Heartbeat of Absolute

Chapter 22

One year later.

Reid ran on the opposite side with his gun firmly in his hand. He stopped when he saw the Unsub running towards his direction with Hotch and Morgan running behind him.

Reid looked around and took a rod lying near and waited, hiding behind the wall nearby, knowing the Unsub have not seen him yet.

Just as he predicted, the Unsub ran towards the place Reid was hiding. Reid waited patiently and he moment he knew The Unsub was about ran pass the wall, Reid hopped in, hitting him on his leg, hard. The Unsub stumbled and fall on the ground.

"Jackie, you're under arrest for the five abductions." Reid stood with his gun pointing towards the Unsub's face.

The Unsub groaned in pain, hugging his leg. "You're crazy!"

Hotch quickly arrested him, leading him to the back the car.

"Smart move, kid. Didn't I tell you that you will be great back on the field?"

"What can I say? I learn from the best."

Morgan chuckled before he wrapped his arm around Reid's shoulders "Let's get back, Doc."

Reid yawned as he climbed the stairs to his apartment. He was back being a field agent, and started travelling with the team again. Although he was back doing what he love the most, he couldn't deny missing time he used to spend with Amy. Reid couldn't help but to feel grateful for Amy's understanding of his work and that's why he promised to spend each minute with her when he's back from the case.

Reid unlocked his door, he still could catch with a few hours of sleep before Amy's done with her shift.

Reid walked in and surprised to see Amy sleeping on the couch. He raised his eyebrows. 'She's suppose to be at work.' He thought.

Reid walked quietly and realized Amy looked paler than usual. He quickly reached for her forehead and was relieved to find the usual warmth.

Reid carefully took her into his arms, and laid her on the bed they have been sharing for the past six months. Walking back outside, he took his phone and called the one person he knew can give him some answers.

"Hey, Spencer."

"Christina, is everything okay with Amy? She's sleeping on the couch when she's suppose to be at work and she looked pale."

"Spencer, she almost fainted at work, so I personally sent her back home."

"What?" Reid hissed quietly. "Is she okay? Why didn't you call me?"

"I assure you that she's fine, but other than that, it's not for me to tell. You have to ask her."

Reid sighed. "Anyways, thank you for sending her back home safe."

"You know I would anything for my friend. Bye, Spencer."

Amy jolted awake, waking Spencer in the process too.

"Hey, you're back." Amy whispered, laying on his chest.

"Amy, you almost fainted at your work, is there anything you want to tell me?"

Amy inhaled before she sat on the bed, followed by Reid.

"Please don't freak out."

"Amy, you're scaring me."

"I'm pregnant."

"What?" Reid gasped. "Are you serious?"

"Spencer …"

"I'm sorry, that's not what I meant. This is really happening?"

Amy showed her test results and the word positive stands out.

"I'm going to be a father." Reid mumbled, still stunned.

"I know we didn't plan this anytime soon, but …"

"Amy." Reid cut her talking. "This is just great."

"You're okay with it?" Amy asked.

"It's my child, you're carrying, and of course I would be okay. Actually, I'm more than okay, I just feel so contented right now but wait, you almost fainted, is everything alright?"

"I'm okay, it's just been a busy week and I almost looked pass the signs. I will take it easy, promise. We have a lot of things to plan, don't we?"

"Talking about planning, actually I planned on something else." Reid reached to the side, grabbing a small box.

Amy held her hands over the mouth, startled, when Reid opened the box, revealing a ring.

"I was supposed to propose you tomorrow night after the dinner but I don't think I can find any perfect moment than now. Amy, I …"

"Don't …"

Reid furrowed his eyebrows.

"Spencer, this one year has been the most wonderful one for me. I cherish each day, each second of it. There is nothing more I would ever want than to be Mrs. Reid, so, yes."

Reid smiled widely as he slides the ring on Amy's finger. "I love Amy."

"I love you too, genius." Amy tackled Reid back on the bed before she kissed him.

"Amy …" Reid called, trying to gain her attention, between the kisses.

"Amy." Reid called again, holding her over him, looking into her eyes.

"What?" Amy asked, catching the breath herself.

Reid looked over the nightstand, motioning Amy to look towards the watch as well. "If you start now, we're going to be late to JJ and Will's wedding anniversary party.

"Hmm." Amy looked back. "Don't worry. I will be really quick." Amy smiled before she leaned back, capturing Reid's lips again.

Reid pulled Amy closer to him, deepening the kiss, there was nothing he wanted to think about anymore at the moment.

"Sorry, we are late." Reid said as he turned back and narrowed his eyes at Amy.

"Can we have the 'I told you so' moment later?" Amy whispered.

"It's okay." Morgan said. "We know you young lovebird couple have some lost sessions to catch up with."

"What sessions?" Henry asked innocently.

"Derek!" Garcia hit Morgan's arm. "Language."

"Oops. Sorry, my bad."

Reid shook his head before he walked in and placed the dessert prepared by Amy on the kitchen table.

"Spencer was having some questions, so I thought I would answer them before we come here." Amy said as she hugged Henry.

"Spencer had questions?" Rossi asked. "That's new."

"What was the questions about, if you don't mind us asking?" JJ asked as she set the table.

"Well, the question is not important anymore, what matter's the most is the answer."

"Why is that?" Will questioned.

Amy grinned before she raised her hand up, showing the shinning ring on her finger. "Because I said yes."

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