Heartbeat of Absolute

Chapter 2

Hotch quickly checked his notes and exhaled deeply as he was satisfied with the preparations done for the sudden meeting announced about an hour ago. As he closed the notebook, Hotch checked his watch; he still has ten minutes before the meeting begins and there was no sign of Jack.

Hotch walked out of his room. "JJ, are they back yet?"


"Aren't they supposed to be back?" Kate questioned as she checked her watch. "Just because he is taking boss's son out, it doesn't mean he gets extra time."

Morgan chucked as he flipped through his paperwork.

"JJ, I am rushing to attend the meeting, can you take care of Jack …"

JJ held up her hand. "Hotch, I got you covered."

"Thanks." Hotch was about to turn away off when two men walked in.

"We were told that we could meet Dr. Spencer Reid's team here." One of the men spoke gaining the team's attention including Hotch.

"He is my team member." Hotch shook his hand with both the men. "Aaron Hotcher. Can I help you?"

"Detective James, Sir and this is my colleague Detective Danny. I am sorry; I brought some bad news. Your agent was shot across the street."

The word shot sent all onto the edge. "What?" Hotch whispered in surprise. It is impossible; Reid has gone out to get some food. That's it.

"You must have got the wrong guy." He tried to reason.

"I don't think so, Sir." James rose up his hand and showed the bloodied badge, gun in the transparent evidence bag.

Morgan quickly snatched the bag and checked.

If it isn't for Rossi, Hotch would have fallen down. The news is just too much for him.

"What about the small boy with him?" Rossi asked on behalf of Hotch.

"He's my son. What happened to him?" Hotch questioned, slightly terrified of the answer he might get.

"There was no sign of any boy when we arrived at the scene."

"However," Danny spoke, "When I was talking to one of the eyewitnesses, she said she saw a boy and the guy who shot your agent took the boy."

Jack has been kidnapped. The word ringed like an alarm in Hotch's ears.

"Okay. Everyone, listen up." Rossi took charge of the situation; He knew Hotch has too much to handle in right now.

"Let's buckle up; we have to get back Jack. Kate, go through the crime scene with these Detectives. I need all single tiny information." Rossi helped Hotch to settle into a chair nearby.

"Garcia, look up for all security footage, you need an extra hand, take Kevin with you."

"On it," Garcia quickly raced back to her room.

"And Morgan…" Rossi turned towards Morgan.

Morgan grabbed his jacket from his chair. "I am going to check on Reid."

"Right." Rossi said. "See, if you can get anything from him if possible."

Rossi turned back to Hotch and sat on his heels, matching Hotch's height.

"Dave, I can't …"

"I know, Aaron. I am going to take charge, and we are going to find your son; I promise. JJ, stay with him."

"Where are you going?" JJ asked, her tone clearly showed she was upset.

"I am going to have a word with the Director; we need all hands on this, and Spencer's going to be fine."

Tears were threatening in the corner of the eyes. "You don't know that."

"True, I don't know that, but I know Spencer Reid. That kid is a fighter."

Kate kneeled down and sat on her heels. Being an FBI agent, she sees a pool of blood on the crime scene every time, but she will never get used to see one belongs to one of their own.

"You got to fight this, Reid." She mumbled to herself before she rose up. "Where is she?"

"She is right there." Detective James pointed at a girl sitting in the corner on the bench outside the shop.

Kate quickly walked up to the girl and sat next to her.

"I didn't know buying pizza can be so dangerous." The girl smiled slightly, trying to hide the anxiety kicking in.

"My name is Kate Callahan. There is no reason to be afraid. Is there anything else you can remember?"

"Mary." She said simply. "We came out of the shop at the same time. They were going back, I guess, when this truck come out of nowhere."

"Can you tell anything about the truck?"

"Dark blue, the windows were tinted, I can't recall the number plate, I am sorry."

"It's okay." Kate rubbed her back. "Go on."

"The guy saw the truck coming, and he pushed the boy to the side." Mary stopped and her eyes grew wide.

Kate knew something stopped Mary from talking.

"They wanted the boy!" She almost screamed.

"Calm down, Mary." Kate spoke. "Breathe in and out."

Mary did as she was told and she calmed down.

"Now, tell me."

"The jacket, I was just too nervous, I almost missed it."

"What jacket, Mary?" Kate inquired.

"When we were waiting for our order, there was one guy waiting slightly away along with us, he was wearing cap, trying his best to hide his face. He kept staring at the boy. He almost knocked me down on the way out."

Mary inhaled before she continued. "As he passed by, I heard him saying in the phone 'get the car, they are heading out, we have to do this right this time.'

"And the stupid jacket he was wearing got the logo of the Avengers movie on its back. It's the same jacket I saw when the guy got out the car and took the boy."

Mary clasped her hands together. "I am so sorry, there was so much going in my mind, I just …"

"It's okay. You helped us a lot. Listen, take this." Kate handed her name card. "This police officer is going to take back home, get some sleep, and if in case you remember anything else, give me a call, okay?"

"I will." Mary said.

Kate rose from the bench. "And Mary, thank you."

Mary looked puzzled.

"They said, you called for help immediately, and you stayed beside my friend."

"Sir, he is still in surgery."

"Well, I need more information than that." Morgan grumbled.

"There nothing I can tell until…"

"Listen lady." Morgan spoke. "His name is Dr. Spencer Reid, one the finest FBI agent I have ever seen in my life. Today, he was shot in the middle road and the boy who was with him is still out there, missing, so I need more than he is still in surgery."

"I will see what I can get."

Morgan sighed when the nurse left. He didn't mean to talk such way but he just needed to know if Reid would be alright. Morgan sat on the couch, leaned against it, and closed his eyes.

His mind wandered to Jack. God know how the kid is, he thought. Next, he thought about Hotch and then Reid.

His team wouldn't be the same again if something happened to Jack.

No, it can't be. Morgan thought. Jack, hang on buddy, we are coming for you.


Morgan opened his eyes, "You got anything? How's he doing?"

"Dr. Reid was shot approximately 3 cm above the nipple. The bullet went through both of his lungs before it stopped between eighth and ninth ribs."

"Oh, no..."

"The doctors are doing everything they can, just hang on."

"I guess it's not helping."

Hotch turned the tap off, took a tissue and wiped his face. "I lost Haley."

Rossi walked in and stood beside Hotch. "Nothing is going to happen to Jack."

Hotch sighed as he looked himself in the mirror.

"Look I know it's a difficult situation but your son…"

"He needs me." Hotch finished the sentences and he looked up to Rossi. "I just needed to clear my head."

"Kate called." Rossi said.

"And?" Hotch asked.

"We might have something, but we need to get it checked."

"What is it?" Hotch asked.

"From what she told, they were after Jack. I think someone is trying to get to you and the easiest way is Jack."

"Son of a…"

"And Hotch, this might not have been the first time."

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