Heartbeat of Absolute

Chapter 3

"I came as fast I could. Aaron, what is going on?" Jessica asked as she hugged Hotch.

"Jack has been taken."

Jessica sat on chair, shocked with the news that she had heard."Do we know who did this?"

"We are trying to figure it out." Kate said.

Rossi was about to talk further when he was interrupted by Agent Oliver.


"Agent Oliver, we have a situation here…" Rossi spoke, but was cut in the middle by Agent Oliver.

"I know who took your son."

"What?" Hotch asked in surprise. "How?"

"Two weeks ago, my team has been referred a case, child abduction. Five were abducted, but returned safely when the parents paid the ransom money."

"How do you think it's connected?" Hotch asked.

"We almost got everything about them, it's a team work, two men abducts the kid, hand them to a man and a woman who pretends to be a husband and wife and keeps the kid until one man deals with the parents, get the money and within a few hours the kids are found wandering in the place they have gone missing." Oliver answered.

"Who calls and ask the money from the parents?" JJ asked.

"A man talks by the name, Black Eye."

"What happened, then?"

Oliver inhaled before he continued. "A girl, Sarah was taken from her school this week, we worked on everything we got so far, planned accordingly and we got lucky, when we saved the girl, we caught one man who abducts the girl and at the same time, we caught the husband and wife."

"You broke the chain they have been working." Rossi said.

"Yes and he was pissed. I got this message two days back." Oliver showed the paper he was holding.

Don't be too proud, Oliver. Let's see what you will do when I take one of your own.

Black Eye.

"I alerted everyone in my team. Every kid in our family is placed under protective custody."

"I guess that pissed him more." Kate said.

"And I got this ten minutes ago." Oliver sighed heavily before he showed a picture of Jack fast asleep on the back of the seat with 'what you will do now, Black Eye.' words written behind the photo.

"I am so sorry, Aaron. I thought I got everything under control." Guilt was clearly visible in Oliver's voice. "Your son has been taken, Dr. Reid…"

"Oliver." Hotch touched Oliver's shoulders. "He is doing things to weak you down; don't let him win."

Oliver nodded, still not convinced of the answer he has received. "My team is ready to brief you guys on all the details of the case we have got so far. I have asked Kevin to share everything he has on the case with Garcia."

"Let's do this." Hotch said before he started to walk out the room. "He has chosen the wrong person to mess with."

"Eat in or take away, Sir?"

"Take away, please."

"Your order, Sir?"

"Well, I will go for 2 large pizzas; Chicken Pepperoni and Hawaiian Chicken, one personal pizza; Spicy Tuna; also one garlic cheese onion rings and one breadstick, please."

"Is the personal pizza is for Uncle Derek, Uncle Spencer?"


"But I thought Uncle Derek doesn't like Tuna."

"Yes, he hates tuna."

Jack raised his eyebrows, not understanding.

"It's a game we play, Jack. It has been going on for some time now. What is your best friend's name, Jack?"


"Do you like if Harry slips in his homework in your bag, Jack?"

"No." The boy answered and opened his mouth in shock. "Uncle Derek does that to you?"

"All the time."

Jack thought for a second and smiled a little. "Uncle Spencer, you are evil."

The small boy giggled and turned again towards the table in the corner of the room. Reid sensed Jack looking at something.

'Oh, Jack.' Reid thought when he saw mother feeding a boy approximately same age as Jack. Reid gently touched Jack's shoulders.

"I miss her sometimes." Jack turned back to face Reid. "My mother, but I don't cry, dad said mom would feel sad if I cry."

Reid was a little unsure of what he should say, but somehow he could understand Jack's feeling. "I am sorry you don't get to spend time with her, Jack, but remember one thing, your mother would be proud of you because she knows how strong her son is."

Jack smiled a little. "Thank you, Uncle Spencer; don't tell dad what I said, he would be sad."

"Only if you promise not to tell your dad the game I and Uncle Derek is playing."


"All right, buddy. Let's go; our order is ready."

"Jack… run!"

"His BP is dropping, we need some extra hand here."

"Leave him… alone."


"Oh, god! Sir, stay awake, the ambulances will be here soon."


"Garcia, you said you got something to show us." Hotch asked.

"Yes. Kevin and I, we worked on a few things" Garcia said as she showed the video footage of Jack being taken.

"You get anything from the number plate, Garcia?" Kate asked.

"We checked." Kevin answered. "It was stolen. The truck was reported missing since yesterday morning."

"What else you got, Garcia?" Rossi asked.

"When the truck took off, I downloaded all the traffic footage; we followed all the way, until they dumped the truck and they took off with Metro."

"How are we are going to track them?" JJ asked.

"See this." Garcia said as she pulled a video and clicked play. The video showed two men getting down off the trunk, acting normally and one of them was carrying Jack.

"One of them is not so smart." Garcia commented as the video showed the one carrying Jack, turned around and accidently his face was clearly caught by the camera across the street.

"Meet Alfonso Ernesto López. Guess who is his sister?" Garcia asked, looking at Oliver.

"Maria López." Oliver answered. "She is the wife we have arrested."

"Unlike her sister, Alfonso has quite a record, but check this out, ten years back he was arrested in a case involving child abduction."

"What happened to the child?" JJ asked.

"Returned safely after the ransom money was paid." Kevin said.

"What happened to the case?" Rossi said.

"Alfonso was not charged due to lack of evidence." Garcia answered.

"Something..." Kate began, but she stopped when Oliver signaled to them as he lowered his phone and set it on speaker.

"Oliver...Oliver, what will you do now, man? I mean it must be very hard for you. I told you I would take one of your own."

"The fight is between you and me, Black Eye." Oliver said as he looked at Hotch.

"I tried and besides, there is no fun if I have taken your son, you would have suffered, yes; but the now, isn't this moment is more than perfect, I mean all the disappointment, guilt, blazing rage, oh my, I touched a nerve didn't I, Agent Oliver?"

"What do you want?" Oliver hissed.

"Let's see, Agent Hotcher?"

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