Heartbeat of Absolute

Chapter 16

Amy walked down the hallway to the nurse's station to grab a bite. Taking a slice of pizza offered by her fellow co-worker, Amy was surprised by the absence of her best friend. "Jamie, you have an idea where Christina is?"

"Aren't you guys are like twin sisters?"

Jamie chuckled when he saw Amy's lame expression. "She said she is stepping out to get you something."

Amy raised her eyebrows, in confusion.

"Amy, check this out." Christina appeared from the corner with two tickets in her hands.

Amy gasped. "You did not."

"Yes, I did." Christina smiled proudly. "Two tickets for the Avenger's premier show."

"Wow, can I join too?" Jamie asked.

"Sorry, big guy. It's ladies night out."

"You guys are so boring." Jamie whispered, before walking off to resume his duty.

"Christina Sanders, you're the best."

"Am I not?"

The girls shared a giggle together when Amy's phone buzzed. "Hello, yes, this is Amy. Ma'am, please do not panic. I'm on my way. Hang tight."

Christina knew something was wrong when she saw the change in Amy's facial expression. "Amy, what happened?"

"It's Spencer. They think something is wrong with him. I got to go, babe."

"Here, take my car." Christina tossed her car key just in time before Amy was about to run. "Drive safely."

Amy pressed the calling bell and waited anxiously outside and she would have probably kicked down the door if it wasn't opened.

"Hai, Amy. I'm the one called you. I'm Jessica."

"Hello, Agent Hotcher have told me about you. What happened?" Amy asked as she moved pass Jessica and practically jogged her way to Spencer's room.

"His body was just a little warmer than usual last night, but today, he had cough, fever, chills, and when finally trouble breathing, that's when I thought I should call you."

Within seconds, Amy was on the edge of the bed. Reid looked flushed and paler than usual. Amy knew Reid was having a fever by the warmth of his skin, but she checked it anyways to know how high it was. A few moments later, the thermometer beeped. "100.4 ºF," Amy read to herself, "Not good."

"Hey, Spencer, can you breathe in?" Amy asked as she checked his breathing rhyme with her stethoscope. "Okay, doesn't sound good, either."

"Amy …" Reid slurred with his hand on his chest. "It …hurts."

"Jessica, call 911, now."

Amy turned back to Reid and tried to remain calm as usual. "Spencer, I know it hurts, just hang on, okay?"

"Ambulances on the way, do you know what's wrong with him?" Jessica asked, worried.

"Yes, but we need further tests to know how serious it is. Where are the others?"

"They got called for a case, I tried calling, and they didn't pick up, maybe in the middle of kicking door."

"Try again." Amy said before she ran forward to guide the EMT's to the room.

"In here, guys. His name is Dr. Spencer Reid, former patient …."

Jack got down from his friend's car and was taken aback to see an ambulance in front of his house. He knew instantly something was wrong with Spencer. Jack dashed inside the house and stopped dead at the entrance of his favorite uncle's room. "What's wrong with Spencer?"

Jessica turned to see Jack standing with the Science prototype in his hands. "Oh, honey …"

Amy turned back after giving EMT's sufficient information. "I'm going to ride with them. Do you think you can ride my car to the hospital?"

"Yes." Jessica took the car key.

Amy kneed down to Jack's height. "Hey, buddy. I know you're worried, but I am going to make him feel better just like always."

"Okay." Jack whispered, his voice shook a little. "I won the Science fair," Jack showed the medal he was holding in the other hand.

Amy smiled sadly. "We take Uncle Spencer to the hospital, make him better and you can tell him all the stories about you winning the Science fair, okay?"

Amy didn't get a chance to wait for any answer when the EMT's spoke. "Ma'am, we have to get going."

"I don't know." Hotch brushed his hand off his face in frustration. "Amy is rushing him back to the hospital."

"Still no news?" Morgan asked. Just like the others, he was frustrated, worried and upset. Not to delay any longer, they took the jet back earlier than scheduled.

Hotch kept his phone in his hands. "No, Jessica is still in the waiting room."

"What can be possibly be wrong with him now?" Garcia was on the edge of shedding tears. "He was recovering just fine."

"I don't know, Garcia." Hotch shook his head. "He even volunteered to help with case two days ago, but I turned him down, knowing he would strain himself, especially when none of us are there with him."

"Guys, I know it's driving us nuts here, not knowing what's wrong with him, but let's just keep it positive, okay?" Rossi said, bringing the discussion to an end.

Once landed, the team reached the hospital in record breaking time.

"Dad." Jack jumped off the seat and hugged his father. "It's okay, buddy." Hotch consoled his son.

"Any news yet?" JJ asked.

"Yes, but Dr. Scott said he would wait for you guys to arrive."

"I'm on the right time, I guess."

The team turned at once and saw Dr. Scott standing.

"How is he doing?" Hotch asked, immediately.

"He is resting as we speak. If you ask the reason why he's back to the hospital, then its pneumonia."

"Pneumonia?" Morgan asked. "You're kidding me?"

"I'm afraid I'm not, Agent Morgan. Pneumonia can be very serious and can cause death."

"How come now? He was fine." Kate questioned.

"Most infections occur in about two weeks after surgery, Pneumonia is the most common serious infection after heart surgery, with many after hospital discharge." Dr. Scott explained.

"Is he going to be okay?" Rossi asked, concerned.

Dr. Scott looked a little hesitated which made the others anxious.

"What are you not telling us, Doc?" Morgan asked, afraid of his own voice.

Dr. Scott exhaled. "People who have heart or lung surgery are prone for complication of pneumonia and I'm afraid Dr. Reid is facing one of its."

"What kind of complication are we speaking?"

"Complications of pneumonia include pleural effusion and bacteria in the bloodstream. Pleural effusion is when fluid builds up in the layers of tissue between the lungs and the wall of the chest and becomes infected. This can make breathing very difficult. To drain the fluid, a tube may need to be placed between the lungs and chest wall, or final option, surgery. Bacteria in the bloodstream occur when the pneumonia infection in your lungs spreads to your blood. This increases the risk that the infection will spread to other organs in your body."

"Please tell me it's treatable." JJ said.

"For now, we have not seen any sign of pleural effusion, which is a good thing, but unfortunately there is bacteria in his bloodstream, so we have hooked him up with oxygen to help him to breathe and antibiotics through an IV. I would like to keep him in hospital for few days."

"Sure, thank you." Hotch said.

"Can we see him?"

"It's way pass visitation hours, so it has to be a quick one, but he might not be awake though. Follow me."

"It's okay, we just need to see him."

Amy was carrying extra blanket and stopped at the entrances when she saw the room, crowded with the team.

"Walk them out in 10 minutes, okay?" Dr. Scott informed and walked away.

Amy nodded and stepped aside, given the team enough room.

"You know …" Christina said, appearing and standing beside Amy. "For the years I have known you, never seen you this panic before."

"Nurse's instinct I guess."

"Really? How many patients I have seen you handled? You should ask yourself again."

"Ask me what?"

Christine smiled. "Because I don't think … I believe there's something between you and him. I firmly believe that you are falling for him."

"Chris, no. I … I'm not." Amy shrugged.

"Who are you trying to convince here, Amy, me or yourself?"

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