Heartbeat of Absolute

Chapter 20

"Can I get one of those, Uncle Spencer?" Jack asked, pointing towards a certain direction.

Reid looked up, although he knew what Jack was referring to. "Jack, I have already a serious talk from your dad, on my first trip out, alone with you and you are planning to get me another lecture for buying you chocolate on the same week you have your appointment with your dentist?"

Jack smiled innocently.

"Don't give me that smile, buddy, it's not going to get you any chocolate today."

"Uncle Spencer, you're so evil."

"I can't believe you just said that. How about something less harmful for your teeth?"


"Now you are starting to sound more like me."

But Jack's attention shifted to something else. Jack suddenly smiled widely and waved. "Auntie Amy!"

"Hey, boys." Amy joined, pushing her trolley towards them.

"Hey." Reid smiled, surprised by knowing how instantly he could smile whenever he sees her.

"Boy's day out?" Amy asked.

"You can say that." Reid shrugged. "It's my first time out alone with Jack without any bodyguard."

Amy chuckled.

"Sean!" Jack waved towards another boy. "It's my friend from school. Can I go and say Hai, Uncle Spencer?"

"Sure, go ahead."

Jack ran towards his friend, leaving Reid alone with Amy.

"So, how's work?" Amy asked.

"Great, despite the fact that Garcia turned the BAU office into a party room on my first day back."

"I can imagine that." Amy looked at her watch. "I better get going, I'm going to be late for my work. Bye, Spencer."

"Bye." Reid said. "Amy, wait." Reid called again, just after Amy took two steps away from him.

Amy turned back. "Yeah?"

"You think you will be free this Saturday evening?"

"Yeah, it's my day off. Anything?"

"Do you … maybe want to go out? Like dinner, with me?" Reid indeed have mentally rehearsed this scene in his mind thousand times.

"I would love to." Amy smiled. "Since, you probably are not allowed to drive yet, I pick you from your apartment?"

"Okay, so 7pm this Saturday?"

"Saturday, 7pm it is."

Amy disappeared after another smile and finally Reid could breathe. He exhaled loudly, he just couldn't believe that he had asked Amy out. He got a date.

"Why are you smiling, Uncle Spencer?"

"Nothing. Everything is just …" Reid looked into the distance and saw Amy standing at the counter, paying for her things … "Perfect."


"I'm back." Reid said as he walked into his apartment.

"In the kitchen, Pretty boy."

Reid walked and saw Morgan on the dining table, with his daily newspaper and a mug of tea since Reid was forced to cut down his caffeine intake.

"Hey, how was your first shopping trip alone with Jack?"

"It would have been more fun if you didn't bribe Rossi to keep an eye on me, your so called secret mission is busted."

"What? I did not."

"Ha-ha." Reid mocked a laugh. "And I'm the President of United States."

"I'm going to kill that old man." Morgan grumbled.

"When you guys are going to learn? Never a play trick on MIT graduate."

"How did you find out?"

"Few months out of field work, do you really thought I would have lost my observation skills? I knew he was following our cab, I didn't want to spoil the fun, so, I pretended not to see."

"I'm sorry. I was just worried. It's your first day out, alone."

"Morgan, you can't watch me all the time. You have to let me out."

"I know, man. I just …I don't want anything to happen to you … ever again." Morgan stood up with his mug in his hand.

"Promise me, you won't send any secret bodyguard, watching over me on my first date with Amy this Saturday."

Morgan's mug automatically slipped out his fingers, crashing on the floor.

"Morgan!" Reid groaned. "That's my favorite mug, you idiot." Reid reached forward to pick up the scattered pieces of his mug.

However, Morgan quickly held Reid before he could bend down, forcing Reid to face him. "You asked her out? You. Asked. Amy. Out."

"Morgan, you are being over-dramatic"

"I can't believe you asked her out. Oh. My. God. This is finally happening."

"Morgan, you are clearly spending a lot time with Garcia. Stop being a drama queen."

"Reid, I'm so happy." Morgan enveloped Reid into a hug.

"Morgan, it's just a dinner, it can mean nothing."

Morgan broke from the hug, looking at Reid. "But it's a start, kid. Make me proud, okay?"

