last thing I want is, him to suffer."

Dr. Scott smiled. "Don't worry about that. I bet the exercise is going to knock him out. I will check on him later."

"Thank Doc." Morgan whispered before he walked in.

"There, this should be more comfortable." Amy said as she lowered Reid back down, to lie on his bed.

Reid simply nodded, too tired even to whisper.

"Well …" Amy continued, however, stopped and turned around to have a look when she heard the door being open. She smiled when she saw Morgan. "You are good hands now."

"Derek." Amy acknowledged Morgan, before she walked out the room. "Have a nice day you two."

Reid smiled warmly, looking at Morgan.

"How are you feeling?" Morgan asked, as he pulled the chair closer the to bed.

"I will survive and you have to stop scaring the doctor off."

Morgan chuckled.

"I swear Morgan, one of these days, the hospital is going to sue you for your unprofessional emotion management."

"Who's having a management issue here?" Hotch asked as he entered with Jack beside him.

"Uncle Spencer." Jack called happily.

"Hi, Jack." Reid whispered. He mentally thanked himself for being alert, Reid never wanted to be unconscious whenever the boy comes to visit him.

"Hi, guys." Morgan nodded towards Hotch before he gave a high five to Jack.

"Uncle Spencer, you're awake."

"Yes, I am." Reid answered before he turned to Morgan. "Morgan, can you help me to sit up?"

"Kid, you're supposed to take a nap now."

Morgan and Reid stare at each other for one moment before Morgan accepted his defeat. "Okay, but you still have to take your nap later."

"You're sure you are up for it, Reid?" Hotch asked as he helped Jack to sit beside Reid on the bed.

"Yeah, don't worry." Reid assured. "I have my angle reading for me while I fall asleep, what can be better than that?"

Jack smiled shyly, before he began to read. "There was once ….."

Garcia mentally checked the items she has packed as she walked down the hallway. Just as she entered the room, Garcia gasped before she dropped all the bags she was holding.

"Oh …my …"

"I knew that would be your reaction." Morgan whispered from the room.

"Isn't that adorable?" Garcia squeaked before she frantically searched for her phone from her bag.

"Babygirl, just relax. I don't think both are going anywhere soon."

"I know, but this is just a bundle of cuteness." Garcia said as she snapped few pictures of Jack sleeping, his head resting on Reid's shoulders with one of his hands against Reid's chest. Reid, on the other hand, has his hand protectively around Jack's waist while his head slightly bend towards Jack's side, with his cheek touching Jack's hair.

"Pen, what happen?" Morgan asked when he saw all the bubbly and hyperactive Garcia, suddenly having tears on her cheeks and he knew those were not tears of joys.

Garcia quickly walked out of the room and Morgan followed her closely.

"So, you're going to tell me?" Morgan asked quietly as he sat beside Garcia outside Reid's room.

Garcia sighed. "Did you see the smile on Reid's face?"

Morgan smiled. "He likes Jack reading for him."

"Because it reminds him how his mother used to read for him."

Morgan exhaled loudly. "Yeah."

"We need to do something, Derek."

"Do what?" Morgan raised his eyebrows, not getting Garcia's point.

"Add something to Reid's life."


"Tell me you don't agree with me." Garcia spoke with motherly tone. "Come on Derek, we all have something in our life, you have Savannah, I have Sam, JJ and Kate has a beautiful family, well, Rossi has his own set of things, and Reid …what does he has?"

"Sweetie, I know where you're going …but he is not ready to move from Maeve, you know that."

"I know, but he deserves all the happiness out there, he deserves to sleep hugging his own kids, have the most beautiful girl to hold his hands and to lean on his shoulders."

"Garcia, we can't force him …"

"We don't have to force him." Garcia quickly said, "But we can persuade him …indirectly."

Morgan chuckled. "Penelope Garcia, what do you have exactly in your mind?"

"It depends on what you think about Amy?"

"Amy? Garcia …"

"She's sweet, nice and according to my dictionary, she is perfect for Reid."

"Garcia, we know nothing about her …wait, don't tell me you run a background check on her?"

"I just did some verification…" Garcia whispered like small kid caught while stealing.

"And what did your 'verification' tell you?"

"Enough to know that she is single and she takes good care of Reid."

"She is a nurse, Garcia. A very good nurse that takes good care of all her patients." Morgan specifically stressed the word 'all'

Garcia simply looked at Morgan and he knew she wouldn't give up no matter what.

"I don't know about this, women. He already has so much on his plate, Garcia, he has a long recovery ahead of him."

"That is why it is a good time." Garcia defended. "If he is going to stay here for some time, they might as well know each other, then, when he's good, he can ask her out."

"You do have a lot imagination going on your head, don't you?"

"Oh, come on … are you with me on this or not?"

Morgan peeked into the room and sighed. Reid was always like a brother to him, and he would anything for his family and from all his encounters with Amy, she seemed to be wonderful. Morgan turned back to Garcia.

"He's going to kill us if he knows about this."

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