Heartbeat of Absolute

Chapter 6

Hotch kissed his son's forehead carefully before he looked back into Jack's eyes.

"Dad." The boy called out, his voice was clearly shaking.

Hotch lightly squeezed Jack's shoulders, giving him the support he needed. "Jack, I have to leave now, but I will be back soon and I am going to fix this, okay?"

Jack simply nodded.

Hotch turned towards Kate and whispered. "Thank you for staying with him."

Kate smiled a little, "Don't worry about Jack; I will take care of him."

Hotch nodded towards her, gave another assuring smile to Jack, before he walked to his team. As he exhaled the heavy breath he was holding, Hotch said, "Let's do this."

"We still got another hour." Rossi said.

"Enough time for us to draw a backup plan." Oliver continued.

"What's going on with him?" Hotch asked, looking at the side of the road.

Both Rossi and Oliver followed Hotch's eyes and saw Morgan pacing back and forth at the road side with a file in his hands.

"Morgan." Hotch called, loud enough to get Morgan's attention.

"You do realize serious look doesn't suit your face." Rossi tried to lighten the atmosphere around.

"What are you thinking about?" Hotch asked.

"Why return the kids safely?" Morgan asked.

"Money was his only priority." Oliver answered.

Morgan opened the file he was holding. "According to the report, all the kidnapped kids reported that they were taken good care when they were held, nice food, warn environment …"

"What are you trying to say, Morgan?"

"What if Maria López wasn't really a part of all those kidnappings? What if she stayed behind just to save the kids or maybe her brother?"

"I think we need to talk to Maria." Morgan continued.

JJ was too deep in her thoughts when a nurse walked in.


JJ snapped out of her thoughts by the sudden voice.

"I am just going to give his scheduled antibiotics." The nurse said.

"Can I see your badge?" Her FBI instincts kicked in.

The young lady flashed her badge and JJ took her badge into her hands.

"I am sorry, it's a procedure." JJ said when she finished checking. "Go ahead."

"Don't worry; Dr. Scott has briefed me the nature of this case."

"I am JJ." JJ introduced herself.

"I am Amy." She said before she smiled to herself. "I am sorry, you must have known; you checked my badge."

JJ smiled in return.

"It will surely take some time, but he will be alright." Amy said.

"He has too." JJ said, as she wiped the tears rolled down her cheeks.

"I know it's a hard time, but it will get better." Amy whispered some comforting words.

JJ nodded. "Thanks." She whispered as she took her seat back before holding Reid's hand.

"I guess he's the youngest in the team." Amy said without looking at JJ, giving Reid his much needed antibiotics.

JJ smiled upon hearing the word youngest, "How do you know?"

"We tend to be overprotective towards the young and besides, you should have seen Agent Morgan; he terrified the nurses while Dr. Reid was in surgery.

JJ chuckled for the first time after the horrified day she has been facing. "He's the big brother, what do you expect?"

Amy walked and stood facing JJ. "Let me let you something. I have seen worse cases everyday and I will strongly say all these surgeries, medicines are merely a procedure to save them. Based on the love you guys have for him, I don't think Dr. Reid is going anywhere soon."

"Thank you, Amy."

Morgan sat opposite of Maria. "It's not easy to fight a brother like Alfonso."

Maria looked up, meeting Morgan's eye for the first time. However, she remained silent.

"You also thought that together with the kids, you can save him."

Maria's eyes meet Morgan yet again.

"But it didn't happen the way you wanted."

Morgan waited and when he knew she wasn't going to open up, Morgan placed a picture of Reid jumping on Morgan's back on the day they won the game.

"That's my brother, Spencer Reid, although I call him pretty boy."

Maria looked at the picture hesitantly.

"He is in the hospital with a bullet hole in his heart."

Maria looked up at Morgan.

"Thanks to your brother."

Maria shook her head as tears rolled down her cheeks. "I tried, I swear I tried. I am sorry"

"It's okay." Morgan whispered. "Do you want to save your brother now?"

"I can?"

"If you tell us everything you know, you can save him and also a lot others."

"What do you want to know?"

"Who is Black Eye?"

Rossi came forward, dropping two bags on the table. "Money is ready."

"We better get going." Oliver checked his watch. "We got another half an hour."

Hotch turned back to Morgan. "You're sure about this plan?"

"More than anything."

Hotch took the bags in his hands. "Let's get going then."

"Right here, Agent."

Hotch turned towards the voice. "I got the money." Hotch showed the bags he was holding.

"Toss it to the front."

Hotch gave his hands a little swing before he tossed the bag to his front, landing the bag on the ground.

"Your hands in the air where I can see them, Agent." The man warned as he showed the remote he was holding.

Hotch did as he was told.

"Oliver didn't send any greetings?"

"He did, Daniel."

The man looked up, his eyes grew wide.

"Now, Oliver!" Hotch yelled.

Before Daniel could proceed what was going on, a shot rang, sending the bullet right through Daniel's arm. Daniel cried in pain, before automatically dropping the remote on the ground.

Hotch took over the situation and tackled Daniel. In the process of forcefully tacking Daniel on the ground, Hotch gripped Daniel's neck before punching strongly two times directly to Daniel's face.

"How about that, Daniel?" Oliver asked, as he appeared behind Hotch with a sniper rifle in his hands.

Daniel chuckled despite the blood in his mouth.

Rossi walked over and took the remote from the ground. "I am going to take it back, the bomb squad will know what to do."

"Yeah, yeah." Daniel said, as he spit the blood out to his side. "Go and save the kid." Daniel looked down, meeting Hotch's eyes. As he smiled, Daniel asked "Who's going to save your agent in the hospital from Alfonso?"

Alfonso adjusted the cleaner uniform he was wearing. As Alfonso kept his head down, he walked pass the crowd in the hallway towards the private room. Reaching his destination, Alfonso looked around and was pleased to see the agent he has shot hours ago alone in his room.

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