Heartbeat of Absolute

Chapter 7

Alfonso looked around and was pleased to see the agent the he has shot hours ago alone in his room.

Smiling to himself, Alfonso took a step forward as he raised his hand, reaching for the doorknob.

Suddenly, the door was pushed open. JJ rushed forward with gun raised up to the front. "FBI"

Alfonso was taken aback and tried to take diversion but was caught guard when he saw Morgan and two other agents standing behind him on each side with the barrel of gun pointed towards his face.

"You have some unfinished business to deal with, Alfonso?" Morgan asked sarcastically before he moved forward and forcefully handcuffed the man responsible for his best friend's condition.

Morgan shoved Alfonso harshly on the wall, before he used his muscular hands to strangle Alfonso.

"Derek!" JJ hissed, clearly shocked by Morgan's sudden outburst. She reached out and pulled Morgan's hands from Alfonso's throat just in time.

Alfonso's leg gave out and he crashed onto the floor, gasping for breath.

Morgan sat on his heels in front of Alfonso, matching his height. "You're lucky you still alive."

Alfonso coughed, his throat cried out in pain. His hands struggled with the handcuff, it was desperate to free itself, to reach to his throat, to massage it.

Morgan forcefully gripped a fistful of Alfonso's shirt, before raising him up and pushed him to the other agents behind him.

"Get him out of my sight." Morgan growled.

JJ watched as the agents walked Alfonso out before she reached forward and gently touched Morgan's shoulder.

"You saved him."

Morgan turned and his eyes stick to the view of Reid laying on the bed, with a tube to help him to breathe. "Not quite."

"Don't you ever doubt yourself." JJ warned in her motherly tone. "You figured this out."

"Just a lucky guess." Morgan shrugged.

"You have solved just in time, don't you think? It could have been a lot worse if it isn't not for you, Spencer could have died, and I could have been hurt."

Morgan remained silent, lost deep in his thought.

"Give yourself some credit, Derek."

"It's just not fair, JJ. I mean it was just months ago he was shot in the neck."

"I know." JJ whispered. JJ was about to continue, but dropped the idea when her phone buzzed.

"It's Rossi." JJ informed before she spoke.

"Hey … Yeah, everything is fine, we got him. How about Jack? Thank God, okay … see you in a while."

"What happened?" Morgan asked.

"They got Daniel." JJ smiled. "They also diffused the bomb. Jack is doing just fine, just a little shaken."

"Oh, thank god!" Morgan let his breath out.

"They are on the way to the hospital. Hotch wants Jack to be checked up, just in case and then others, you know they wouldn't go back without seeing Reid."

"JJ, why don't you go back? Just go back home, hug you boys … that's the best thing …"

"I can do after all that had happened today." JJ finished Morgan's sentences. "I know."

Morgan looked at JJ and he knew something was bothering her when he saw tears in the corner of her eyes.

"What am I supposed to tell Henry about Spencer?"

"Hey, come here." Morgan said before he enveloped JJ into a hug. "It's going to be okay."

"He always find out, all the time Spence gets hurt, he just knows." JJ buried herself in Morgan's hug.

"What do you expect?" Morgan smiled a little, as he rubbed JJ's back. "They have a very strong bond between them."

Morgan walked back in after successfully sending JJ back home. Morgan walked closer to Reid, puffed out the breath he was holding as he held the railing of Reid's bed.

"Jack's okay." Morgan said, he knew Reid would want to hear those words. Morgan reached out and took Reid's hand carefully, not to disturb the oximeter attached to his finger. He lightly squeezed Reid's hand and mentally begged for a squeeze in return.

The next hour was the toughest of all. There were two things that Morgan hates, one; when Reid gets hurt and two; when Garcia cries.

It took a lot of efforts to console her and worst of all occurred when he had asked her to go back home. Thanks to Nurse Amy, for saving the situation. Only one person was allowed to stay back with the patient. Garcia halfheartedly went back home and promised to back early in the morning tomorrow with decoration to brighten Reid's room.

"Hey." Morgan whispered, bringing Hotch back into reality. "How is Jack?"

"The doctor is checking, just to be sure. Jessica is with him."

After a moment of silence, "This is the worse, Morgan." Hotch said with his eyes fixed on Reid.

"It could have been a lot worse."

Hotch looked at Morgan. "Look at him, Morgan. How could you say that this is not the worse?" Hotch argued in a low voice.

"Both Jack and Reid could have died, but none of that happened, so this still is not the worse."

"Jack has been asking for Reid ever since they took the bomb of him."

"Take him back home tonight, Hotch. Today was just too much for him. All his questions can wait for tomorrow."

"Can you give us a minute?" Hotch asked.

"I heard the chocolate pudding in the cafeteria is nice." Morgan patted Hotch's back before he walked out of the room.

Hotch smiled a little before he looked back to Reid.

"I just want to say thank you, Reid." Hotch stroked his thumb on the back of Reid's hand.

"I know you would probably wake up and blame yourself for what had happened, but don't you dare, don't you dare to blame yourself."

"Because if you do …" Hotch inhaled before he continued. "Then I should blame myself, because if I didn't ask you to take Jack out for lunch, none of this would have happened in the first place."

"I trusted you, still do and the trust will always remain the same."

Hotch squeezed Reid's hand. "Just come back to us, Reid." Hotch blinked his eyes, and his tears dropped down on the back on Reid's hand.

Almost instantly, Hotch felt it, it was too light, but Hotch felt Reid's hand returning his squeeze.

"Reid?" Hotch called.

Hotch smiled when tears leaked out of Reid's closed eye lid, rolling its way to the side. Hotch reached over and wiped the tears.

Perhaps Morgan was right, this was not the worst of all.

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