Heartbeat of Absolute

Chapter 5

"You got to be kidding me?"

"Do I sound like somebody kidding with you, Derek?" Garcia hissed down the phone, her eyes never left the sight of Hotch kneeling and comforting his son.

Morgan ran his fingers through his bald head as he sighed heavily. "Is JJ there beside you?"

"Yes," Garcia said as she turned to JJ. "Why?"

"Pass the phone to her."

Garcia said nothing, but passed the phone to JJ as she mouthed Derek to JJ.

"Hey Derek."

"JJ, listen to me." Morgan ordered. "Come and swap places with me here, my best chance is being there, see if I can find out more about the bomb."

"Why? You think Spence might be in danger?"

"No, but still I am not comfortable in leaving him alone until we catch this bastard."

"Sure, I will be there in fifteen minutes."

Morgan disconnected the call and walked back into the private room. With a sad smile plastered on his face, Morgan ducked his face nearer to his fallen friend. His hand automatically intervened with Reid's.

"Hey." Morgan whispered. "It's Derek, Kid." Morgan thought if the introduction were necessary. "Doc said you're heavily sedated, but I believe you can hear and feel me." Morgan said as he ran his thumb on Reid's knuckles.

"The breathing tube will stay in until he can breathe on his own, usually a few hours"

The doctor's words echoed his Morgan's ears. It might be for a couple of hours, but Morgan doesn't like the fact that there's a tube down Reid's throat, helping him to breathe. Morgan wondered how uncomfortable it would be to have a tube down in a throat.

Morgan looked to the side and slightly taken aback by the number of machines Reid was hooked up with. He is not a medical doctor but he knew those were the important machines which keep tabs on Reid's heart rate, blood pressure and other vital signs. Morgan gently touched the small wires hooked up to Reid's lower chest to pace his heart.

"You can beat this, Reid."

Words danced around his mind. Morgan wondered if those were genuine words or mere words to comfort him.

Morgan still remembered the doctor's warning, not to bombard him with emotionally disturbing news. Morgan thought if Jack's name would trigger any bad response from Reid. Morgan knew by heart that they have to find Jack before Reid opens his eyes. Morgan also knew that if Jack were still to be in danger by the time Reid regains his consciousness, it would impact Reid badly.

"Oh my." JJ said as she stood stuck at the door.

Morgan nodded, giving JJ encouragement she needed. JJ exhaled heavily before she walked in and took Morgan's other hand, stretching to her.

"You should have called someone else." JJ shook her head as she clasped her hand over her mouth. "This is just too much for me. Derek, I can't do this."

"Hey." Morgan whispered, giving JJ half hugs as he was still holding the Reid's hand. "I know how difficult it is for you, but he need some love and care right now and I can't think of anyone else except for you."

Morgan moved to a side and allowed JJ to walk nearer to Reid. Tears rolled down her cheeks when her sight settled on her son's godfather again. Being hooked up with many tubes and wires, Reid looked pale and puffy.

"He doesn't deserve any of this." JJ carefully bowed down and placed a loving kiss on Reid's forehead.

"Stay with him." Morgan said before he started to walk out of the room.

"Derek." JJ called just in time before he stepped out. "Be safe."

Morgan smiled. "We will, don't worry."

"Morgan, what are you doing here?" Hotch asked.

"My best chance is here and you know it. Don't worry; JJ is in the hospital with Reid."

"How is he?" Hotch asked, with guilt visible in his tone.

"He's going to be okay and it is not your fault." Morgan said before jogged his way to Jack.

"Hey, buddy." Morgan said as he kneeled himself down, matching to Jack's height. "I am just going to have a look, okay?" Morgan smiled before he carefully checked the bomb.

"Is it going to blow up, Uncle Derek?"

"No." Morgan answered, confidently. "None of us are going to let it happen, especially your father."

Morgan turned and saw Kate sitting beside Jack, holding his hand. "Kate, you might want to…"

"I am not going anywhere until we take the bomb off him." Morgan opened his mouth to say something, but was cut by Kate again. "Save it, you know nothing going to make me to walk out this."

"Thanks." Morgan mumbled before he walked back to his team.

"So?" Oliver asked.

"Seems complicated and I don't want to take any risk. Any plan on what we are going to do?"

"He has asked for ten million dollars, Rossi is taking care of it." Hotch said. "I have to deliver it, alone, no backup, no tricks…" Hotch checked his watch. "In another two hours."

"Where to?" Morgan asked

Garcia came forward. "Prince William Forest Park. The park is the largest protected natural area in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan region at over 19,000 acres"

"Based on the location, seems to me he has his escape plan fully planned." Morgan said.

"Money issue solved." Rossi came into view. "We will get it in another one hour."

"What… How did you?" Hotch asked, surprised.

"I did something."

"Dave, ten million dollars is a big money."

"We will be worrying it about later, okay? First, let's focus on getting Jack out of this."

"Hotch, were particularly did he asked you to drop off the money?" Oliver asked.

"He said I will receive a message once I reached the entrances."

"Garcia, if I am not mistaken, the park's landscaping and structures were designed by National Park Service architects" Oliver reconfirmed.


"Call them; we need the map of the park."

"Oliver, what are you thinking?" Hotch asked.

"He might think he has all well planned, but I have a surprise waiting for him."

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