Heartbeat of Absolute

Chapter 15

Reid flipped the pages of the book he was reading. Anyone who has known his reading speed would have thought he was immersed in his usual reading routine, but funny, he wasn't actually reading but merely flipping the pages, why? He has no idea.

Tired of playing with the pages, Reid closed the book with a heavy sigh. Reid leaned his head onto the pillow and stared at the top, the white ceiling.

A knock on the door, brought Reid back to the reality, knowing Hotch would be behind the door, with his scheduled medicine, he quickly opened the book and after being all set as if he's enjoying the book, Reid said, "Come in."

"Thanks, Hotch." Reid mumbled, as he took the glass of water and pills from Hotch.

"I think I'm going to hit the bed early tonight." Hotch finished with a yawn.

"You should. I will try to get pass few more chapters before the medicine knock me over."

"Few chapters? You would finish the book by then." Hotch smiled. "Goodnight."

"Goodnight." Reid closed the book again when Hotch walked out.

True to his words, Reid was off for the night, special thanks to his medicine. However, Reid was jerked awake when he heard the scream down the hallway, followed by a thud and the sound of people running.

Reid didn't need his 187 IQ to know that it was Jack's scream, battling with his nightmare and Hotch running to the room console his son.

Reid, with a hand in his chest, slowly pushed himself up to lean against the pillow. Slightly, bending sideways, Reid turned the light on the nightstand.

Probably, half an hour later, his room door creaked open, revealing Hotch.

"Jack's okay?" Reid asked, barely a whisper.

Hotch walked in a little, with his hands in his pocket. "I manage to put him down again for the night."

"I am sorry, Hotch."

"It's not your fault he's having nightmare."

"I know." Reid remained silent for a few moments. "I know how hard it could be."

Hotch smiled sadly.

"What's his nightmare about?"

Hotch sat on the edge of the bed. "Him, being kidnapped … watching you being shot … being strapped to a bomb."

Reid was lost of words, not knowing how to console a father torn apart watching his son fighting to pass the night with a peaceful sleep.

"The worst part is that, he wants to know about his mother's death."

"I am sorry, Hotch." Reid apologized yet again.

"I can't hide the truth from him forever, can't I? Sooner or later, he will find out."

"Jack loves you, no matter what."

Hotch ran his fingers through his hair. "You should get some sleep, Spencer."

Reid leaned back on the bed when Hotch walked out, although he knew he might not sleep anytime soon.

"Rise and shine!" Morgan said as he pushed the curtain aside, allowing the lively sunshine to brighten the room.

Reid groaned. "Morgan, close the damn curtain!" He pulled the blanket up, over his head.

"Derek Morgan, I freaking hate you." Reid hissed when his blanket was pulled over him.

"Didn't know waking you in the morning, can be so dangerous. Come on, show me those brown eyes."

Reid groaned again in frustration before looking at Morgan.

Morgan, however, flashed his bright smile. "Hotch has taken Jack out, its father and son day out. Which means it's just you and me today."

Morgan stood beside the bed, with his left hand behind his back and right hand on his front, Morgan bowed down in front of Reid. "Your Highness, I'm at your service!"

Reid with his sleepy eyes, looked at Morgan and whispered. "What a day!"

Morgan knew something was bothering Reid and he also knew that's why Hotch had purposely made Morgan to spend some time alone with Reid. Not trying to brag about himself, but he knew he could touch Reid's soft spot rather than anyone in the team.

Morgan cleaned Hotch's kitchen, took a glass water, walked and stopped just behind the couch.

Morgan has helped Reid to settle in the living room, and his favorite Doctor Who episode was playing but Morgan knew Reid wasn't watching.

Morgan stepped forward, placed the glass on the table, took the remote, paused the show, and sat beside Reid, facing him.

"Penny for your thoughts?"

"Ermm …" Reid snapped out of his thought. "Nothing, I was just watching …" Reid pointed towards the television and realized that the show was paused.

"Busted to the maximum." Morgan mumbled, getting an annoyed look from Reid.

"Come on, Pretty Boy. Just you and me here and you know nothing gets passed this room."

Reid somehow calmed down hearing those words. Although Morgan drives him crazy his entire life and probably will do the same in the future, he knew deep down Morgan cares for him just like how a big brother would.

True to his words, Morgan leaned forward and gently placed his hands around Reid's shoulders. "What is it, buddy?"

"It's Jack."

Morgan remained silent, giving Reid space to open up himself.

"He keeps getting nightmares and there's nothing I could do about it. He's just a kid."

"I know."

"I just wish …" Reid inhaled. "Everything is just normal, the way it used to be, and it's freaking frustrating me because I know it wouldn't be."

"Your are right, it won't, not today, tomorrow or even the day after tomorrow, but it will, Reid ... one day."

Reid blinked twice, allowing the tears to roll down his cheeks.

Morgan had enough. He closed the gap, and gently he brought Reid into a hug. Slowly, as he rubbed Reid's back, "In case have you missed, Jack's nightmare has lessen ever since you're staying here."

Reid comes out of the hug, wiping his tears, he looked up at Morgan.

"Hotch told me, Jack used to have it every day, but now, it has lessened, just two to three times a week."


"You can ask Hotch yourself, if you want."

"Do you think there's anything else I can do about it?"

Morgan smiled a little, this is why he loves Reid more and more every day. "Kid, you are here, spending time with him, getting better day by day and letting him take care of you is more than enough right now."

"Thank you, Morgan. You know how to make me feel better."

"That …of course I do. I am gifted charmer." Morgan winked with a smile. "My majesty, is there anything else I can do for you?"

Reid shook his head. "If you play back the show, we could finish the episode."

"Yeah, back on the track." Morgan took the remote, pressed play and leaned onto the couch just beside Reid. "About the show, why the hell they named it Doctor Who?"

Reid groaned. "Shut up, Morgan."

A few days later

"Good work, guys." Hotch said he took the crime scene picture off the board.

"Although I would admit, we could solve it sooner if Reid was here." Rossi said.

"Rossi did you just said that?" Garcia shoved her laptop in her bag.

"Nobody tells him that …." Rossi warned.

"Spence must have been bored without us." JJ said as she cleared the table.

"Lucky for us, we had Jessica, Will, and the best of all, Jack and Henry to keep an on eye on him."

"Come on, we know how tough the case was, they needed all hands on deck." Kate said.

"The jet …" Hotch said, but stopped when his phone buzzed.

"It's Jessica, probably Jack wants to say goodnight." Hotch said to his team before he took the phone. "Hello, Jessice … yes ….What? … Why? Okay, okay …keep me posted."

"Hotch, what's wrong?" Morgan quickly asked.

"It's Reid."

"What's wrong with Reid?" Garcia asked, stunned.

"I don't know." Hotch brushed his hand off his face in frustration. "Amy is rushing him back to the hospital."

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