Heartbeat of Absolute

Chapter 18

"So, what do you think?" Amy asked as she showed the gift she has bought for Jack on behalf of Reid.

"Amy, this is just great. Thank you."

"Oh, thank god!" Amy exhaled as she was relieved. "I was so worried, didn't know what you would prefer to give to Jack."

"I love it, I mean I'm sure Jack will love it."

"Well then, let's wrap it." Amy took the wrapping paper from the bag she was holding. "This should only take a few minutes."

Reid watched as Amy gently wrapped the gift.

"Here," Amy handed the beautifully wrapped gift to Reid.

"Amy, thank you."

"I guess I have endless of 'thank you' from you today."

Reid smiled in reply. "Any probably tomorrow too."

"You don't have to and don't forget the card we did for him." Amy reminded Reid.

"Yes, of course." Reid took the card from the table and placed it on top of the gift box.

"Actually, I got him something too." Amy took another wrapped gift box from her bag. "Can you pass to him later?"

"Can't you stop by later? It would be great if you can hand it to him in person."

"I would love to, but it's my working hour. I wouldn't know where I would be. Sometimes, we would have emergency cases. I will try to, but no promises."

"Okay, I will pass it to him." Reid took the gift from Amy.

"Well, have fun later. I should get back to work. Bye, Spencer." Amy waved before she jogged her way out to start her shift.

"Bye, Amy." Spencer mumbled to the empty room. He wished she could have stayed a bit longer.

"Happy Birthday to you!"

Sitting beside Reid on the bed, Jack was grinning widely as the team sang the birthday song.

"Make a wish, Jack." Hotch said.

Jack closed his eyes for a moment, making a wish, opened his eyes and blew the candles. All cheered and clapped the moment Jack blew the candles.

"Happy Birthday, Jack." Reid wished as he handed the gift and the card.

"Okay, I thought I warned you guys not to fall for his words. Who helped him to get gifts for Jack?" Hotch asked as he looked at his team members.

Morgan quickly raised both his hands in a defensive manner. "I did not." The others shook their head.

"I knew you have told the others not to help me, but Hotch, it's Jack birthday, how would I not get him any present?"

"Thank you, Uncle Spencer." Jack said.

"No problem, Kid." Reid ruffled Jack's hair.

"So, how did you do it?" JJ asked.

"I have someone here who was willing to help." Reid shrugged.

"Amy?" Rossi made the quick guess and Reid nodded, which made Garcia to turn to Morgan with her wide eyes.

"You made a nurse to go shopping for you?" Wow, Reid, you must have a hell of charm on her."

"Rossi!" Reid grumbled. "She was just helping."

"I guess she helped you with her card too." Kate said as she looked at the card, standing behind Jack.

"Yeah. She's so good at drawing, you should see when she's sketching. It's brilliant."

Garcia slowly took few steps back as Reid explained Amy's drawing skills to others. She stopped just beside Morgan and whispered slowly, "Looks like they are getting closer just fine without our help."

Morgan smiled and whispered back. "It's a good thing, save us from getting into trouble."

"Oh, Jack." Reid said as he took the second gift box and handed it over Jack. "This is from Auntie Amy."

"Auntie Amy?" Garcia mumbled, and looked back at Morgan. "What did I miss?"

"You are not the only one, Pen. Looks like we got a lot to catch up with."

"Jack, open the gifts. Let's see what your Uncle Spencer and Auntie Amy get you." Garcia said, walking back to the front.

"Okay." Jack took the first box and ripped the paper.

"Owh, Spence. You got Jack a Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet?"

"Uncle Spencer, this is great. Thank you. Dad, check this out." Jack showed the gift to Hotch.

"Spencer …"

"I wanted to, Hotch." Reid said.

"Auntie Amy, got me a kinetic sand." Jack said as he showed the other gift. "This is awesome."

"It's a good medium to enhance sensory awareness, fine motor skills, and creativity." Jack read the description from the box. "Can we stop by and thank Auntie Amy, Dad?'

"Of course, Jack and maybe a piece of your birthday cake too."

Six weeks later

The first six weeks of Reid's recovery went in tune with his progress. Although he was not happy with most part of it, Reid learnt to adjust to it in time, thanks to his team member who stood beside him. Reid was back to his apartment and Morgan made sure that Reid has never been alone. He temporarily took over Reid's couch. Jack was not happy with Reid moving out, but Reid couldn't take in of being a burden to Hotch for any longer and besides, Reid was learning to do things by himself again.

"That's it. You got it, Dr. Reid. How do you feel?" Nick, Reid's physical therapist asked as he helped Reid to sit down.

"Tired." Reid mumbled.

"You should be. Honestly, I'm impressed with your progress, Dr. Reid."

"Thank you, Nick. You helped a lot and please don't call me, Dr. Reid all the time."

Nick smiled. "I helped, yes, but the fast recovery, it's all on you. So, I will see you in two days' time?"


Nick nodded and walked away to resume his duty. Reid checked his watch and realized that he still has time before Morgan picks him up.

Reid slowly hobbled with his crutches, hoping to meet her.

"Hey, look at you. Back on two feet." Amy said the moment she saw him.

"Hai, Amy. Well, not all the time, half of the time I'm still on my wheelchair. How are you?"

"I'm good. You have come a long way now, don't be unmotivated just because you are still using wheelchair sometimes."

"That's right. I got some good news, I'm getting back to work next week."

"No way." Amy looked surprised.

"Dr. Scott gave me the green light, under strict rules, that I was to stay at the office only for a couple of hours. Hotch is allowing me to come back only if someone picks me up, drops me off from work and of course, nothing more than paperwork and case consultations."

"This is really a great news, but don't overdo yourself, okay? Nick was telling me that you're progressing very well. So, Derek is picking you up today?"

"Yes, but he's going to be late a bit, so I thought of stopping by …"

Morgan jogged his way in, but all of a sudden stopped when he saw Reid leaning on the wall, chatting with Amy. Morgan took a few steps back and stood, hiding himself in the corridor. Being beside Reid on his road to recovery, Morgan knew Reid had come a long way and he was proud of Reid's determination. Morgan smiled when he saw the grin on Reid's face. He knew Reid has a feeling for the girl and he also knew that Reid was damn stubborn to admit it. Morgan thought for a second and smiled widely. He knew what to do.

"Sorry, Spencer. I have to get back to work."

"It's okay. Morgan should be here any moment."

Knowing Amy was about to leave, Morgan walked towards them "Hey, Amy."

"Hey, Derek. You look good as always."

"Come on now, tell me something I don't know."

"Bragger." Amy said before she walked away.

Morgan chuckled before turning to Reid. "Come on, kid. Let's get you back home." Morgan took the small bag from Reid and slowly walked beside Reid.

"Amy, she is sure a sweet one." Morgan said, mentally praying for Reid to fall for his bait.

"She is." Reid said simply.

"Then, what is stopping you?"

"What is stopping me?" Reid raised his eyebrows. "Be more specific, Morgan."

"Okay, I will be precise. I'm asking you about what is stopping you from asking her out."

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