Heartbeat of Absolute

Chapter 8

Nurse Amy walked pass few others in the hallway to the private room and saw Agent Morgan walking back and forth with his hands on his hips in front of the room, immersed in his thought.

"I heard a lot happened during my break time." Amy voice startled Morgan.

Morgan stopped in front Amy with arms crossed across his chest. "Yeah, but everything is under control."

"I heard about that too."

Morgan smiled in return. "You are here all the time, is there anything I should worry about?

"Oh, no." Amy quickly took pressure off Morgan's shoulder. "Usually after major surgery, we keep an eye on the patient to monitor their progress."

"When do you think he will wake up?"

"Some people wake up an hour or two after surgery, but most take longer."

"I guess he falls in the most category."

"Don't worry, Agent Morgan, your friend has been showing good progress so far. Wait, I got something for you." Amy said before she walked away.

Morgan raised his eyebrows, not knowing was Amy was up to but however waited patiently for her to return.

"I am not tired." Morgan said when he saw Amy walking back with a pillow and blanket in her hands.

"Says the man who walks like eighty years old and did you realize that you have already yawned twice?" Amy pushed the pillow and blanket towards Morgan chest.

"I am perfectly capable of staying awake for another couple of hours."

"Go and sleep, Agent Morgan. I will wake you up if anything changes." Am motioned towards the couch at the corner of the room. "That couch is quite comfortable."

"Thanks and it's either Derek or Morgan."

"You're welcome, Derek."

Hotch stroked his thumb over Haley's photo. "I am sorry for what had happened today. I know you were watching over him. I won't let anything happen to Jack. I promise."

"Daddy?" Jack called, leaning on the doorframe.

Hotch placed the photo frame back on his nightstand.

"Can I sleep with you, Daddy?" Jack asked as he held his favorite blanket against his chest.

"Of course, Jack. Come here." Hotch called as he patted on the bed beside him.

Almost immediately Jack ran in, he jumped into Hotch's lap and wrapped his hands around his father's neck. "I thought I would never see you again."

"Hey…" Hotch whispered. "It's all okay now." Hotch continued to whisper assuring words in Jack's ears as he kept Jack warn in his hug.

"Is Uncle Spencer going to be alright?"

Hotch could feel Jack shaking in his arms. "They shot him!"

"Buddy…" Hotch held as such he could face his son.

"It happened so fast." The boy said. "There's nothing I could do."

"Jack, it's not your fault." Hotch reassured him. "Jack, look at me, buddy."

Jack looked at his father with his little hands still clinging to his father.

"Sometimes, things don't turn out in the way we want, but that doesn't mean we can give up."

Hotch resumed. "Uncle Spencer is going to take some time to get better."

"But he will be okay, right?"

Hotch nodded. "You know Uncle Spencer doesn't give up."

"Can we go see him tomorrow?"

"We can." Hotch ran his fingers through Jack's hair. "But he might not be awake."

"Can I read for him, then?"

"I think he will love it."

Hotch pushed the door open and entered into the room filled with nothing but the beeping of the machine. Hotch couldn't hide his smile when he saw Morgan sleeping peacefully on the couch. He walked over and picked up the blanket on the floor and covered it on Morgan. Morgan mumbled something to himself before he turned to his side and resumed sleeping.

Hotch walked back to Reid's bed and was about to push few strands of hair of Reid's forehead when he saw Reid's eye balls moving uncontrollably under its closed lids.

Hotch hurriedly pressed the button and held Reid's hands.

"Reid, it's okay. It's safe." He assured and slightly squeezed it to show his support.

Almost instantly, Reid's eyes opened, blinking rapidly, looking lost.

Hotch touched the side of Reid's head and allowed his face to fill Reid's vision.

"Reid, you're in the hospital."

"Ho…tch." Reid slurred.

"Yes, it's me."


"He's okay. He's at home, safe. We got him back." Hotch hurriedly assured again.

"Hmp." Reid mumbled to himself, before he closed his eyes and drifted off.

Morgan yawned as he rubbed his eyes with his knuckles. He stretched himself, he could feel each and every single part of his muscles screaming in exhaustion.

Morgan kept laying lazily on the couch, as he glanced over to Reid's bed. Morgan kicked himself up, into sitting position as fast as lighting when his eyes fell on Reid. Morgan checked his watch and realized he had slept more than he had expected.

"Had a good sleep?"

Morgan jerked upon hearing the sudden voice. "Hotch, what are doing here?" Morgan yawned before he continued. "It's still early."

"I thought I would stop by."

Morgan leaned on the couch, grab a water bottle from the table beside him before he gulped down few mouthful of water to satisfy his thirst.

"You should be at home with Jack."

"He's still asleep. Jessica is with him. I thought I would stop by before Jack wakes up."

Morgan moved the curtain to aside to allow the ray of sunlight to brighten the room.

"He was awake a while ago."

"Who? Reid?" Morgan asked, turning to face Hotch.

"Yes, but not for long."

"What did the doctor said?" Morgan asked for more information.

"He's breathing on his own. Other than that, his vitals seem stronger than yesterday."

"Good, good." Morgan mumbled to himself.

Hotch checked his watch. "If you want to go back and have a quick shower, I could cover for you."

Morgan did some mental calculation and agreed. "I will be back in a while."

Morgan packed some essential things and hurried back to the hospital.

"What happened?" Morgan asked, panicked when he saw Hotch standing outside and looking into the room.

Hotch said nothing, but pointed towards the room.

Morgan stood beside Hotch and peeked into the room. Morgan's lips curved into a smile when he saw Jack laying on his stomach, on Reid's bed, reading a book.

"Jessica had to bring him, she said she had no choice."

Morgan chucked. "I am not surprised. He's stubborn as his father."

"Did you just say I'm stubborn?"

"Just enjoy the moment, Hotch." Morgan motioned towards Jack, reading to Reid.

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