Heartbeat of Absolute

Chapter 12

A couple of days later

Amy was humming to herself as she filled her notes in the clipboard at the nurses' station. Amy rose her head up when she sensed someone waiting in front of the counter.

"Yes?" Amy automatically whispered as she raised her head towards the person in front of her, however Amy gasped and dropped her pen when she fully saw the person standing in front of her. "Doesn't seem to be a good day for you."

"Good morning to you." Morgan said.

"What happen to you?" Amy asked as she checked Morgan's bruised face. "Let me guess, not a very friendly … what you guys call them … unsub?"

"You can say that." Morgan winced when Amy touched the cut on Morgan's cheek.

"It's going to hurt for a couple of days." Amy said before she checked the bandage around Morgan's knuckles.

"Yeah, that's what the doctor said."

"Well then, I'm also sure the doctor would have told you to take rest for a few days."

"Yeah, that was included too."

"Then, what are you doing here?" Amy questioned.

"I was hoping that you could help me."

"Help you?" Amy raised her eyebrows, not understanding. "With what?"

"Reid doesn't react well when one of us gets hurt."

"Oh, you mean, he has the same way of reacting like you harassed us when he was in surgery?"

"What? I harass nobody." Morgan held up both his hands in surrender post.

Amy chucked. "I'm sure we can find a polite way to define those situation."

"Come on, Amy. I'm in one of the life-threatening situations here. "

"What can possibly go wrong in telling him that you got hurt on the job?"

"The thing is I was knocked in and out of consciousness for almost one day, which means I didn't call him, so he didn't know what happened and the others didn't tell him, so technically he's not going to react well when I barge in and stand with pretty much banged face and he just had his major surgery …"

"Oh, don't forget to breath in, man." Amy spoke in between. "Why do you need me for?"

"I need you to calm him down."

"Why should I? You're his best friend, I'm pretty sure you know how to calm him down better than me."

"Technically, you're his nurse, so you're responsible of his condition of health." Morgan argued.

Amy chuckled. "Don't tell me the kick ass, Derek Morgan is afraid of Spencer Reid."

"You do not want to mess with an MIT graduate."

"What? Come on, I don't understand a single thing you're telling me."

"Good, because you don't have to. Let's go."

"See, I wasn't wrong when I said you harass us."

"Let's go, I own you big time, okay?" Morgan said before he went behind Amy, held her shoulders and pushed her towards Reid's room.

"I'm definitely sticking to the word, harassing."

"For a person with a painful cut on the cheek, you're definitely smiling a lot."

"What …" Ouch!" Morgan winced before his hand automatically touched his cheek. "It's not even been one minute I forget the pain and smiled, do you have ruined it by reminding me?"

Kate giggled before she took a few sips of her coffee. "That's what happen when you don't share with people what you're smiling about."

Morgan was about to reply when a squeak interrupted them.

"Chocolate Thunder, you're back! You're supposed to update me."

"Update about what?" JJ asked as she joined the group.

"Nothing." Both Morgan and Garcia said at the same time.

"Both saying the same thing at the same time." Rossi raised his eyebrows. "What're you guys up to?"

"Like I said, nothing." Garcia answered before she dragged Morgan with her.

"I have a feeling that something is going on…" Rossi mumbled with a smirk.

"Feeling about what?" Hotch walked by and stopped with his eyes still fixed on the file he was reading.

Hotch rose his head when he didn't hear any reply. "What?" Hotch asked as he looked back and forth between his remaining teammates. "What did I miss?"

Morgan crashed on Garcia's couch before he stretched himself and laid lazily on the comfortable couch. "I still can't believe you used the crippled side of me as part of your plan."

"Oh, come on, Hot stuff, you're agreed."

"Well, I don't much choice, don't I?"

"Hush, enough about that already, now tell me what happen at the hospital."

"Well, I spoke to Amy just like the way you said, then …"

"You're heading back, Amy?"

"Yes, Chris." Amy closed her locker before she hung her bag around her shoulders. "I can't wait to go back home, hug my pillows and sleep the rest of the night."

"I won't hold you anymore then, good night, Amy."

"Good night, Chris." Amy waved before she walked out of the room.

Amy walked passed each room, however, stopped in front of Reid's room. With a book spread open on his lap, Reid was deeply immersed in his thoughts as he kept staring outside the window.

"Spencer." Amy called gently as she walked in.

"Spencer!" Amy called again, a bit louder.

Reid jerked by the sudden voice. "Amy, sorry I didn't realize."

"Aren't you supposed to be sleeping?" Amy asked when she casually turned and saw the table beside Reid. "Spencer."

Reid rubbed his forehead. "Not sleepy."

"Spencer …" Amy called before she took the plastic pill box from the table. "You missed your pills …again."

"I … I must have forgot about it."

Amy sighed silently before she placed her bag on the end of the bed before she sat on the bed much nearer to Reid.

"I know you're lying."

Reid remained quiet as he avoided looking at Amy.

"I also know that you've been off for a couple days."

Reid maintained his silence as he played nervously with his blanket.

"You were hiding it from your team and I can say you're successful because none of them seem to notice the differences in you."

"I'm fine!" Reid snapped.

"I'm a nurse, Spencer. I know when patients missed their pills on purpose."

Amy continued "You have not been eating well, you rarely sleep and whenever people come to visit you, you pretend sleeping."

Reid looked at Amy.

"Spencer, I know I am nowhere near of knowing what you're going through."

Reid looked away, tears was threatened the corner of his eyes.

"But trust me when I say, I know how to make it better."

Reid turned towards Amy, tears rolled down his cheeks as he blinked his eyes.

"I don't know … I don't know how to do this anymore."

Amy smiled sadly. "I know … Just let me help you, okay?"

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