"What? Anyways, the girls hear none of this."

"Oh, come on."

"Morgan, I still have four days before my date, and you're going to let them tease me for the next ninety six hours? You can't be that evil towards your little brother, can't you?"

Morgan chuckled. "Okay, fine. This stays between us. Men to men. Satisfied?"

"Very much. Thank you. Oh, I got your body wash, so you don't have to buy." Reid started to unpack the things.

Morgan just smiled. There is nothing more he could wish to happen, Reid is finally opening up himself, finding his way to happiness. Morgan contemplated, if it were to go the way he wished it could go, maybe it is the cue for him to move out of Reid's apartment soon.

Two months later.

"You okay, Reid?" Morgan asked, as he saw Reid immersed in his thoughts.

"Yeah, I'm fine, just thinking."

Morgan walked towards Reid's table, leaning closer to Reid as he whispered. "Let me guess, about your date with Amy last night?"

"You can say that." Reid whispered back.

"You couples, are the most boring of all. Kid, you have been going out with her long enough, don't you think it's time to tell her, that you have special feelings towards her?"

Reid smiled before he leaned further closer to Morgan. "Maybe tonight I will."

"You're kidding."

"Watch me." Reid said before he took his bag and started to walk from his table.

"Where are you going?"

"Like I said, I'm going to Amy that I love her." Reid smiled before he walked off the office, leaving the dazed Morgan behind.

"Did I just heard ...?"

Morgan turned and saw Hotch standing in the same shocked state as he was. "I'm afraid so, Hotch."

Amy yawned as she got out of the car. It's just has been half past nine and she already can hear the bed calling her sweet name.

Amy locked the car and could feel something moving near her.

Fear crept down Amy's spine. She quickly walked towards her apartment.


Amy took a quick turn. "Jeez, Spencer!" Amy gasped. "You scared me."

"I'm sorry."

"Don't you ever do that again, Spence. You know how much I'm scared people sneaking behind me ever since Brian's incident?"

"I'm so sorry, Amy. I didn't mean to." Reid mentally cursed himself, he came all the way to tell her how much he loved her, but he ended pushing her to relive her worse nightmare.

"What're you doing here?" Amy asked, finally, when she managed to compose herself.

"I think maybe it's not a good time." Reid said, regretting how the situation turn to be.

"Oh, no, no. I will be fine. It's just me, being me. That's all." Amy smiled.

"I …em … I."

"Spence, is something wrong?"

"I …" Reid rubbed his face. "I don't want to scare you anymore tonight, this can wait."

"Spencer, just tell me." Amy pushed a little, knowing Reid wouldn't just turn up if it's not important.

"I love you."

"What?" Amy gasped, her eyes grew wide.

"I love you, Amy Carlson."

Amy stood unmoving, completely speechless. She has been waiting to hear those words from him of course, but when she finally heard it, she doesn't know how to express her feelings.

"I know this probably not the way you would have predicted because I did not as well. I mentally rehearsed a couple of times, but I thought being honest with you would probably be the best way."

Reid took a step in front. "Amy, you know everything about me. You know about Maeve and I want to tell you that you might not be my first love, but Amy, you will always be the one."

Tears leaked out Amy's eyes when she heard those words.

"I also know how hard it was for you to trust anyone else in your life after Brian. I swear you with my life, I'm nowhere near him. I can't promise that we won't fight, that things won't be bad sometimes, but no matter what happens, you will always will be the one. We will make our own good memories together, so you don't have to remember what he did to you ever again."

Reid watched Amy as she cried silently. Maybe he had overwhelmed her with his words. "Perhaps it would be better, if I let you to digest what just happened."

Reid turned around to leave. Amy's stillness, worried him more than it should, but before he took a step forward, a hand caught his arm, pulling him to turn around again.

Reid knew in another friction of a second, he's going to face Amy again, and he was nervous. Making the first sixty degree of turn, Reid's mind ran on the possibilities of what he should say.

Finally, being back face to face with Amy, he understood, perhaps he doesn't need any words from her at that moment to assure him because her eyes said it all, it spoke everything he wanted to hear from her.

On the beautiful night, nothing seemed to hold any value at that precious moment, when he felt her soft lips against his.

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